Let the Place Remember You Well
Mayta - Lucian

[Image: Chefmani.png]Now Wolfville had been his temporary home for a few days, the delightful space above the bar his bed, and the wonderful guests below as his company. Josie, the delight of the bar, had served him well, and never did Manitou feel out of place. People from near and far of the Cavalier and loner spread delighted him with their company, and he they, or so he hoped. Being a diplomat for Bete Noire wouldn't look so kindly on him if he didn't make an impression.

What impression that was, however, never did become clear to him.

Make some chow and show the Cavalier's a thing or two. Hanging out with the loners seemed to be a boon. All in all, Manitou might have the sinking notion that every day was quite the party, but he, himself, never did spend too much time on a frown.

Now was a rare moment, when he wasn't buried in his pot or up to his elbows in chopping meat or veggies. With a fresh, clean face, he meandered down the stairs, shaking them the entire way to the ground floor. A throaty chuckle echoed his passing, and out of the door he went. There, above them all in a sky now rarely blue, shone the sun. Arms reached up high with a stretch and a whine, and he soaked up every bit of warm that he could. There was no telling when the sun would be out again, and even though the chill in the air was strong, nothing felt so sweet as the morning sun.

After the stretch, came the wandering mind and the curious soul that Manitou became when he wasn't beneath the shelter of the Rest Stop. Paws took him away from the Five Shields and down the road with a meandering gait while curious golden eyes reaching up and around the recently reclaimed buildings of Wolfville. Wooden beads rattled in his locks with every step, announcing his presence quietly for him. He was in a world that needed no secret steps or hidden motives. He was in the land of the great Cavalier's, their kindness abound, and his heart whole with gratitude and wholesome delight.

Ever since Lucian returned from his trip to the Ganglands, he had been trying to prove himself and his commitment to the pack and his family. Which meant most mornings he'd head to the stables after his daily run, but today his run lead him to Wolfville to see how things were going since the trade hub opened. The cadet also had friends that had moved outside of the Fort and was curious how they were getting along and if they enjoyed the bustling town. 

It was an unusually bright sunny day for this time of year, and Lucian took the opportunity to soak up the sun's rays as they warmed his marbled pelt.  It was the best combination, a cool, brisk autumn breeze and heat of the sun, on his dense, double coated fur. The only thing that could make it better would be ice crystals crunching under his feet, but the snow would come soon enough.  Slowing the pace from his run and placing his hands on his hips as he panted, he looked out at Wolfville with a smile on his face.  It was good to see so many pack mates and visitors alike enjoying the town.

After catching his breath, Lucian started making his rounds and taking in all the sights, and also keeping a lookout for anyone that he might know or peak his interest. He also kept a look out for potential new places to call home, he had bounced from place to place since being home, unable to live back in the Wetu he shared with his brother and departed mother.  The emotions were still too raw, and found it difficult to be in the Wolfe-Denahlii camp, much less in the home he spent his puppy times in.  The wolfdog's thoughts were that eventually he would move out to Wolfeville, if he could find somewhere he felt at home within.

During his walk, there was a pause in his step and a tilt of his head.  It wasn't often that he came across a soul that was bigger than him, and seeing as they weren't a Cavalier, it piqued his interest. Walking over to the large visitor he smiled and gave a friendly wave.

"Good morning! My names Lucian, just wanted to see how you're liking Wolfville or if I could be of any assistance."

The Marino man knew that leadership had their hands full with the upcoming Feast and if he could assist by helping out and showing others around or answering questions, at least that would be something off of their plate. 
Kindness of His Mother, Fierceness of His Father
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[Image: Chefmani.png]As Manitou meandered amid the many buildings of miraculous masonry and manufacture, a man of mighty presence made a motion to him. The younger male was met with a grin and a wave in return, then the Bete Noire wolfdog made a point to respond in kind, “Dhank yuh, Lucian,” A hand planted on the top of his stomach, while Manitou considered exactly what it was that he might need from the lad that was very clearly a Cavalier among his own home.

“Dis place bashy, ahn?” He complimented first, before nodding his head, the rattle of wooden beads behind him, “Manitou King muh name. Yuh broughtupsy gud, ain' yuh?” A chuckle passed through his heavy lips, his chest shaking and his belly rolling with laughter, “I ain' eva been tuh hey. Wan' tuh cool-out fuh da dey, but I ain' know muh way 'round hey. Wan show ol' Manitou de place?”

It was safe to say, with his first few days in Wolfville that his wandering had gotten him a sight of the place, but not a knowing of it. Some buildings looked far more regal, more important than others, and surely the Avalon had some history to it too. Even the Five Shields seemed to have it's own mighty scene in the newly refurbished town, not to mention, Wolfville itself had quite the look to it. From what he'd heard, it was a new thing, something about it being the Charmingtown of the Cavaliers, but less shady a place. Manitou had thought the Ashen's place was plenty fine, but of course, there was little in his pockets worth stealing, and a thief would be hard pressed to carry his pot and not get caught red handed.

