[P] Better and Better; Without End
Jazzy - Cedric
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There had been plenty of fun to be had in Wolfville, and as the day carried on and the sun furthered it's arc in the sky behind the plumes of white and grey. A drink had found him looser, and more relaxed in his own skin than he usually seemed to be. Yet, it had erupted with it that old fire in his heart. Why did he do all things? To add pride to the name Hushhowl, and to be true to the legacy that his mother and father had left them. To prove himself as a Cavalier.

To be the knight he always knew he was.

Pushok Hushhowl, Master of Bladed Weapons.

Patriarch of his family's name.

Was it finally time to be these things? Was it finally time to be who he was meant to be?

Hands slapped the counter of the bar as he hoisted himself up, and just as quickly as he had stood up, he was out the door. His cape flourished as he brought himself atop Podarok and turned his reigns. He'd have plenty of time to think about what he wanted to say, what he wanted to dedicate himself to, and what to promise his peers and his family. Recognition, above the bar that his father set, and duty, more than he'd ever been burdened with before, no longer sounded like a job. It sounded like a living made well and right by his Cavalier family.

The stallion buried hooves into the earth as they took off from the edge of Wolfville and made flight for the Fort.


With gulping lungs, Podarok trotted through the Fort Gate, and Pushok lead him to his stable and his box stall within. Dressing the horse down and putting things where they belonged only took another moment as he muttered words to himself, repeating things that he knew he wanted, and things he might need to say. Quick work was made of the small task, and Pushok nearly burst out of the stable and jogged to the fort. He had to dodge a few souls, and hop over a puppy that found himself in his way, but a laugh and a wave given was enough to smooth over any potential jagged edges.

As he arrive to the steps, chest bursting with heavy breaths and a beaming grin. A hand put him inside the hall and further in, all the way until he'd found the Lune's very East Wing room.. Three heavy raps rattled the Lune's office door as Pushok stood outside, hopeful that Cedric, the very Lune himself, would open the door.


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Spending time in his office was becoming more and more enjoyable as Cedric found things to do. He had worried at first when having an office of his own if he'd be any good there; given his inability to write it wasn't as if Cedric could take notes of what was happening in the pack. But with the use of sketching in place of writing, and having plenty of Cavaliers come to visit and seek his help, Cedric found the place quite welcoming. Besides, with the house empty given that the girls had friends their age to be around now, spending the night in the smaller room with just Parzival to sleep on top of him was nice. 

Right now Cedric was taking a break from sketches and was massaging Parzival's large paws. The cat was spread across the bed on his back, purring softly as the Lune inspected the impressive and powerful claws. If Parz wasn't so good at knowing his limits, Cedric might've thought to trim the massive claws, but they kept themselves fairly short naturally... usually when the lion decided to use the front door to scratch them down. Soon, given a month or so, Cedric would allow Parzival to join the ranks of Cavaliers. He was delaying it for the sake of treating the lion as if he were any other child; only joining adult ranks when he was a year old. Parzival probably wouldn't complete a First Blood however, or if he did it would need to be someone capable of defending against the might of a lion, so instead Cedric wondered if another challenge could be made to see how well Parz would climb ranks. 

A knock at the door made Cedric gently put Parzival's paw down, glancing to see the cat snoozing away, before getting up to open the door. 

"Pushok," Cedric greet with a hint of surprise in his tone. "Please come in, take a seat by the table." The Lune gestured to the free seating, knowing most would be more hesitant to sit near the sleeping lion. "How can I help you?"

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[Image: Giftfrom-Shadeby-Corie.png]To hear his name on the Lune's tongue reminded him of the hunt he'd had so long ago with the man's father. Two Lunes had come in his life, and he regarded Luca's son as no lesser. Bent at the waist, he offered the man a bow, before taking the offer to enter the room. As he reached the belly of the room, his eye reached over to Parzival and he couldn't help but smile as the cat was sleeping belly up. Again, memories of the past fluttered by his mind, and the great tiger Odivu had come an gone like the great Cavalier's before him.

