[CONTEST] An Alternate Universe 2021

An Alternate Universe 2021

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Did you like last year's AU Contest? We hope so, because it's back! And with more prompts to help give you more freedom of possible prompts (and more variety and fun for readers to read!)

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What's happening now?

Tired of the post-apocalyptic world? Want to write about high school for some reason? A fantasy world, perhaps? Magic and dragons? Hogwarts? A coffee shop? Maybe your characters are human(oids) now or maybe they're still Luperci, but they're definitely still in an alternate universe? Probably? Well, you figure that out, and we'll reward some of those special, creative juices!
  • Start: 18th November 2020
  • End: 10th December 2020
    • NOTE: All thread submissions must meet qualifications and be turned in by 10 December by 11:59PM (EST). Thread submissions and posts made after this cutoff will not be counted.
  • The public voting polls will close on December 19th.
  • The contest winners will be announced on December 20th.

How to Participate

To qualify, threads need at least five (5) total posts before the deadline. You are permitted 1 partner with 1 thread with 1 contest entry. In other words, you should only have one chance at possibly winning!

Can't decide on a prompt? Too many choices? You can make use of Google's Random Number Generator (RNG) to help choose for you! Each image has a number assigned to it; if you are on PC, hover over the image; if you are on mobile, either click the image to see the url or hold on the image for the popup (your experience may vary based on phone OS).

  • Step One: Find a partner! Just one!!!

  • Step Two: Pick one AU Setting from the list below!
    • Fictional Universe: Refers to a fictional universe such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Warriors (cats), Pokemon, etc.
    • Established Universe: Explore an AU within 'Souls itself! Want guns? Established and populous kingdoms? Want to play your cat companion? Go for it!

  • Step Three: Pick (at least) one Motif from the list below!
    • This should play a pivotal role in the thread, or, at the very least, make an obvious appearance in some way!
    • You need not take these literally! Be creative! ;) Maybe your "monster" is actually a metaphor for something else!

  • Step Four: Pick (at least) one Theme from the list below!
    1. Hurt / Comfort
    2. Fluff
    3. Slice-of-Life
    4. Masquerade
    5. Secret / Fake Relationship
    6. Unrequited / One-sided Love
    7. Second Chance at Love
    8. Single Parent(s)
    9. A Dark and Stormy Night
    10. Death
    11. Redemption
    12. Betrayal
    13. Amnesia
    14. Soulmates
    15. Enemies/Friends-to-Lovers
    16. Memento
    17. There's Only One Bed
    18. Therapy
    19. Guardian and Ward/Charge or Mentor and Apprentice
    20. Arranged Marriage
    21. Bodyswap
    22. Role Reversal
    23. Telepathy / Mindlink
    24. Video Game
    25. Trapped

  • Step Five: Pick (at least) one Thread Prompt from the list below!
    1. I miss you
    2. It's too late
    3. I don't want to hurt you
    4. Trust me / I trusted you
    5. Who are you? / Don't you remember me?
    6. I don't hate you
    7. Let me go
    8. It's because of you
    9. Don't leave me
    10. Things take time
    11. See you again
    12. What have I done
    13. I told you
    14. Promise
    15. That was a long time ago
    16. I never forgot
    17. Maybe I can change your mind
    18. Challenge accepted
    19. I'm not proud
    20. This isn't what it looks like
    21. I have to
    22. Uhh...about that...
    23. -wink- / -sigh-
    24. You're killing me / This is going to get me killed / [ ... ] is going to kill me
    25. This is why we fight
    26. Did that just happen?
    27. We have/we had no other choice
    28. What was that?
    29. I don't believe you
    30. You're safe now
    31. You said you'd always be there
    32. I did this for you
    33. What's that smell?
    34. Why are you acting like this?
    35. Don't look away

  • Step Six: Start your thread in NON-CANON LASKY and mark it with [AU] in the thread title! Please include your chosen prompts from Steps 2-5 in the OOC section of the first post!
    • Note: You are more than welcome to have multiple AU threads for funsies, however, only ONE can be submitted as an entry to the contest. Be sure to choose your AU and prompt wisely, and be sure to mark your entry thread with the [AU] identifier!

