[NEWS] November 2021

Spotlights for November 2021

[Image: spotlight.gif] Spotlight Soul
The life of a loner can be hard, and newcomer Iseult was one of the many who came to carve out a future in the area. With a collection of tattoos and a feathered companion, Iseult began her adventure exploring the land. During this time, the witch and healer found herself drawn to others with similar paths. Now that she's joined Salsola, will her spirituality lead her to greatness, or will the truth of what led her to leave her former life cause complications? One thing is for certain -- Iseult is certainly here to make a name for herself!

[Image: communityspotlight.gif] Community Soul
There is no Community Soul this month.

[Image: dcg.png] Featured Pack Adoptable
Amos Courtright is rough and tumble, but every bit the gentleman the Courtright boys were raised to be. He's hardly as sharp as his brothers, Hosea and Trelawney, but his soft-spoken, stern ways more often than not leads him to act as an unintentional conscience between the trio. While, perhaps, not father's favorite, Amos's trustworthy and steadfast demeanor lends fully to his reliability - however, the strain of expectation has not spared any of the Courtright boys, and the promise of greener, fresh pastures and freedom from the heel of Palisade's stifling culture, his eyes are set upon Del Cenere, and, perhaps a little more importantly, his brothers.

Contact the Despi if you are interested in adopting Amos!

News & Updates

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As the spookiest season gives way to November, the change in temperature becomes all the more apparent. Wet weather becomes all the norm, with rainfall more frequent than not. The lingering cold turns the color of all trees but the huge swaths of evergreen in the region, and by the end of the month all but the most stubborn of these leaves will be found underfoot. Sunny, clear days become few and far between, and often give way to windy, overcast weather. During especially cold hours, the first snowfalls occur.

Wordtober Challenge!

The month comes at ya fast, but congratulations to our nine (9) total winners for Wordtober! Dark, veldt, Amanda, Mayta, Myst, Scott, Howlykin, Jace, and Mandi all busted out posts with our 31 spooky words!

Lil ghosties have been awarded where appropriate, but make sure to post in the Maintenance Thread to claim your custom title, too! Please do so before the next newspost (November 18) or we'll all forget forever! Also remember, this is for your OOC account!

PS - we did notice one instance of a word being used incorrectly (viscous ≠ vicious). We let it go this time, but we won't be as lenient in the future! Wordtober's "Play It Straight" option doesn't even allow for different word forms, so incorrect usage should definitely be out! ;)

Mobile Layout Adjustments

If you visit 'Souls primarily on a mobile device, you've probably noticed some big updates in terms of how many parts of the forum are laid out. Hopefully things are a bit more readable, accessible, and require way less side scrolling and zooming now!

Desktop view has seen some residual effects due to CSS updates, though most major areas of the board should looking okay now (after a hard refresh/cache clear!). Some additional adjustments and updates are likely to occur over the next few weeks, so be sure to check the updates thread for any known issues and to report any problems. Thanks for your patience!

Birthday Celebrations

'Souls is turning TWENTY (20!!!) this year!!! See you on the 18th for festivities!


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