The first place that Manitou spied was the Courthouse that loomed with tall pillars of white against brick walls, and a broad spread hand cut through the air and gestured with an open palm at the place, “Wuh dhat dey? Someting fanceh, anh?” Planting his hands on his hips, he turned to look at the place fully, while awaiting his newly appointed guide to aide him in the discovery of this place. A tour sure beat working, that was for sure.


Lucian had a giant smile that graced his muzzle as he crossed his arms across his chest and nodded, glad that that gentleman returned his greeting in kind.  Though he didn't let it show, he was taken aback by the other's accent and dialect and it took him a moment to register what the large man was saying.

"It is a pretty busy place, seems to get busier everyday."

The marbled man chuckled to himself, while it had taken the trade hub a while to take off at first, the Cavaliers hard work had paid off and while the Marino was on his grand adventure it seemed to blossom into a well established network for trade and somewhere to grab a drink and a bite to eat or even shelter for a cold night. Lucian held out his hand to shake Manitou's hand,

"Well Manitou, it is a pleasure to meet you, welcome to Wolfville and Casa di Cavalieri.  I hope you enjoy your time here, but in the mean time let me show you around."

Azure and marigold hues looked towards the Courthouse that the dark furred wolfdog motioned to,

"Ah, that large building is the Jazper Rhiannon-Knight Courthouse, named after one of the founding members of Casa di Cavalieri and my great, great grandfather."

Lucian beamed with pride that he was related to one of the founding member of the pack he called home and may have stood up a littler straighter and taller as he spoke of his family. A large ivory paw waved for Manitou to follow him towards the courthouse for a closer look. Now standing in front of the tall columned building he paused for a moment taking it in before opening the door for the other to enter.  Once inside he stopped and looked around at the small office and rooms on either side of the large open room with cathedral ceilings and two grand spiral staircases in the back.

"Here you will find offices and residential rooms on either side as well as upstairs. Most of the courthouse business is taken care of in the main Fort, but there is plenty of room here if we need it. A few of the younger members of the pack have opted to reside here, it's cozy but nice."

Standing in silence for a moment he let the other wolfdog take in the building, there were elegant carvings that held history of the past.

"I'd be happy to show you anywhere else in Wolfville or even outside of it is you're up for a little bit of a hike?"

The marbled Marino man didn't know everything about this place or the Fort, but he'd be happy to show the visitor around and answer questions he might have, of course if he didn't know he could always find the answers for Manitou by asking his brother, the Lune, or Gramma Jace. 
Kindness of His Mother, Fierceness of His Father
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[Image: Chefmani.png]Manitou's thick head nodded with a rattle of wooden beads and with a slight dip as he shook the other's hands, those lochs that framed his features poured over him and rested against his chest. When he'd come to stand, it was as if the matted plaits had been purposely laid there with care, “Yuh, dhem busylickum common down dey bottam,” A jovial sound of mirth was the response to Lucian's comment about Wolfville and it's rising numbers and growing residencies. Manitou had only just visited, of course, but it seemed that a lot more was happening here, than in Bete Noire. Maybe they knew something that the Noire folk didn't? Surely, the answer would come to Manitou in time. Until then, Manitou's eyes lit up at the offer of a tour.

Lucian certainly did not disappoint. Not only it's name, but a bite of it's history came with the building's moniker. A past like that was certainly nothing to sneeze at, after all, Bete Noire's own buildings were reclaimed from an abandonment long ago. Casa di Cavalieri did not seem to have such  trouble as the last pack that settled the hill homes.

“Cheese own bread!” The Bajan's comment came when it was divulged that it was Lucian's own great-great grandfather that the building had been named after. And further on, the Cavalier went on explaining exactly what was within the Jazper Rhiannon-Knight Courthouse, and offered the insight that this wasn't their only courthouse on the property. Manitou's pale hands rested on his hips as he took in the granduer of it all, head rising high to catch the magnificent roof that held so much within. Nearly aw-struck, his maw started to hang open, wondering if the Rest Stop might ever make such an impression on the souls that passed through it.

Yet, Lucian seemed to have more in store for him.

Manitou's hands rose up and one of them landed in a gesture down the road. The Five Shields was the location he was staying in, and it's history was absent on him, “Weh deh Five Shields stop. Yuh know it histary?” He inquired while taking stride in the direction he'd been pointing in but a moment ago, “Ol' Manitou do like dat place,” His grin was wide on his broad muzzle, jowls pulled up in delight that he had his own tour guide, with a history lesson no less.


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