“I waented teu taelk teu yeu abouet dhe Broetherhood,” Pushok stated bluntly, putting his hand on the back of the chair before seating himself where he was invited. A loosely balled fist found a resting place on the table as he tried to settle his own excitement for the sake of the deeper thought that he'd put into this. He wanted to rise, not for the sake of his own reputation, but for the sake of his children, for his family, for the Cavaliers and his homeland.

“I haev bien in baettle. I haev trained with paest ahnd feuture Cavaliers. I ahm ready teu sierve my hoem ahnd maek my Отец proeud,” That last statement broke in his throat as he said it, but despite the glass of his eye, a smile penetrated those inkling doubts that he wouldn't dare feed, again, “Tiell me, Lune. Deu yeu thienk I ahm rieady?”

He knew he was ready in his spirit, but there was no saying whether the Lune, himself, knew this to be true. Pushok could speak of the many times where he'd taught the youth, or protected the weak, of decisions he had to make to ensure that someone came home safely. The Hushhowl could speak of how he kept relations with the northern band of Bete Noir, or of how he created and played songs for the might of Casa de Cavalieri, but that mattered little if his mettle wasn't ready. Cedric had his eyes and hands in many things, and had risen the ranks on his own. He would know before anyone else if Pushok had it in him to reach the ranks of Brotherhood.


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Cedric had the utmost respect for Pushok. Not only because he had fond memories of training with the Hushhowl man when he was younger, but also from seeing the transitions of Pushok into becoming who he was now. Cedric had seen a boy crushed by loss, given gifts to remind him that he was never alone, offered him words of advice to push through the pain and grow stronger and now... here was a man standing at the height of his family name. If Cedric thought back to a time when he'd seen Pushok look so broken, he'd reflect on just how glad he was that he'd come over to help, knowing now where the man had come. 

So patiently the Lune waited to hear what Pushok wanted to say, wondering if the man might bring up a topic they'd discussed not long ago, and smiled warmly until hearing the words. The Brotherhood. Pushok wanted to become a Sworn to Casa. Cedric's golden eyes didn't falter as he held eye contact with the Hushhowl, making sure there was no hesitation to the man's desire. Taking a deep breath, the sound breaking through silence, Cedric sighed and hummed quietly to himself. 

"You are ready." Cedric announced, his deep voice strong and honest. "From what I have seen of your growth, how you have served Casa not as a duty, but as a love of your home and family, you are more than ready to protect it... But." Then, the Lune sighed, his gaze dropping for a moment as he thought. "Laying down your life for Casa... words those in the Brotherhood live by. After all, we value and protect life above all else... at the cost of our own. This might seem like I am just stating the obvious but... as we both know, not long ago a strong member of the Brotherhood almost gave her life to protect another, now remaining weakened for the rest of her life." And it did hurt to see Armani now hurt and half of herself... even if having her alive at all was a miracle compared to the alternative. "Brotherhood is not just a title... the oath is very real and cannot be something you second guess. If you are truly willing to take this step and give your life to Casa... then you will have my blessing and my guidance in this, Pushok."

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[Image: Giftfrom-Shadeby-Corie.png]After Pushok had spoken his heart to his Lune, the very man was washed in silence, save for a single thrum of thought that traveled through him. The pale Hushhowl could feel it in his bones that he was ready, but still, the Lune's hesitation did not bode well for Pushok's high hopes. It was only when Cedric split his maw again that the Hushhowl man's features, that had grown more serious with every passing moment, broke into a wide grin.

Cedric carried on and Pushok's heart nearly jumped into his throat with pride for the man that the Lune saw in him. When his 'but' arrived, however, the eager edges of his face grew stoic. Cedric was being very transparent with what being a part of the Brotherhood meant, and even offered one of their own as an example as to what the risk might be. It stung his heart to know of her injury, but to shy away from this moment on her account would do her a great disservice.

He stressed that this choice was one not to jump at, but one to have considered deeply.

