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Quote:BNPC Quest:  Quest: Petyr is looking for a powerful sleeping draught that will help his daughter Elana sleep. He has tested many substances but none seem to work. Elana always wakes in the middle of the night screaming as if possessed. (Elana is, in fact, possessed by her late mother Katarina, who only has the strength to take partial control when Elana is asleep.)
Location: Serpentine Mountains

What is it?” Petyr asked, short, curt with incredulous azure gaze bore into the Savoy. Valkyrie steepled her hands, and cantered her head. 

Pray tell, you’re mighty…” Valkyrie pursed her lips as she thought, then let one clawed finger tap her lips. “Cantankerous.” Yeah, that was the word. 

Papa?” A female exited from somewhere, Valkyrie noted the red rimmed green orbs, and her own eyes slightly softened. 

Are you okay?” 

Elana seemed rather short tempered, Petyr as much as well. 

Valkyrie added in her speculation. “Is everything alright? You seem tired?” Silver hands grasped the reigns of her steed, pulling him closer. 

Elana sighed. Petyr began to speak. “She has nightmares and—” Valkyrie craned her neck to look at the female who snapped at her father. 

Nothing is going to work. You need to stop this nonsense.” 

Petyr sighed deeply, and Valkyrie shifted uncomfortably. “Perhaps, I could help?” 

We will not rest until we have tried everything.” A mumble, Val watched with concerned glacier orbs. Valkyrie understood, in fact she even sympathized with the female. 

Valkyrie almost reached out to the girl, Elana, but thought better of it. “I think I might know someone who could help. I, well, heh, I don’t sleep either.” Valkyrie dug a toe into the sod, plush and cold to the touch, she didn’t care. 

Elana’s green eyes sparkled, perhaps with some sort of doubt to her previous speculations. “Oh? I doubt they’ll work. Nothing works.” 

Elana. Stop this nonsense, something has to work.” 

Valkyrie stepped back a few steps, and then said; “Allow me two or three days to return, I know a fellow. He could help. I’m Valkyrie Savoy.” 

For the first time the child hadn’t asked a price, no, now it was for the goodness of this woman. She also couldn’t sleep most days. But this woman was different. 

Elana busied herself with something else, a budding anger in her brow. Petyr approached the Savoy child as she mounted her steed. A hand, partially shaking, touched her on the calf. Valkyrie looked down at him, he seemed almost pleading. 

I’m Petyr, she’s Elana. It’s a haunting. Maybe. Her mother passed away, Katarina. Could he assist with that? I won’t pay until I see the medicine works.” Gaze hardened, Valkyrie felt a Lang of guilt. 

A moment later, the Savoy recalled when her father told stories of ghosts and haunting. Her smile softened. “Don’t fret, I am sure we have something. My father dealt with similar things, I can see if I can’t get some things to ward away spirits.” 

For the first time Petyr’s eyes lit up. A magnitude of gratification within them. Valkyrie only hoped she could stay true to her word. 


The steed rode hard that day, and she rested him only to return to New Caledonia and the female went straight to that of Ierian’s household, considering how big of a fool she made of herself with Bellad, he was the safer of the options. 

It had to be early morning, and Valkyrie couldn’t contain her prying need. Three hard raps on her door, and Valkyrie stepped backwards to wait for him. A foot tapped impatiently. 

Ierian it’s Valkyrie, I need your help.” 
Please feel free to describe any dialogue you like then time skip to the following morning and the start of their journey. Ierian will require at least two "pit stops" along the way as he trots along and will be in Lupus all the way until their final destination. [+592]
Ierian’s sudden visitor caught him at a strange time. Something one could mistake for a menacing display. The wolf was busily rinsing his arms and scarred muzzle, and the smell of blood, however diluted, hung in the air. He’d lifted his head from the barrel of water that he’d surely have to swap out. When greeting his guest, droplets, transparent save for the watered down spirals of cloudy blood framed his lips.

