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Quote:Trailblazer Prompt: Maintain the border, clean up effigies, hang up cloth markers, or mark trees with ash.

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Freddy, given his determination to keep a vigilant eye on the pack, knew a lot of the nooks and crannies of the pack lands. He knew the places loners would never try to get through, or the places they'd consider secret enough to try and access. Either riding on Euph to get around faster or on foot to check each spot carefully, Freddy had run the length of the packlands multiple times. As a simple guard his job had been to maintain. As El Diente, Freddy's new job was to ensure safety. 

He hadn't been able to save another Ashen. 

As much as the boy might be different from his guardian, Freddy's heart still twisted with a feeling of guilt when someone died who he should've protected, even if realistically he couldn't be everywhere at once. The worry that he wasn't working hard enough brought a lot of stress to Freddy to now work even more... it all made him realise why Cedric had been so quick and eager to build towers to increase defences. Failure felt awful, even if no one actually blamed them. 

Freddy had intentions on going further than needed to ensure Azade that her partner wouldn't die without revenge, but tracking would take time and Freddy couldn't just completely abandon Del Cenere on the hunt. The young man did wish, in moments like this, that he had more to join him in his syndicate. As much as Freddy didn't want to be considered as someone too controlling, it would be nice for the El Diente to have warriors to direct around to better protect the Ashen. At the moment, it was mostly just Freddy. 

But he'd work with what he had, which right now was checking places near the borders. Right now Freddy was inspecting a bit of border that had a collection of effigies to guard it, something that worked well when the landscape was more open plan and easier to spot. However... the effigies looked like weather hadn't treated them well, so the El Diente carefully took them apart to see if he couldn't find replacement sticks for the bases.

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Fixing border effigies was usually something that Notch did with Auger tagging along, but he and Dynia were still avoiding the border as much as possible. Dynia closed off at the mere thought of venturing close, and Notch wasn’t too keen, either. Auger didn’t really like the idea himself, but he also wasn’t really interested in the effigies like Notch was. Neither of them really understood the point of them. They clearly didn’t prevent anyone from coming in and harming pack members, but Notch thought that putting them together was fun, so Auger had offered to scout them to see what needed to be fixed. If nothing else, Notch could put together bundles of supplies that Auger would take out to the border to fix effigies himself. Or at least, he would try to. They probably wouldn’t look too great, but then they were supposed to be scary, so maybe looking great wasn’t really the goal. Longevity was. The better they were assembled, the longer they would last. Auger doubted he would be good at that part, either.

He was a little surprised to find that some appeared to be taken apart, but then he caught Freddy’s scent. That made sense, he supposed. He urged Monty forward, continuing along the border until they found him.

”Hey, Freddy. Want some help?” Auger offered. ”I’m not great at putting them together, but I can carry stuff you need.” That’s how he usually helped Notch, who seemed to find it useful, so he figured Freddy might as well. Besides, they may be safer sticking together out here.
Quote:Trailblazer Prompt: Maintain the border, clean up effigies, hang up cloth markers, or mark trees with ash.

I want to believe - No, I choose to believe - That I was made to become - A sanctuary

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As much as Freddy loved to craft things, he didn't bring his entire workshop of supplies with him at all times. That being said, Freddy wasn't without tools either; he kept a small bag with him with a few bits and pieces for repairs, set up specifically for situations like this where Freddy needed to fix up something he found. The effigy just needed a new base, but Freddy was aiming to create a stronger support beam than just a fallen stick, for the sake of ensuring it would weather longer than usual. Getting a group of sticks and then connecting them all would work for a thicker and durable base, so now Freddy just needed to find branches of similar size and width. 

He'd found a few, some would require a bit of knife or saw work to remove parts or shorten them, and just as the El Diente gathered them, he heard the approach of a horse. It came from within Del Cenere, so Freddy wasn't on edge, and he smiled to see Auger approach on his horse. Freddy hadn't seen too much of the small family since saving Dynia. As much as he wanted to see his sister, Freddy was still dealing with the guilt of her trauma... it wasn't his fault and many would remind him of that but still... Freddy worried she'd associate him with something bad. 

Auger however, was a nice sight to see, and perhaps Freddy could take this as an opportunity to finally talk a bit more. "Auger h...hello. Help w-would be... great." Freddy rasped, getting closer to Auger to show him the collection of branches. "U-up for carrying th...these back to the effigy? I-I p...plan on making the b-base of it s...stronger."

