[CDC] The Feast
October/November Raffle

[Image: cdc.gif] A Birthday Feast [Image: cdc.gif]

❖ Time to Celebrate!

To make it to ten years is an amazing feat; generations of Cavaliers have served the pack and worked hard to make it the bright and successful home it is today. To honour this, and to celebrate many more years to come, a Feast will be held at the end of the month and all Cavaliers will help to make it a grand event! 

Expect music, songs and stories from our guests, fine food and drink and a night to celebrate the Cavalier history. Prepare your finest outfit, practice your dances, and get ready to party!

❖ Feast Timeline

Plans and preparations for the Feast begin from early October, all the way up until the grand event on October 31st. To make this event to remember, the Sola and Lune are asking all Cavaliers to get involved in one way or another to help prepare; be it hunt for food, trade or make the beverages, and prepare the Fort for a complete explosion of decoration. The leaders will summon the pack to the Fort at sundown on the last day of October, giving speeches and announcing the beginning of celebreations.

❖ A Raffle!

To coincide with this event, we will be holding a Casa Raffle for a whole month, from October 21st - November 21st. To partake in the raffle, you only need to meet the requirements of the prompts below to enter your name! Like any good raffle, you have multiple chances to enter, and more you submit, the better your chances of winning! 

Prompts are considered complete when they reach either 3 replies or 900 words (which can include RO threads).

  • Stock up on food! Help prepare the feast by either hunting, foraging, or helping Isaac and other cooks in Casa to store or cure the food to get ready for the big night!
  • Fill a bottle or two! Trade with someone either in Wolfville or at other trading hubs to get some beverages for the event. Alternatively, help craft some drinks from fruits, grains or honey. The success of your brew will certainly be a surprise on the night!
  • Prepare for the aftermath! All great parties end on a high, but the next day can leave something to be desired. Plan ahead with some herbal remedies for hangovers or create some soothing brews for those who might've eaten a little too much!
  • Tidy up the Fort! With trees dropping their leaves and the gravel paths covered, the Fort is in good need of a quick clean up before the day of the Feast. Remember that the center of the Fort will be covered in tables of food and drink so best to make sure it's clear!
  • Decorate and spice up! As the day gets nearer, best to make the streets of the Fort look decorated and fabulous. Perhaps some purple dyed ribbon from Darius would look good draped over buildings, or is there something we can add to the fountain? Get creative as you think of ways to make the space look good!
  • Attend the great Feast! As the Sola and Lune summon all Cavaliers to join, come and take part in the celebrations. Listen to their speeches, dance to the music or enjoy the fine food and drink! (Note: This prompt can only be used after the Pack Thread is released and does not need to follow the 3 posts or 900 words rule to qualify) Thread Link: https://soulsrpg.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=51679

Lucky winners of the raffle will recieve one of the following prizes, chosen at random:
  • A full-body art done by Nat
  • An avatar done by Nat
  • A custom title, to be won by four winners: Crisp as an Apple
Thread Prompt:  Stock Up on Food
Participants:  Tempest and Nazar
Brief Synopsis:  Tempest and Nazar go out for a hunt!
Thread Link: Click!
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Fill a Bottle or Two
[P] This for That
Zetsubou, Nyx
1 p - 341 wc

*Incomplete - Archived
Tidy up the Fort!
[P] Does Your Breath Mist Yet?
Pushok, Lyubov
1 p - 345 wc

Stock up on food!
[P] Teach a man to hunt...
Nazar, Tempest
3 p - 1191 wc

Decorate and spice up!
[P] Show Me Magic...
Kazimir, Zasha
3 p - 1171 wc
*Incomplete - Archived
Tidy up the Fort!
[P] What Were Leaf...
Kazimir, Remus
1 p - 373 wc

Decorate and spice up!
[P] There is Only Treasure
Ezra, Caspian
3 p - 1026 wc

*Incomplete - Archived
Stock up on food!
[P] [M] So fill up your glasses...
Nazar, Aelin
1 p - 456 wc

*Incomplete - Archived
Stock up on food!
[P] Love Has 4 Letters...
Zetsubou, Lyubov
2 p - 599 wc
[AW+] A decade of honour...

[AW+] A decade of honour...

[AW+] A decade of honour...
Ezra Vahn

[AW+] A decade of honour...
Stock up on Food!
Nazar, Aelin.

Fill a bottle or two. 
Abilene, Aelin.

[Image: cdc.gif] Poison in the Well

Oh no! A night of reverie and celebration turned dark when after Casa's Centennial Feast, members start to drop like flies with a mysterious ailment! The symptoms point towards poisoning, but what... or who could have caused this?

But not only do many become ill, but dear Isaac and Morty succumb to the toxin.

