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Create a safe space to hoard your stolen treasures, make sure its location remains a secret! 1690/2000

Her paws carried her quickly. Woodsmoke was driven, and though her mind was moving quickly, she was not speeding. Despite anxiety rising in her, the woman maintained some external calmness as she made her way through the pack’s territory. Her birds followed behind, unsure of their shared companion’s intentions. She did not tell them, but as Woodsmoke hugged the eastern coast and followed it to the southern border, Cherub at least could guess that his friend was checking on her shared cache in the crypt.

The rogue kept to this path, making variations every so often. Sometimes they coincided with her hunts, other times they were mere casual strolls with Émeraude. Everything to cover up the real reason Woodsmoke walked among the picked-clean bones.  Her ill gotten goods were kept in the ribcage of one of the many skeletons, either partial or whole, entombed deep in the crypt. It was a very unnerving place to begin with, with all the bodies. There were collapsed passages that made things dangerous. Not to mention the spiders! So many of them.

She wasn’t bothered by the cobwebs or long dead humans. No, the one thing that perturbed her was the guilt and pain of failure she felt as she passed the stones inscribed with the names of those that came before. Vodeva tried to teach her how to read, and out of everyone present, Woodsmoke was the only failure. While she would do well to be literate, the woman was not. It wasn’t a necessity, but certainly a boon. “Stay out here,” she told the birds as she approached the yawing entrance of the body vault.

It was there where she began to shift. From four paws to only two, as the sight of a bipedal Woodsmoke would surely be something to investigate. Bone shifted, muscle and sinew too. Steadily and surely the woman’s form changed until she stood much taller than before. No clothes needed for her, as they only got in the way. “Be loud if anyone comes,” she told them. “If Émeraude comes, tell them I’m inside,” the rogue added, addressing Sister in particular. With the birds’ orders given, Woodsmoke stepped inside.

With the hardest part complete, she got right away to locating the shared stash that she hid deep down in the crypt. Careful with each step, she made sure she had sufficient footing before descending down one more cold, wet, crumbling stair. Following her nose, she kept up her old scent markers by rubbing her body on the decoy spots. She paused briefly, tilting her head a bit as she came across a nefarious thought. What if she and Em boobytrapped some of the false stashes in the crypt? Nothing to kill or cause pain, but perhaps a stinky bomb, or maybe a bright dye explosion? No real explosives, but something to spread the foul smell or bright colors. A marker to flag any would be thief thieves.

She’d have to run it by her partner in crime first. Perhaps they had the knowhow, or had someone in their pocket that did. Woodsmoke stepped past her hidden cache, and marked a few other spots before returning to the true spot. She opened the corpse door a bit and felt around in the bones of whoever laid in repose. She had no clue, for she could not read. Eventually her hand found the sack of stuff, and it ran over the other odds and ends she and Émeraude had pilfered previously. A sigh of relief came from the woman, and she covered up their shared loot pile. Once the woman was satisfied with the obfuscation of the stolen supplies, she ascended the stairs.


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