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He was laughing, and not the tee-hee delicate chortle of a laugh, oh hell naw, it was full-bodied, deep-throated, bust a gut kind of laughter. John laughed till his sides ached and tears streamed down his ruddy cheeks. Now granted, some of it might have edged towards a touch of the hysterical, but he weren't about to go leaping off of no cliffs anytime soonish.

The dead man remained silent in his grave. Ronnie had become the quieter of them as they'd aged and his death hadn't changed him none at all.

Letting them bitter, sharp-edges memories in to violate him on his own terms were a damn sight better than resisting and building them all up 'till they overtopped his walls. So he sat and toasted with a dead brother, who's death was not, not not not his fault, till he'd laugh-cried all his good tears out, then John went in search of somewhere comfortable to rest.

By the lake there was a nice quiet place that wasn't too difficult for him to stagger his ass to. The anniversary was comin' up on them thick and fast and he'd not want to be sober for a moment of it.

Leaning his aching back against the log, John scooped up a small pile of pebbles from between his feet, and began to pitch them, one by one, into the lake just to watch the water ripple and the bits of crap floating on top bob in the waves.

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The Marino boy had a habit of disappearing during the day and evening, only returning to the house at night. He had already put so much on Pontifex, he didn't want to be any more of a burden then he had to, so he filled his time with alcohol and the occasional joint if he could scavenge up something around Charmingtown to trade for it.  Today had been no different, as he finished off what he had left and tossed it aside.  It wasn't much and didn't do a lot to numb the pain so he needed to find a fix and quickly.  Lucian wasn't an alcoholic and drug addict, at least not yet, he just couldn't handle the pain of his shattered heart with the recent and unexpected death of his mother and the betrayal of the pack he called family. 

Rubbing his face, with a little more force than intended he groaned and ran his fingers through the tangled mess of hair.  Shaking his head he tried to shake of the grieving feelings that were trying to creep back to break his heart more.  Slowly he made his way towards the lake, he had a lot of fond memories at the lake shore, and maybe if he focused on those until he could find his drug of choice, it would be better.

In the distance he saw a log that he could maybe relax on for a few minutes and started to make his way in that direction.  Soon though he realized he wasn't the only one with the idea as he came upon a dark furred coyote  skipping pebbles into the lake.  Lucian hopped over the log and took a seat beside the man, and stared out over the rippled water.  Rough day for you too? The yearling could smell the alcohol swimming off of the stranger, no one drank their self shitless just to do so, there was usually some underlying reason he found.  His was the death of his mother, and he wondered what this man's excuse was. 
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The lake swallowed up his pebbles good enough, making ripples within ripples which he was sure had some kind of dense, deep meaning if he cared to figure it out, but fuck that nonsense. That required brainpower and crap, and John was all fresh out of cerebral juice.

All by himself probably wasn't the best place for him to be but it sure stopped him from spreading his melancholy around like a loose and easy order of the shits.

Thumbing the last of his pebbles at the lake, the ripples began to smooth themselves out when a pale youth plonked himself down besides John without so much as a howdy.

He raised an eyebrow. Then laughed, ending it on a hoarse, grating cough. The cigarette caught between his lips waggled as he did so, its burning end threatening to drop off into his lap.

"Fuck son, when you're me, every day's a rough'un."

Chuckling to himself, he leaned forwards and scooped up another handful of pebbles, and began anew, flinging them one by one into the placid lake.

"How 'bout yerself?"

This kid definitely wasn't an Ashen, but he also wasn't technically trespassing out of the bounds of Charmingtown.

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The Ganglands were a nice change of pace from back home, there seemed to be actual down time, at least for a young man just visiting.  Though the ruddy gentleman beside him seemed to be enjoying some down time as well, as he caused ripple in an otherwise still lake.  The ripples reminded him of his own life, annoying and depressing and just fucked up.    Breathing out heavily in a laugh to the man's comment he shook his head,

"It certainly feels that way lately, that's for sure."

Azure and marigold hues watched the coyote scoop up some pebbles again, and Lucian decided to join in as large ivory paws filled with the tiny rocks.  One by one the reticent chucked them into the rippling lake. Ears perked and he tilted his head, what about him… well wasn't the a doozie of a question. If the bow hadn't been drinking he might have made something up or omitted some facts, but liquid courage and all that.

'Mother died unexpectedly and come to find out the pack I considered family tried to have my dad killed, who by the way was the leader.  So yeah life is pretty shit right now.  But, at least I had somewhere to escape, Pontifex welcomed us with open arms."

Shaking his head he looked over to the green eyes of his new acquaintance,

"You know Pontifex?  I assume you're an Ashen and would know her?"

Chucking the of the smoothed rock in his hand into the lake, and rubbed his face. 

"Ugh, oh Fenris I could use a drink…"
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Sucking in a deeper breath of his cigarette, John blew out the smoke languidly, too bad it was only tobacco and not something stronger.


His new buddy buddy joined him in assaulting the lake with pebbles, and weren't they a pathetic sight.

Taking a swallow of his 'shine, John choked and coughed as the kid rattled off a bunch of ball busters that'd be enough to sock any man to his knees. Spluttering up the liquid that tried to make its happy home in his lungs, drips of it sprayed from his mouth, and speckled his shirt and pants.

"Fuck.." He rasped as his esophagus burned, eyes watering. "Shiet, kid, you're need'n this more'n Ah do."

Handing over his drink to the kid, he untied the second skin of moonshine from his belt, and poured a splash out onto the ground next to himself,

"Fur th' fallen, may they rest'n peace."

The next glug of moonshine found its way down his throat.

"Ponti? Course Ah know 'er, she's m'niece.."


"Fuck kid, y'r'shure fukkin' heavy."

It was a long time later, and far too much to drink that found him staggering about, with an entire wolf's worth of weight leaning down on his shoulder, trying to deliver the sodden Cavalier back to Pontifex's house, if only he could fuckin' remember where it was.

The big bastard was a full foot or so taller, and outweighed him by a bunch, so back and forth they weaved, neither of them too sure of their faculties or balancing abilities.

"Shit, shit," He wailed as they tilted dangerously, and had to jam more of his own weight into the white man to stop himself being crushed.

"C'mom... dhis way.." He thought...

Ohh!! no, there it was!!


"Dhere y'go kid, git yerself inside, an' drink plenty'a watah.'

Saluting the pale boy with two fingers, John left him there at the door, and staggered away, making it as far as the next street over before tripping on his own feet and falling ass backwards into a bush, stone cold lost to the world.

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