“Yes?” And, catching eyes on himself and considering the potential for intimidation – never mind the fact he dwarfed her much like he did most others of the pack. “Ah… pay it no mind. A hunt went awry.” He seemed almost ashamed of the fact, which was not far from truth. Hunting alone was an occasional need, yet his injuries sometimes resulted in either not mustering enough strength to succeed, or else to have to apply it in excess. Contrary to his bloodied look, he was not, in fact, back from inflicting carnage.

That said, the old wolf did seem winded. “If you do not mind, Valkyrie, would you speak while I finish tending to myself? Much as I would loathe to divide my attention so.” Her host walked back inwards and once again splashed water over his features. The gore he could wash away. The old burns he could not. With the sounds of water serving as backdrop he listened. Then with a heave lifted the barrel and placed it by the door to empty it out later.

“Haunting…?” He repeated thoughtfully, not quite in disbelief as his eyes rested on Valkyrie. The older brother was bigger than Bellad, and more scarred, but spoke softly and seemed to hobble across the floor carefully. Whether it was a mercy extended towards his joints or towards all that he trod upon he did not say. “Hm… And you are troubled by those outsiders’ plight? Why?”

Within the pause, he lifted an open palm as though to stay a possible sway of anger. “I do not wish to dissuade. It is not wrong that Soul would help Soul. But… you suggest travel to a distant place, and for the dire need of those not of the pack.” Had it been the younger brother speaking, there would be more rebuke in his tone. But from Ierian it seemed more an invitation to consider. His open palm hovered from the angle of a wall to that of a hand ready to accept an offering, then the gesture dissipated altogether, leaving only the elder’s attentive eyes on the Savoy woman. Those of Athalie's teacher.

He was patient enough to hear her out. No interruptions, every word taken with the same expression. One could read at a glance that he valued that which was spoken towards him. And, having given her a chance to say her piece, he concluded. “I… will tell you this. I am winded from the hunt, and will have to prepare for a day’s journey. There are some supplies we should be able to spare, but I would need to see the haunted Soul you speak of. Tomorrow at dawn, find me here. I may not ride beasts, but I will pull my weight.”

The promise given, he entertained his company only a little further. There was indeed preparation to be done. And the next day, as promised, he would be there, waiting to strap his staff and what bags or satchels he had to the saddle of Valkyrie’s horse and to shift to his Roaming Paw. A form most fit for travel.
Who answered the door and said “yes”? Valkyrie looked him over, then she gaped, like a fish and he said to her to pay it o mind, which she thought was odd, and shrugged a silvery shoulder.

Oh yeah, totally.” She answered following him inside speaking the whole time. “Well ya see there’s this lady, she’s haunted, or a possession? A haunting… whatever.” He cut her off and she furrowed her brows a bit, tilting her head backwards in a sigh. Then she continued. “Yes! A haunting, they’re very much so trouble. Please Ierian, help me help them?

He spoke, giving a possible dissuasion to the situation but she heard him out, silently, at first anyways.

Well they seem in dire need. And there was a mention of a reward if things went right.” A trail off as she toyed with her strawberry blonde hair. It was personal for her, if this woman was ailed by what ailed her then surely she could be cured of her insomnia.

And he spoke once more, saying to return on the morning. Valkyrie beamed and then gushed. “Yes! Thank you Mister Songthorn!” Valkyrie rushed outside, down a winding path, and to her home. Although to say she slept was not true, she didn’t sleep a wink, and worked on gathering her supplies for a few days, then borrowed a horse from her dad, and then by the time day broke over, the woman was practically bouncing to the Songthorns.

And it was dawn, or the start of it and she beamed at him. “Ready!?

And thus began their journey to the Serpentine Mountains.
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Ierian found Valkyrie at his door early in the morning. Despite the apparently morbid quest ahead of them, she seemed thrilled. He wasn’t sure which part it was that made for the bulk of this enthusiasm. But if nothing else it didn’t get in the way of him affixing his medicine satchels and his staff to the saddle of her horse. This was a task for which he relied on her assistance before starting to shift.

