[P] [M] Do you know what friendship is… it is to be brother and sister;
Two souls which touch without mingling, two fingers on one hand

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Ooc:: Artoia's prayers to Fenris and the All-Mother are finally answered, just not how she'd expected.

Before you go, was there something I could have said to make your heartbeat better
If only I’d have known you had a storm to weather
So, before you go, was there something I could have said to make it all stop hurting
It kills me how your mind can make you feel so worthless oh
Before you go

From the dock she had to wait, her happiness at her Ghura returning home by a dimness weighing her down by the soul. He hadn't sent word about finding the boys, and he'd even sent Mahn back to Casa for some reason that her mother had still yet to divulge to her. She hadn't wanted to pry, but she'd noticed Guin being quieter than normal.

Beside her stood Jace, seated above her on the tall Artan as her steed. It was the only reason she'd been able to come all the way out here to the docks for greeting her Pa. Guin hadn't made the journey, opting to stay in the carpentry shop and focus on the commissions she'd let slide by whilst she'd been gone. Jace had stepped in to allow her to come.

Artoia tugged her lip between her foreteeth, biting it anxiously as she and Jace watched the Avalon maneuver into position. Glancing up at Jace, her Mahnama seemed content, rheumy eyes belying the age that clouded them and observing the Avalon's crew put things in place, tying down lines, and gradually taking the plank out for it to be put down and used for everyone actually disembarking onto the dock.

At this angle, she couldn't see specific faces all that way, but she saw more canines than she'd thought would be here. Had others from New Caledonia or Del Cenere Gang decided to come to visit Casa? Slowly her tail started to wag, fighting the disappointment that her brother's were not on board, but maybe she could make new friends from other places.

Ooc: Story Timeeee

At Artoia's begging, they had come here, to watch the ship make port. To await her father's return.

Jace had missed her son, though it was not something she bandied about lightly, just as she missed each and every one of her children out in the wilds of the world beyond her knowing. Were they alive, or had they perished? Did they prosper or did they survive over thrive. These were the questions she tormented herself with.

Gracefully, the Avalon glided through the water, settling into its place as if coming home for a much needed rest.

"Shall we step closer, Artoia?"

Not really waiting for a response, she dug her heels into Artan and prompted the horse forwards.

Though still sharp, her eyes no longer were as good as they used to be. At a distance everything blurred together into an indistinguishable mass. Though the white of her son stuck out against the dark boards of the ship, she could not make out the details.


[Image: image1.png]The relief he felt as the Avalon bumped against the dock left him almost boneless, spent. He missed his wife, he missed his daughter, he missed his home and his pack. He missed sleeping in the same place each night. Now he would have that again, and the two run-aways were safe.

Surprisingly, he'd found them waiting for him, at the brief stop they made along the coast, accompanied by one of the Ashen.

Their story was eyebrow-raising.

Lucian was thinner, Caspian had a new tattoo about his eye. Both had a ragged air about them, despite their, apparent, stay in Del Cenere.

Honrin was too old to be chasing boys across the countryside though, and this was apparent in the slow, strained way he walked, in the difficulty it took him to move and bend. Taking his head up, he could see Artan approaching, and from his back, his mother; a relieved smile wavered upon his lips, whenever he had to leave for a time, he was never sure if she would still be here upon his return.

"Okay boys, down the gangplank, and you're home."

This explosion was like to be loud, and Honrin prepared himself for the fallout of it. His daughter had been endlessly distraught since the two of them had disappeared in the night.

He didn't envy them their retribution.


Watching the shore come closer didn't fill him with any kind of joy. He felt numb to see it again, as if something cold had tip-toed its way across his heart.

Instead Caspian turned, and put his back to the Cavalier shore and looked out across the Loch. If the anonymity of the wilds had consumed him, what would he have become?

He'd heard the stories, of wild wolves that lived by their own wit and strength.

The Avalon bumped against the dock, and shuddered to a halt. Caspian tilted his head back to look up at the billowing sails and swayed with the leftover inertia. Now that he was here, he didn't want to be, Lucian's former reticence for coming back made more sense.

"Okay." He said quietly to Honrin's words, and shuffled to the gangplank.

They were waiting. Caspian blanched for a moment, Luca's gold eyes turning down, away, looking anywhere except at the faces of those he had left behind.

Stepping to the side so Lucian and Honrin could come down after him, Caspian kicked his toe anxiously against the dirt and frowned deeper, still not looking at either of them.


He winced, chanced a glance at Honrin's face and cringed harder, the older man looked like he was preparing for a full-force explosion.


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