  • Step Seven: Reply to this thread with your marked thread entry via the form provided below:
    [list][*][b]Thread Title:[/b]
    [*][b]Thread Link:[/b]
    [*][b]Prompts Used:[/b] All threads should use a prompt from each section! For example, your thread cannot [i]only[/i] be a Coffee Shop AU. It must be a Coffee Shop A with a thing from Step 3, a theme from Step 4, and a prompt from Step 5! So something like, "Coffee Shop AU, Key, Memento, I'm not proud.
    [*][b]Thread Summary:[/b] Pls write this like a fanfic description. ;)

Voting for Winners

At the end of the contest period, we will put each thread into a public poll to determine winners! The categories are thus:
  • Most Dramatic
  • Most Adorable
  • Most Hilarious
  • Most Immersive
  • Most Weird


All winners will receive a custom title and this ... spinning top icon! [Image: alternateuniverse2.png]

  • Thread Title: [AU][M] I feel like she's lying, I feel like I'm dying
  • Thread Link: https://soulsrpg.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=51846
  • Prompts Used:
    • Step 2: Established Universe AU
    • Step 3: Ring, Drink
    • Step 4: Betrayal/Role Reversal
    • Step 5: Trust me / I trusted you
  • Thread Summary: We all know how the story goes between these two. A union of necessity and for selfish desire. One where one gets what she wants while the other is compliant out of duty. However... what if we turn the clock back? What if the outcome was different? What if one had grown to be kinder now that she had what she wanted, and the gentle flower began to wilt?

Everybody likes to get taken for turns
To see how bright the fire inside of us burns
And everybody wants to get evil tonight

OPEN for threads
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  • Thread Title: [AU][M] Old Town Road
  • Thread Link: https://soulsrpg.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=51859
  • Prompts Used:
    • Step 2: Western AU
    • Step 3: Drink
    • Step 4: Secret/Fake relationship, Dark & Stormy Night
    • Step 5: Maybe I can change your mind, Don't look away
  • Thread Summary: The old town of Tumblewoof is like any other in the mid-west. Beat up and run down, it desperately needs a new lick of paint and maybe a good scrubbin'. The only place in town where you can get yourself something to wet your dry, dusty throat is The Black Beast, run by Mithra Noir, a man with a questionably mysterious past and a friendly face.

    Meanwhile, keep an eye on Sherriff Lucian, the big cheese who keeps lawlessness at bay in the small, off-the-trail town, upstanding and morally straight, he ain't a man to cross with your deviations into crime, and watch out or you'll be cooling your heels in the slammer before you can blink and slapped with a citation for disturbing the peace.
  • Thread Title: [AU][M] Burn Your Finger Playing With Fire
  • Thread Link: https://soulsrpg.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=51863
  • Prompts Used: Detective AU, Clock/Time & Rain, A Dark & Stormy Night and Death, What have I done?
  • Thread Summary: Azalea and Sólveig have just gotten a fresh start, moving from LA to San Diego after Azalea's cover as a vice detective is blown in a big drug bust. Relocated and given new identities, they try their best to move on and heal until the trial. What happens when their old enemies from LA follow them, though?
  • Thread Title: the nature of the beast
  • Thread Link: [m] Here
  • Prompts Used: Western AU / Rain / Betrayal / “Maybe I can change your mind”
  • Thread Summary: There's always a debt to settle. Nothing personal, it's just the nature of the beast.
  • Thread Title: [AU] chains made of mercury shine just like silver
  • Thread Link: https://soulsrpg.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=51920
  • Prompts Used: Fantasy AU | Music, Secret | Masquerade | -wink- / -sigh-
  • Thread Summary:
    When the God Queen of the Salsolan Empire hosts yet another of her grand banquets, whispers emerge of an individual looking to threaten her life by taking advantage of the large scale event. Master of Shadows Kamari — disguised as a lower-class noblewoman — works alongside the God Queen's half-brother, Lord Krios, in an attempt to find the hidden assassin before they can strike. Covertly sifting through the event's various guests is easy. Trying to not take advantage of the freedoms allowed by Kamari's cover, however, is not.
  • Thread Title: [M] [AU] from there we came outside and saw the stars
  • Thread Link:  https://soulsrpg.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=51921
  • Prompts Used: Police AU / Hurt & Comfort / Blood & Rain / "This is going to get me killed."
  • Thread Summary: "When an investigation leads to the attempted murder of investigative stalwart Saga D'Angelo, both she and her partner, Toraberā Tanaka, are forced to address the very real dangers of the career they've chosen. And decide whether it's worth their lives."
Congrats to all our AU winners this year!! Your icons have been awarded. Please claim your titles (for the winning character) via Maintenance by the end of the month!

Most Dramatic: [M] Burn Your Finger Playing With Fire feat. Azalea Eternity & Sólveig Dawnrunner
Most Adorable: Erase Me feat. Indis and Amon
Most Hilarious: [M] Old Town Road feat. Mithra Blacksun and Lucian Marino
Most Immersive: chains made of mercury shine just like silver feat. Krios Revlis and Kamari Kaiser
Most Weird: [M] I feel like she's lying, I feel like I'm dying feat. Eden de le Ulrich and Aani Aston-D'Noires

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