Pushok, in all of his years, had never been more sure of anything in his life than this, now, and he rose to his feet to make his point. The serious nature of the conversation was evident in his tone when he finally spoke in return, lacking the usual jovial notes that came from black lips, while his hand balled into a tight fist and thrummed once against his chest, “I viell be dhe fierst ov my Отец's childrien to taek dhe Oath, ahnd dhe second ov my faemily's naem teu ries teu dhe challienge. My lief is noething vithout Casa,” Notes grew more stern as he spoke, but never did his eye leave Cedrics, “It voeuld be my honoer teu lay my lief on dhe lien, to proetiect my Cavalier faemily.”

A deep breath drew in. His considerations had their time days, weeks, months, even years ago. Once a boy dreaming of becoming a knight, now a man at the gates of this decision, he would not waver, “Yeu haev my woerd,” If Cedric did not know what worth his word held, then he would see. Pushok was not afraid, and the pride of his homeland ran through him, deeper than any blade could cut. He would rise to the Brotherhood, and he would make his home proud.


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Cedric had been in Pushok's place many moons ago; much younger at the time but still filled with a promise to protect Casa with his life. He'd continued that promise to this day, but now rather than just keep it, Cedric was overseeing others who also made the oath. That change in perspective made Cedric realise just what kind of weight the oath had. It was more than just a pledge to Casa and the Cavaliers... it was a sacrifice. When one made an oath to protect the innocent with their life, it pushed the value of their soul lower than those around them. Cedric was an example himself; a wound on his arm demonstrated his resolve to sacrifice his own life for others, so readily that in hindsight it was chilling. 

Therefore standing here as Lune, embracing another's journey up the ranks and into the Brotherhood, Cedric couldn't help but feel that lingering presence of guilt. As if looking as Pushok and seeing a future knight dead, killed in protection of his home. An honourable way to die perhaps, but all death should be avoided if needed. 

So, once Pushok promised to understand the risks of his pledge, the Lune smiled softly and placed a hand on Pushok's shoulder. "You are an incredible person Pushok. And you will be a strong and honourable knight. I have no fear that you will live by the code and always do what is right... but I also ask that you remain to see value in your own life. After all... this is not a path you walk alone. You will join the other Sworn, Valiant and Lionhearts, the Council and Lune and Sola. All of us in the brotherhood will be beside you, protecting each other whilst we share our lives to those who need us."

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[Image: Giftfrom-Shadeby-Corie.png]A hand placed on his shoulder, by his Lune, and heterocromic chrysocolla sights weighed deeply into the diarylide gold. Words spoken on his tongue, by his station, held weight and meaning, more that Pushok could have known. Cedric spoke from the other side, where the pale Hushhowl could only dream to see. There, were Cavalier's come and gone, wounded, or left to ash by the pyre that burned in the eyes of their home, Cedric saw them all.

A quiet nod shook the pale strands that framed his face, an understanding that he knew he'd need to consider before the day that he dared to take his own. There was value in life other than what lay on the line for the Cavalier's hewn honor. He was not alone, and in the depths of his heart he knew this. If aide was called, he did not fear absence. If a battle was to be fought, he did not risk the fight alone, “I undierstaend, Luen,” Were the quiet words that he had spoken, a promise to the man that stood before him as Lune, as a Brotherhood Master, and as a friend.

Rising to match his leader, Pushok placed his palm on the mantle of his king, “Ahnd I wiell be besied yeu,” As Cedric's Knight, as his Brotherhood Sworn. No mountain could move the passion that the Hushhowl man had for his home, and it was his honor to be a protector of it, to cherish what was there and defend those that could not rise against the odds alone, “I haev meuch teu deu!” A heavy pat landed on Cedrics shoulder before Pushok took a step away, “I loek foerwaerd teu dhe day dhat  I speak my oaeth teu yeu, and teu Casa.”

With that, he turned and made his way to the door, a hand resting on the handle before his eyes returned sharply to the Lune, “Tiell Parzival hiello feur me,” A wide grin, bright and beaming, painted across Pushok's pale face, before he opened the door. One last glance was given to the Lune, to take in anything he might have left to say.


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