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Wow! 'Souls is TWENTY YEARS OLD now! This forum is older than some of its members, and is old enough to drive, go to war, and drink in Canada. Incredible!

[Image: Reginald_20.png]

Of course, it's all thanks to you crazy people who are here year after year, writing and crafting weird and wonderful stories about your weird and wonderful characters. Thank you for all of the great prose, excellent reads, juicy dramas, heart-wrenching romances, and mean, mean tragedies over the last two decades, and here's to many, many more!

Update The Wiki Week!

Yes, it's back! 20 of history is a lot of history! Participation is simple: make a substantial edit to any existing Wiki page, and you'll be entered in a raffle for a prize! The more pages you edit, the more raffle entries you'll have.

  • Ends: 26th November 2021
  • The raffle winners will be announced with our December newspost!
  • Event Icon [Image: savefile3.png]
  • Also Possible [Image: wikiking.png]
  • Raffle Prizes: Custom Title, Custom Icon, Custom Avatar...!

An Alternate Universe

Last year's AU Contest was a super fun time, so we've brought it back and made it better!

  • Ends: 10th December 2021
  • The contest winners will be announced on December 20th!
  • Event Icon [Image: alternateuniverse2.png]
  • Custom title

Birthday Raffle

The raffle returns with a super special shiny sticker! Ten (10) lucky 'Soulsters get win this commemorative gift! All you have to do to enter is make an IC post! (Unlucky or lurking 'Soulsters are more than welcome to purchase the sticker from the store!)

  • Raffle 1: 18-19 November
  • Raffle 2: 20 November
  • Raffle 3: 21 November
  • Raffle 4: 22 November
  • Raffle 5: 23-24 November

Character Census 2021

We're running another character census! It's always interesting to see where the numbers lie as far as how many wolves, coyotes, dogs, and hopelessly mottled mutts are on the board, not to mention the frequency of certain skills and specialties. Character trends shift and change more often than players, so maybe we'll start running this annually? It's good stuff for the Yearbook... (oh no, it's almost Yearbook time already?!?!?!)

All Played Characters and NPCs that lived in in-game territories in 2021 count! Thanks for your contributions to SCIENCE!

'Souls Crosswords!

Want a little extra trivia? We've crafted some crossword puzzles for you all! These puzzles are catered to specific packs/loner bands to help narrow down the pool of answers for you while also quizzing you on just how much you know about each pack or loner band! ;)

Once you have your puzzles filled out, send a screenshot of your filled out puzzles to the 'Souls Assemblage account with a PM Subject title of: 2021 Bday Crossword Puzzle Answers. The first player to turn in all five (5) puzzles completed with the correct answers will the cutest dang crossword icon there ever was. :O
  • [Image: crosswords.png]

'Souls Trivia of Forgetfulness and Doom

Feeling like a trip down memory lane after 20 years of this nonsense?

Here's the massive trivia quiz from our 15th birthday if you'd like to revisit it and see how much you (still) can't remember anything. ;) Keep in mind, though, that these questions and answers were written in 2016 though, so some answers, such as those to questions like "how many total packs have there been," are now out of date.

Congrats to Amanda, the first to complete the set of crosswords and PM us, and to Juni, the first to complete the set of crosswords and send a PM with the correct, designated title. ;) Both of you have been awarded the icon! Thanks to all who participated! We hope you had fun!

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