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What are they? :o Things are still developing. A lot of potential characters are wolfdogs or wolves right now, so our earlier bias note may be dropped/out of date. :>
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Actually y’know what I just looked it up and they’d be about 50% wolf so I’m sure it’d be fine either way xD though they will probably look a little doggish and not entirely Wolf like, I’m super into the idea anyways and I would love to be a part of it tho my character isn’t born just yet lol
This sounds so super fun and it’s always blast to have “traditional canines” running around—I wouldn’t be able to join in until I qualify for a second character slot, but I’d be interested in participating if there’ll be room!
Hey Mel, can I get an invite, too? I don't know if I will join because I do have my next few characters planned, but I may be convinced to push Ovid back and introduce a new character because this sounds super interesting. ;-;

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