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I want to take shelter but I'm ready, ready to fight.
Somewhere in the middle I feel a little paralyzed.
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"Yeah of course," Auger agreed easily and dismounted, landing lightly next to Monty. He looped the reins loosely over the horse's neck since Monty wasn't one to just take off. Maybe if they were closer to home, he'd be interested in heading back there, but out here it was fine. Monty would just follow along while searching for something to eat.

Auger took the sticks from Freddy and shifted them around a little in his grasp so he wouldn't drop any of them. Then he headed towards the effigy that Freddy was fixing up. It definitely wasn't looking too great, so it was good that Freddy was fixing it up a bit. If this worked, maybe they could slowly work through other ones to do the same thing.

"Hopefully making the base stronger will help. Theses sometimes seem to break down quickly." Auger wasn't sure if it was because of the variety of pack members who built them or because some of them seemed to get more wind or what. But he wasn't too great at building them himself so he certainly wasn't about to critique the work of anyone else who had tried.

"How have you been doing?" Auger asked as he settled the sticks near the effigy. It was still odd to think that he was Dynia's brother. What were the chances? It made him wonder if Freddy had known Dynia's mother at all, but no probably not. He didn't know too much about Freddy's past other than this whole ordeal with Pirate. Sometimes Dynia seemed excited about the prospect of having a brother and other times she seemed indifferent. It made sense with everything she had gone through.
I want to believe - No, I choose to believe - That I was made to become - A sanctuary

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Keeping busy, almost always working to improve himself or provide for the pack. Freddy didn't like taking breaks, or having time to think about things too much, so he did all he could to be both comfortable but also feel needed. He took breaks only when around others, when socialising with them and enjoying company, otherwise the El Diente would be spending every breath proving he deserved his position. The cost of gaining his title was indefinite after all; Freddy planned on working his whole life to make sure he was worth it. 

As such, Freddy didn't often think on how he was doing, how he was coping after the autumn and the events with his father. Freddy had been tortured after all, days of torment and it seemed like the young man was shrugging it off like nothing. Getting over his injuries and just striding forwards to a brighter future. In a way, Freddy was, but the El Diente couldn't deny that work also provided a good distraction. Vulnerability wasn't an issue if Freddy didn't let himself feel vulnerable. 

"Pr-probably... weather damage." Freddy commented back to Auger, kneeling on the ground next to the effigy once the larger man dropped the new supply of sticks. Picking up one at a time, Freddy measured them against the post and got out on of his daggers, beginning to carve spikes into the good ones. 

"B-better." Freddy commented quickly, to answer Auger's question. But then the El Diente turned to give the man a smile. "H-healing w...well. Keeping b-busy. Feel... b-better. H-how is... Dynia?"

Fredrick Knight

I want to take shelter but I'm ready, ready to fight.
Somewhere in the middle I feel a little paralyzed.
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Weather damage made sense, so Auger nodded. He doubted they would ever be waterproof, which meant that this would be a constant task. It was not one he would do often because he doubted they even had much of an effect to keep loners out of the pack's territory. Their scent along the border probably worked better, but it was part of the pack culture. Notch liked them more than he did, but Auger thought that was just because they were another thing for him to make fancy. Auger was a little surprised that Notch did not venture to the border more often to fix them, at least before Dynia's kidnapping. Now it made more sense. It was something they would have to work on.

He stood sentry as Freddy started to fix up the effigy, glancing around every now and then if a sound caught his attention. Nothing seemed out of place, though; just birds moving around the trees, other animals moving about in the underbrush. Nothing concerning, and yet he could not help but glance around regularly anyway. Hopefully he could feel less... he did not want to say paranoid, but it kind of fit. It did not stop him from doing things at least.

"She's doing alright, I think," Auger said. He was suspicious of Freddy's quick answer, and the smile did nothing to diminish it, but he decided to go with the topic change. He hoped, though, that Freddy knew that he did not have to pretend to be fine. "It's tough to tell sometimes. I think she's hiding some of what she's feeling." He was not sure how much someone her age could hide. He really did not have anything to compare this to. He had not wanted to hide more than little embarrassing things from his parents, and Notch was the same. Auger did not really want to dump this stuff onto Freddy's shoulders though. He had enough to worry about with his rank and his own experiences in his ordeal with Pirate.

"We're trying to be supportive and make sure she knows she's not alone." The words were said about Dynia, but Auger hoped that Freddy knew that he was not alone, either. Maybe he needed to be more clear about it, though. He did not want there to be ambiguity, and really he was usually one to say what needed to be said, although kindly when necessary. "And you're not alone, either. We're here for you, too." Whether Freddy wanted to talk was up to him.

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