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It had been a long time since Atlas had last laid his eyes on Salsola. As a grin played on his lips, he lamented silently that his sister could not appreciate the feeling, though he supposed that her thoughts were occupied with the anticipation of taking those first few steps into the land that was her birthright. Discord, Maudlin too, were afforded little else. He knew, or at least he was confident of the fact, that his return would see him nestled once again at the chest of Salsola. His sisters would have to build themselves up from scratch. At least they were Greygriefs in name and standing, though thanks to his parents the name meant little once again. Still, if he could find himself a wife (or a husband frankly, the prestige mattered more) and if, between them, he and Julius could wrangle the girls and send them down a similar path, all would be well.

"I take it this is it then?" Discord asked, pulling up her black horse beside Atlas and his dapple.

"You don't seem very impressed?"

Discord rolled her shoulders, and his lips twisted into a faint grimace. "God forbid she says something docile like that to someone who matters..."

"In any case, remember your manners. You don't have the standing to excuse insult." From the corner of his eye, he could see a smirk creep onto his sister's lips and for an instant, he could read her thoughts as clearly as scrawl on parchment. "Neither do you." Idly, he wondered if Julius was making any decent headway with Maudlin. It'd been... longer than he could remember since he'd seen his other sister. She'd left the Outpost with Julius, though Atlas couldn't proclaim to know why she wanted to go, or why the Valentine had allowed her to tag along. Neither girl knew of their true relation to "uncle" Julius and, frankly, Atlas didn't get the sense that he like either of them any more than he liked Atlas himself.

Humming to himself in thought, the Greygrief let another moment pass before he called out to those beyond the border.

(000) | NPCs: Discord, (cNPC) Drum (dappled crossbred stallion), Fortress (black crossbred stallion)
at the borders
Hi Vida! So sorry to keep you waiting, it's been a mad time for me IRL. Atlas is obvi a shoe-in for acceptance so I'm going to have him titled up now, just so you don't have to hold out until this thread is fully completed to jump into things <3


The boy at the border was not a boy, anymore. He had grown into a rather handsome young man - all golden curling hair and proud broad shoulders as he sat comfortably astride his destrier. He had the look of his mother, and this was just as well. Beautiful Narcissa had made quite the reputation for herself during her time in Salsola Proper, before her husband's mysterious murder had tainted the deep well of their fledgling House. Misfortune was a poison.

The queen of Salsola was considering this - how cyclical the tides of fate, a son returned to make good on his family's ambitious claim to nobility - as she stepped out from between the laden pines. Early winter shadows curled between the roots and lapped at her heels. Elphaba wore a long no-color cloak that whispered as she approached the two riders. When one dark hand emerged from between the folds to raise, palm-up in an old greeting, each elegant finger dripped with rings of all shapes and colors. Their little rough gemstones winked at Atlas and the young woman who accompanied him invitingly.

The young woman's face was unfamiliar, and yet, familiar. This was often the way of Salsolan kin - the blood ran deep.

"Well, well," A low wind toyed with the long inky strands of Elphaba's hair. Her pale face was sharp and pointed as porcelain; her eyes glittered like rubies. "Have you come seeking your inheritence, Atlas Greygrief? It has been... Some time."

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