As in Optime, so in Lupus, Ierian looked like he could knock her horse over if he leapt. But the scarred male, while formidable still, was past such foolhardy displays of strength. Instead he rolled his shoulders, as though to check if his bones fit right in his newly-altered form, then he looked over to Valkyrie and signaled for her to start their travels.

Along the way, the girl did have to be reminded that he wouldn’t be able to keep up with the horse at full sprint. Ierian’s was not a peak Luperci pace, and if he did travel in short bursts then it would ultimately take them longer for all the breaks they’d have to take. Luckily since Valkyrie appeared quite eager to chat, she’d level with Ierian if only to have his ear at her disposal.

Strangest plants he ate. Embarrassing stories about Bellad. Embarrassing stories about anyone else in the pack. The craziest scar he’s ever seen. The drunkest he’d ever gotten. He disappointed her on the absolute majority of counts from choosing not to compromise his brother’s secrets to maintaining a solemn veil of secrecy over the diseases he’s treated before. That said, he remained remarkably patient and he let the girl continue to prod for new subjects. Something that he wouldn’t refuse to open up about, instead elaborately apologizing.

It was when they made their first break, consuming some of their supplies and drinking fresh water that one inquiry finally found its mark. The question of what he thought they were going to see on the other end of their journey. “It is you who saw these two. Petyr and Elana. Would you not know more…?” Unprecedentedly, Ierian may very well have been teasing Valkyrie, pretending that she would once again be left without the elder’s input.

It’s not that he hadn’t thought about what they would find on the other end. Talks of possession weren’t completely unknown to him. But then, some of it was just wild tales. The Myriad faith left room for the strange acts of spirits acting outside of the natural concord and making for oddities emerging in the world. Perhaps not quite as outlandish as a possessive parent returned from their crypt.

“Mmm… I would have to see… To speak to the living and the dead alike.” A cryptic response, but far better than yet another apologetic vow of secrecy. “It is possible we would have to spend the night with them till we witness her symptoms with our very eyes. I shall count on your patience.” What little she’d proven to have so far, but Ierian had faith in fellow Souls.

Their break lasted an hour at most, and soon they were ready to move on. Valkyrie in her saddle, Ierian on all fours, the group moving along to the Serpentine Mountains on the horizon. That the peaks were visible may have fed into seeming near, but they in fact loomed distant and would cost them more travel time and daylight hours. It was in the gathering twilight that they would reach their goal. And there, not knowing where the ailing siblings had made their rest, he stopped and waited for Valkyrie to guide them.
What’s your favorite color? What’s Bellad’s? Does he have any secrets? Do [i]you have any secrets?[/i]”

Then the list went on and on and on, the scarred male was incredibly patient, and Val wanted to continue pushing. Only, they needed a break, to which she happily dropped from the saddle and asked him a question then, about the journey and what they would find. He responded with a rather stoic expression which made her tilt her head.

Well, yeah, but I meant like… do you think she’s possessed?

Then he spoke again, implying they’d have to spend the night with the siblings. Valkyrie chuckled. “Petyr is her dad, Elana is the daughter.” Then she placed a hand that thumped on his head gently twice, as if to pat his head. And she grinned.

Soon they wound through the mountains of the Serpentine Mountains, and Valkyrie had grown silent. Namely because she didn’t want to spook anyone. And once she had come upon a stream that look familiar, she took over the lead, instead of walking side by side they now resembled that of a train. A hulking Lupus following that of a silvery woman on a horse.

Peaking the tops of the stream, and through the forested area, the woman saw a light, slightly in the distance. “There.” A statement to herself more than anyone else as she finally got onto the path that was now laid out. Looking to her left there was also an easier way than going through the stream, but she just shrugged.

