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For Honrin and Artoia. Reading, writing and history lesson. Takes place before the Feast.
Now that she was approaching four seasons of life and things had changed her, she felt the need to finally grow up and focus on being a contributing member to the pack and in order to do that, it was time to buckle down and really focus on things required of her before the First Blood. And today's lesson was that of reading,  writing and history. Of course Borya had spent a good amount of time with her on several occasions going over those studies and even writing a story together, but that was before she allowed herself to really focus.  Now her big brother lived in Wolfville and had his own pups to teach, and she didn't want to be a bother, though Borya would have told her she was crazy. 

But luckily there were other scholars that Zasha could bug, and that's what she was doing today.  It was also helpful that she had become pretty good friends with Artoia and they trained together often, and she had agreed to have a lesson with her, helping her stay focused on the task at hand, even though she'd much rather be having some sort of thrilling adventure. The young Hushhowl, had stopped by the carpentry shop to grab the claret and white junior cadet on the way to the library for their lesson.  It didn't take them long before they were seated at a table waiting for their teachers to arrive.

Bright blue eyes looked over to the young Denahlii as she played with the feather quill in her hands,

"Thanks for doing this with me, I think it will help keep me focused.  I'm glad your dad and Jacelyn agreed to help.  I feel pretty behind in this purple sash stuff…"

So much had happened in her short life, but Zasha figured everything happened for a reason.  Maybe it all made her grow up a little, even if a little too soon. 

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[Image: image1.png]"Do you need help?" He had asked, only to receive his mother's stare set into another woman's face. It still weirded him out how much Jacelyn resembled the elder wolfess.

It had stretched on until he rolled his eyes and rephrased the question "Would you like help?"

<"Assistance would be appreciated.">

Heads together, they put a plan together for the two young girls.


The library was a place of quiescence, a space of solitude, rarely could more than a single luperci regularly be found within its walls at a time, and them more than likely one of the Scholars who understood the need for quiet. That could be less said for the youth, who were chattering to each other when they came in.

Coming to a stop before the table, Jacelyn's spindle eyes snapped cold, chill energy, and silenced the two of them in their giggling discussions.

"When you are in the library, you will practice at being quiet. Others may be working at important duties that you will disturb."


Next to Jacelyn's composed, clinical nature, Honrin was positively relaxed, form free and lose, and he sat down in his chair easily.

"Just make sure to keep your voices low, okay, girls?"

Artoia knew some of the details of reading and writing he knew, from what he and her mother had taught her, and by watching him perform his Labor Head duties, she had volunteered to sit with Zasha for her lessons and to learn more herself.

"Now, Artoia, I know what you know, but Zasha, have you done any of this kind of stuff before? It's okay if you haven't, we just need to know where to start."

As he spoke to the girls, Jacelyn was assiduously preparing two identical sheets for the girls, each with a no fuss version of their alphabet, that would be simple and easy for them to copy out to learn, or practice, the correct shapes of the letters. Penmanship was important in the legibility of any letters or notes they would write in the future.


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