Loner Band V.2 - Vid Laekinn Band
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When you say "trading post", does this mean they host other traders or they themselves will set up a "shop"? I see several archetypes are listed, which makes it sound like you have a more broad plan vs just traders.

As spirituality goes, are the characters who are the "vikings" going to worship the pantheon of the human inspiration? I see a lot of mention of rituals, animism and self-made saint type figures, but also group ceremonies. How does their faith influence them? Right now it seems like the "viking" aspect is mostly in naming convention and some mentioned rituals, but the inclusion of "choose your own god" seems to open it up to a broader faith system.

Defining the more unique aspects of your group could really help keep its focus. "Viking" styled groups have been popular in the past, so I'm sure you'll get some interest!

As a note, "Old Norse" should not be a language your characters can speak! Unfortunately, this is a dead language last spoken in the 13th century. Numerous modern Scandanavian languages are derived from Old Norse, any of which would be permissible. Characters with this background can be aware of their language's origins, but realistically there wouldn't be any confusion between their modern, native language and a language last spoken over 700 years ago.
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