Petyr? It’s Valkyrie.” She called lightly, his figure appeared, expression narrowed.

He didn’t smile, didn’t even wave at her. Instead he glanced at the hulking scarred creature known as Ierian and cantered a head, then “tch” erupted from his mouth. His teeth slammed together.

This is Ierian, he’s a healer. Please, if we can watch tonight, while she sleeps perhaps we will know what it is fully.

I ain’t gonna give you nothin’ till I see it works.” A rumble that sounded more like a growl. His hand parted the fabric that resembled a door to a room. Valkyrie took a glance back at Ierian waiting for him to shift, as she put her horse near the gentleman’s horse. Impatiently he snapped at her.

Come on. Hurry then, we haven’t got all night.

Val gave one more glance at Ierian before she walked practically shoulder to shoulder near the hulking male.

Next, it would be up to him. At least, that’s what she thought, her hands rubbed nervously over her legs, as she gazed upon Elana.
Please feel free to power-play Ierian & co. making tea and having supper with little being done in the way of actual healing until Ierian can see the "symptoms" firsthand. [+594]
The heroes of stories that both Songthorn siblings alike enjoyed as kids rarely found gratitude at the very start of the story. He was, therefore, not surprised that Petyr did not seem particularly welcoming towards the two of them. Or perhaps just the one. Though the man urged them to hurry, they would still have to wait as Ierian shifted from the “traveling” form of Lupus to Optime. This time he didn’t even seem as though he just handicapped himself in the process.

Grunting at the first couple limp-laden steps, he retrieved his staff from the saddle of Valkyrie’s horse and approached Petyr and his dwelling. “Pray, forgive the intrusion. I am Ierian and I would see your ailing daughter.”

“She already said your name.” Petyr growled, nodding towards Valkyrie. Was he, perhaps, disappointed with the particular kind of help that she’d brought? Regardless of that, Ierian proceeded inside with quiet humility. He stepped softly, almost making it seem as though his paws on the floor made less noise than the tapping end of his staff against it. The hunched wolf looked around. It did not take long to see the tired-looking girl.

“You must be Elana?” He asked with a gentle smile that was met by the girl shuffling uncomfortably and shrinking away from this beast. “Do not be afraid. I am a healer. Valkyrie, one of my pack, brought me here to help you.”

While the silence hung, and Ierian stood very still, showing no sign of approaching without being permitted, Petyr glared as though trying to decide if he ought to shield his daughter from the stranger.

“Would you permit me to help?”

“Can you banish spirits?”

“I can help you find out what’s wrong. Then I can work towards making it better.”

“We know that she is possessed! Can you or can you not help with it?”

As demonstrated throughout his journey here with Valkyrie, Ierian was a remarkably patient man. But as Petyr barked his interruption at him, the elder Songthorn slowly turned his head and simply looked at him. A solid minute of the silent glance made Petyr sufficiently uncomfortable to relent from sharply voicing any demands. Ierian proceeded as if nothing happened.

“I would spend some time with you. Perhaps make you some tea and await nightfall. It is during the night that you suffer most, is it not?”

Elana gave a hesitant nod that Ierian returned. He then turned to face Valkyrie: “Would you please help set the water to boil? We may be here a while. It would do us good to make use of some of the rations we’ve left.”

He was true to his request, but for a time nothing happened. Yet were Valkyrie to repeatedly leave the room and return, she would find that with every instance Ierian would be positioned ever closer to Elana. At one point – merely standing, leaning on his staff. Another instance and he’d be seated, though with enough space between them for the other two to pass through the gap even if they were walking shoulder-to-shoulder. Finally he was within arm’s reach, yet the sole boon of this proximity that he used was to speak in a softer tone, hiding most of what they were talking about.

“Is this healer of yours any good?” Petyr pressed at some point, casting aside glances at the giant talking to his daughter. The authority of age and physical size may have been blatant, but just how much healing he would do rather than talking was clearly a concern of his.

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