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It was quiet, when he approached the clustered Wetus, and the lingering twilight was frosty and chilled. The winter was gathering in the left behind of fall, he could feel it inside.

He felt strange, in a wistful, effortless sort of way. As if he were not truly here and the inhabitants of the Wolfe-Denahlii camp would see straight through him and pass through his form like smoke.


Caspian asked into the darkening silence to no response.

Slowly coming around the main hearth, he sank to the log stool and rested his elbows upon his knees and set his head onto his hands with a sigh.

The loneliness pressed in on him from all sides, abhorrent and heavy.

WC: 147

Alaric Ivanov sometimes more like an uncle than a sibling to his youngest siblings. They were raised by a mother who was of a different station and stage of life than the mother that raised Alaric. They had been raised without a father, one who was different from Alaric's. They grew up in the Wolfe-Denahlii camp rather than in the house in the Fort that Alaric's parents had raised him in. Alaric was old enough to be his youngest siblings' father. And now that they were orphaned, Alaric felt compelled to step up as a parental figure for the boys whilst simultaneously balking at the responsibility in the wake of his own tragedy.

He hesitated in the cluster of wetus. One of them reeked of his brother. Standing just outside the entrance, he called for him. "Hey, Cas, you up for a visit with your favorite big bro?"

He didn't want to be alone, and yet, he didn't want company either. To talk, or to be silent. Both weighed heavily upon him. Everything felt kind of static, as if time had stopped in its tracks and was waiting for him to catch up, except no matter how fast and hard he ran, it was forever fading away from him.

When the voice came from the outside, Caspian shrank backwards from it. Folding his hands together. If his brother came inside, he'd see the mess Cas had made of things in here, and well, he didn't want that either.

Taking a breath so deep it threatened to break his ribs, he tried, in vain, to tidying himself up a bit.

"One moment." He said in a thin, brittle voice, and quickly followed after it.

Thrusting himself out into the light, Caspian was momentarily blinded by it, squinting under the glare.

"'llo." He mumbled, looking down at his feet.

"Can we go for a walk?"

Anything to get away from this tomb of memories.

WC: 173

"Of course we can go for walk." His smile didn't quite reach his bi-colored eyes, but it was not yet devoid of the brotherly warmth he felt for the younger sibling. Seeing Cas blinking in the bright daylight, Alaric reached out and gently took his brother's elbows. Gingerly, he stepped out with his younger brother into the bright daylight. It was in stark contrast to how they felt. The skies were so brilliant and blue, the sun so warm. It was dreadfully deceiving.

Alaric pulled his curls behind ear with the other hand before returning it to his side. He allowed Caspian to lead them, absent-minded in their wanderings. He didn't mind if they stayed within the Fort or left. It really was up to the younger son.

"So, I figured I would come check up on you. See how you're doing." As far as he knew, his brother was aimless currently. If he needed any guidance or help, he needed to know he had an elder brother to lean on.

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