[P] Do you cry when you watch them grow?
P. Trelawney!
Tansy was tucked into her chest, her nosing around looking for milk, made the Braithwaite look down then look around for her mother.


Tansy cried, Daphne panicked. 

Peony came outside their home, an eyebrow raised and a small smile on her maw. “Hand her here, why don’t you go on and go out?” 

Peony had been working feverishly on a project for her dad, Hosea, and Daphne was excited to take a break. It wasn’t that Tansy wasn’t adorable and her favorite sibling ever, it was the fact that the freshly shifted teen wanted to go explore! And with a child attached she couldn’t, and to be Frank, she didn’t want kids anytime soon. Tansy was a cry-baby, but she assumed that was how all kids were at that age. With a kiss to her moms cheek, and to her sister’s head, the woman raced out of the house, her pale blue dress, and fur cloak, were snug to her frame. 

Although, that right bun her mother asked her to wear was soon enough let down in a wave of curls at her back. 

Free at last!” She giggled to herself before her feet found her near the Trailside Amin. She could visit Aunty Flo, or Uncle Bennett, or even Uncle Trelawney. 

In two swift steps she was sailing up the staircase and excitedly rapping on the door of Trelawney. “Tio! It’s me, Daphne!” In her haste she had forgotten her manners, it would seem. 
Trelawney looked at the door and raised a brow. For a moment he debated not opening it, but then sighed heavily and went to it, soon opening it to the outside world. He looked down at his niece unamused. "Tio? Really?" Placing one hand on a hip he moved to meet her eye better "Only one of those letters is actually in my name, how on earth did you come up with it?" His tone was exasperated, but his expression was curious at the best. A part of him did wonder how the young girl had produced such a nickname, if that was indeed what it was meant to be. "Why are you here anyways?" There was no reason that he could think of for her to be here. 

It was not like he was the go to for babysitting, or watching over a young teen. Trelawney doubted either Peony or Hosea wanted him of all people to influence their daughter in any way. Straightening he opened the door wider, allowing her to enter if that was what she wished. She was his niece, and he wouldn't turn her company away fully, he was just surprised at the visit. "I hope your parents at least know you're here?" Though, if he really thought about it, he knew the answer already. There was no way that they had sent her to him...no, she had certainly decided it on her own. How odd. 

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Daphne stared for a moment and copied the brute, her hand went to her dainty little hip and she cocked it to one side. “Momma said Tio means uncle, yeeesh.” A grin upon her muzzle nonetheless as she admired the hair of her uncle, studying his features before turning to look at her own smaller, pallid hands.

Was he trying to be mean? She fiddled with her fingers and looked around, then looked back at him. “Oh, well, I thought you would maybe wanna go hangout? Go do something?” Was the Braithwaite name truly that big of a burden on the Courtright that he hadn’t the time for his niece? Though his tone wasn’t rude or vindictive she still felt a pang of hurt hit her heart. Did he not want her around?

The soured expression only deepened, as she stared at her uncle openly. “Yeah… momma said I get to go explore and do whatever I want… is there a reason why shouldn’t I be here?” Although a minute ago she was hurt by his choice of words, she was now grinning ear to ear.

A hand gestures out towards him, then to herself. “Sides I thought ya might wanna hangout with your coolest niece.
So it meant uncle did it? Trelawney didn't know if the younger girl was telling the truth or pulling his tail. Her statement about her being his coolest niece brought out a small smile. "You are my only niece you silly girl" he said back playfully. He supposed that if she wanted to be here that he may as well relax a little bit. "I don't mind spending time with you, you just surprised me is all." In all his days he would never guess that anyone would voluntarily spend time with him if they knew him well enough, and that counted family. "What did you have in mind then?" 

It was sure to be some sort of silly idea, though if Daphne wanted to just hang out and talk that was fine by him as well. At least now that he didn't have to fear some sort of scolding from either of her parents. If she got corrupted by his lazy ways, that was on her, and not him. Looking her over again he sighed a little and entered his room, motioning that she could follow if she wanted. "I'm guessing that your mother picked out your outfit?" He went and looked through his own clothing items idly, knowing that he had a few things that didn't fit him anymore but he had never gotten rid of. "If you're going to be running about, you need some pants, and not a dress." 

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She addressed him with a scrutiny to her gaze, albeit it was playful. He spoke, she smiled again, much like her mother taught her. Graceful and poised. “Hey! Tansy counts too, but I’m cooler cuz I don’t whine and I can talk.” Daphne found herself easily relaxing with her uncle, and whether he believed her, she didn’t care. Tio meant uncle, tia mean aunt, he was just being silly, himself.

When he spoke again she chortled, quite unladylike and then gave a sheepish grin. “Well we could go exploring! Whatcha say?” He opened the door, she easily stepped inside, dipping her head slightly to say thank you, before giving a crinkled nose towards him.

Yeaaahhhh, mom really likes to make a statement for being a lady.” Gently she stepped to the side of her uncles closet he rummaged through, and then found herself staring at the emptiness of the room. Huh okay then… he must be very lonely.

Cool, cool…” She glanced towards the pairs of pants in his closet, and once offered the pair of pants, she would gladly accept, turning around and gently pulling it up, keeping her dress to cover her lady bits. Once up above her waist, she would tuck in the remainder of her dress, and tighten it down with a gentle grin.

So? Let’s go!
Trelawney smirked at the mention of his second niece. He had almost forgotten that Peony had more children. "Very well, you're my only intelligent niece" he smiled to show that he was joking a little, and he looked away when she was getting the offered pants on. He raised a brow "Really? She wants you to be a lady?" This shouldn't truly surprise him...but Peony had married his brother. "Well, I could give you a few tips, at least to keep her from nagging you too much." Though...Hosea could to. They had both been taught how to be gentlemen...Trelawney had just taken it more to heart than his brothers had. In any case, it wouldn't hurt to give his niece advise, especially if she was set on spending time with him. 

"Exploring?" He made a face at the very thought but knew that she was young and adventurous still. Giving a dramatic sigh, he moved towards the door "If we must." His tone was a bit whiny, but his expression portrayed that he didn't mind as much as it seemed. When was the last time he had just explored a bit? They might even find something useful while they were at it, and to him that made the trip worth it. ...well and seeing how happy the prospect made Daphne made a soft smile tug at his lips. Perhaps spending time with her wouldn't be so bad. 

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