❖ Is it the food? Is it the wine?

At this time it is unclear exactly what it causing members to become sick, as many present at the feast seem to have no symptoms! If your character participated in both food AND drink at the celebration, you have the choice on whether they become sick or not and the severity of the illness is also up to you.

  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Dizziness/blurred vision
  • Cotton mouth/extreme thirst
  • Fever/body chills
  • Unconsciousness
  • Death
Currently Affected Members:
  • Isaac Coblentz - deceased
  • Morty - deceased
  • Tlamatini - deceased
  • Minerva Griffith - deceased
  • Cedric Stryder - ill/comatose
  • Winifred Wardley - ill/comatose
  • Leviticus Wardley - ill/comatose
  • Nazar - ill/comatose
  • Kazimir Hushhowl - ill/comatose
  • Lyall Hushhowl - ill/comatose
  • Arrow Lee - ill
  • Pushok Hushhowl - ill
  • Caspian Knight - ill
  • Alyonna Hushhowl - ill

Those who fall ill will go through the following stages of symptoms:
  • Those who are only ill but conscious will deal with nausea throughout the night, but once they are able to keep water down they will begin to feel better, if not a little weak, for the next day or so.
  • Those who fall unconscious will experience a high but brief fever and should awaken by late the following morning. They will be weakened and thirsty for the next couple days before fully recovering.
  • Some may notice their tongues turn gray briefly, and a metallic taste. The tongues of those who have died turn black.

❖ Is this attack or just an accident?

It is clear after many members become ill and several die that there is a thread tying all these things together; the food. All those affected at least ATE at the feast, and so an investigation is made into exactly what went wrong. Over the course of the night and the following morning, things start to come to light...

  • A strange powder is found in Isaac's butcher shop by Eros
  • Manitou confirms that those afflicted all took part in eating cured venison, which was in part prepared by Isaac and himself.
  • Eros finds Josephine also ill, but in the morning they come to and reveal that the other Luperci who helped prepare the meal are as follows: Isaac, Manitou, Tempest, Romeo and herself; with this information, he decides to detain Romeo :: [M] A Different Sort of Hunt
  • It appears that Macbeth and Tempest, who were present at the feast, become suspiciously absent; Maisie and Zetsubou locate them and bring them back to Fort Kingsbury. :: [M] I'll Outsmart You All
  • Per Eros' command, Honrin, along with Howland and Darius, places Wolfville in lock-down and interviews some of the loners visiting there, gaining the following insights: Macbeth was seen purchasing a packet or pouch from a merchant selling, among other things, poisons :: [M]I have bought golden opinions from all sorts of people

After all the evidence is gathered and the ill begin to recover, conclusions must be drawn... how will the Cavaliers react?

❖ A Trial is Held

After a couple days of evidence gathering, and the detention of the three traveling performers, a trial is held where the Cavaliers decide what is to be done; are these three guilty? Was it the actions of only one (or two)? Are they even at fault at all? It is up to the pack to decide the verdict and deliver punishment as they believe is fitting.

[M]The Poisoned Apple

❖ A Decision is Made

During the trial, both accused and Cavalier get to say their piece. It is overwhelmingly decided by the honorable and just pack members that there is not enough evidence to support execution, but enough suspicion that exile is also not the best course of action. Instead, it is decided that Macbeth, Tempest, and Romeo should remain in the pack under watch until more evidence can be found.

The trio is therefore detained until further notice, and kept within Fort Kingsbury. They are not free to leave the Fort, however, they have the choice to not be confined to a locked room during the day. The three are given the opportunity to move about the Fort with an escort in exchange for lending to the maintenance and prosperity of the pack through labor. If no more evidence can be found, come Spring, the pack will reconvene to decide what their ultimate fate will be.

❖What does this mean OOCly?

Macbeth, Tempest, and Romeo will be made pNPC's and ranked as Dishonorable until more evidence is found or spring arrives (whichever comes first); at that time, a new trial will be held to decide their ultimate fate.

During their detention in CdC, players can interact with the trio. Please get with either Jazzy or Nat to discuss these interactions.

Thank you all for participating in this pack plot! You guys made it very interesting, and we were not anticipating this particular outcome!

Zetsubou for Character 3 please!
Eros Character 1?

Lyall characters 4 (first one?)
Character 2?
Artemis for 2? Could be good for getting her a little more involved I suspect. Lol

Nevermijd thought Maise had requested 3 <saw 3 hrs ago and thought 3 was what she was asking for>
I want to clarify that only non-afflicted characters can claim one of these spots; sorry for the confusion!

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Honrin for character 4 please :)
Would like to submit a thread for the Raffle, using the Tidy up the Fort prompt it's not too late.

The little things, from little people, for bigger things. 905 words.

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