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(1 August 2021, 08:13 PM)San Wrote: Location of Problem: Drafts
Description of Problem: I have a few drafts I've saved on character accounts, but some have been moved to "dead topics" and the draft is no longer accessible to me. Not all of these drafts were replies to dead topics either — some were new threads I had begun but hadn't posted.
Link (if applicable): User CP Area, not sure how to link!

This is apparently a known issue in myBB that has not been resolved.

Because the "edit draft" page is the same as the "post reply" page, threads that you can no longer reply to (whether because they're deleted or because they're now in a forum you don't have permission to rely to) are no longer accessible.

However, new thread drafts should remain accessible as long as you still have permission to post in that forum -- so they'd only be inaccessible if that character became inactive, and would become accessible again once the character is active again. Let me know if new thread drafts are becoming inaccessible outside of this circumstance.

Not being able to access drafts sucks, and unfortunately this issue was apparently identified a few years ago and still hasn't been fixed -- probably because they'd have to change where/how drafts are saved on the backend and nullify permissions and it's complicated -- but that also means it's impractical for me to fix it myself.

As always, I recommend writing and saving posts locally (on your computer) and not just on the board. However, your drafts are still all saved on the server and I can retrieve them if needed. I just need to know the thread ID they were drafted for. :(

2022-11-22 Update: Fixed an issue where our auto-archiver was still moving starter drafts to Dead Topics. If you're starting a thread and save it to drafts, it should be available to you indefinitely. The issue remains if you draft a reply to a thread which is archived to Dead Topics.
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