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Mayta - Zasha
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[Image: Zetsunewref.png]The ruined buildings of the barren Halifax loomed as the jingle of Zetsubou's tekko rattled at his side. With him was a companion that he was both delighted and wary to have accompany him, his daughter, Zasha. While he worried about what might happen, he was also thrilled that she was so hungry to get out and willing to learn, and he wouldn't let his concerns dampen their adventure today, "Well, there she is," He spoke as his eyes trailed up the buildings, only to fall back down to the shadows that cast from the afternoon sun, "Halifax, in all her glory."

Paws continued in his gait, but his hand came to his side and dampened the sound ringing from the iron tekko, "It's best to be quiet while scavenging," He offered her some tips that had done him a great deal of good, as well as some things after that were for safety, "We should never leave each other's sight, so that if something happens, we're together. And never carry so much as to over encumber you on the journey back," With that, he patted the duffle that he always carried with him on his journeys out of the packlands, "There is much more to learn, but that comes with time. With that... I think I'll let you lead us, today."

A smile colored his silvery maw with pride, knowing full well that she was more than capable of finding something with use and purpose, and unable to wait to see what it was she could get her hands on, "What do you think? Where should we go first?" The question came to her in a hush as they neared one of the many streets that crawled into the center of the ruined town "Deep into the ruins, or should we remain on the outskirts?"

It was when a breeze billowed through Zetsubou's cloak that he adjusted the pack on his shoulder, hiking it up further for comfort and so it wouldn't slip, "I'll follow wherever you go, but don't stray too far ahead," Between giving her wings to fly and wanting to ground her, he stood in a special place, where he'd get to see her in action despite his worries. The neutral zones were fierce, and with her eyes searching, he could better protect her out here.

The morning passed by fairly quickly on the way to Halifax for some scavenging, and Zasha's brain was on overdrive taking in all the sights and smells on the way, almost vibrating with excitement.  Dead leaves covered the sides of the trail leading to the destination and most of the tree branches were bare from the blustery winds of autumn.  Before long the grounds would be covered with ice and snow which would make the trip to the ruins more challenging. She was glad that she was making the trip with her dad now so she could take it all in without a thick blanket covering important landmarks and pathways.

Zasha stopped in her tracks and her eyes grew wide, she had never seen such a grand place and she could only imagine what it might have looked like before the crumble of humankind. The young Hushhowl was about to be a chatterbox, vomiting words in rapid succession to her father until he reminded her it was best to be quiet.  Simply she nodded as he gave instructions, putting her serious face on so Zetsubou knew she was focused and listening.  Letting out a small squeal of excitement when he told her to lead the way, two hands flew up to cover her mouth thinking she was too loud.

"Sorry, I got excited. But we are so diving into the belly of the beast first, there has to be all kinds of amazing things down there."

Silently she clapped enthusiastically before she turned and headed for the ruins, keeping her eyes peeled for any item that might hold value to them, but also any sign of trouble that way await them.  Making sure her daddy was still with her, she carefully slipped inside watching her step and ducking at certain places so she wouldn't hit her head.  Suddenly she was jealous of Alyonna's small size and the crevices that she would be able to fit in down below the ruins.

After getting a ways in, where the light was dim, something in glimmered in a small crack, Zasha just happened to notice it at the right time.  Looking over her shoulders, her blue hues met mismatched orbs and she smiled pointing to the treasure, whatever it may be. Squatting down, she carefully brushed away the dirt revealing something metal and round attached to a chain, picking it up and swung back a forth, twirling in the little light that there was.  Standing up, the young dark furred wolf hybrid handed over the item to her daddy,

"What is it?"

She asked, her eyes full of curiosity.

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[Image: Zetsunewref.png]The enamor that pooled in her bright eyes inspired him. Even as she grew stoic with Zetsubou's warning, despite her squeal of joy, he couldn't help but smile. His little girl was growing up to be a stunning young woman, fit and intelligent, seeking answers and adventure wherever she went. Her father couldn't help but believe that he would have been just as bold if he'd been given the chance.

A chuckle couldn't be contained as she apologized, and the nod of his head followed after her decision. To the heart of the town it was. Paws took up gait walking behind his daughter, able to see well over her head for anything that looked suspicious. It didn't take long for the tall ruins to turn into rubble barred streets, and Zetsubou's motions became more deliberate, more wary. Ears were like that of a doe's atop his head, seeking out any treasure hunter that might approach them, any stone that might crumble or any loner that was itching to take a piece out of a Cavalier.

Bent at the waist to fit through the small space after Zasha's trail, he managed to make his way through. It was to his benefit that he maintained his flexibility as well as his combat prowess. Eyes of pastel pyrite hue took note of the beckoning gesture he was given, and steadily he made his way to her side. There, she crouched to the ground to gather something up. His own sights peeked over her shoulder, curious to what it was, until she stood and offered the thing to him.

Holding the chain in his hand, he let the trinket fall into the palm of his hand, “Watch my rear,” He advised as he poked at the thing for a minute. Two leaves of metal seemed to protect the strange inner workings within, and a bit of fiddling with it had the item click closed. Turning it around in his hand, he fiddled with the detailed nub on the top of the contraption. Fidgeting with it, just right, had the leaves pop open again, “It's worth it for the metal,” His words were like a whisper, “But, it's your first find.”

Clamping it closed with a click, he returned it to Zasha, planting it firmly in her palm. Though his eyes roved from her, a watchful gaze returning to the world around them, he finished, “It's your first find. You should keep it,” The corner of his maw turned up as his gaze met her for a moment, then slipped away again, “Something to inspire you.”

The young Hushhowl had no idea what she had found, but she knew it was from long ago, back when the humans roamed the planet and that thrilled her greatly. Brilliant blue hues watched as her dad fiddled with it, but she also noticed how his mismatched orbs never stayed in one place for long and always kept a lookout. So while it was hard for her to pry her own eyes from the contraption,  she did so, for they were no lo ger safely tucked within the boarders of Casa di Cavalieri, but rather out where they could easily be ambushed. 

After her daddy tinkered with it, the trinket popped open revealing gears and what looked like little broken hands. Zasha's eyes got wide, she was fascinated. Taking the thing back in her hand, she nodded as her thumb caressed the now closed thingamabob.

"I think you're right."

She paused and looked around , before placing it in a hidden pocket sewed into her pants.

"Lets keep going."

Her voice was low, only audible to her dad before her. Again her eyes roamed, looking for more treasures they might find, but also for unwelcome company. This wasn't just an adventure with Zetsubou, but a learning experience as well. Zasha stayed low, careful of the steps she made, making sure she didn't make any commotion to draw attention to the duo.

While the reticent was tall, she was also skinny which allowed her to get in spaces that her dad couldn't, so while he followed along she tucked behind rubble getting into tight spaces that some may become claustrophobic about. Finally her foot hit something hard once again that made a clunk againt fallen concrete. Tilting her head in curiosity she checked her surroundings before pulling the item up with her hand.

When she finally looked it was a giant metal wire that wound around and around again. Zasha could pull it apart and back together again, she could move it like a snake might move.

"So strange..."

She whispered before handing it over once again to her dad before checking the perimeter around them.

"Not sure what it is, but its metal, so we should keep it?"

Maybe it was just beginner's luck, maybe it was some sort of gods smiling fown on the, but regardless, she was having a lot of fun finding multiple things. Plus Zasha would always and forever be a daddy's girl, she was from the time she was first born and it hadn't changed through four seasons of life. So being able to spend this time together, hust the two of them would ve something that she would treasure and never take for granted.

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[Image: Zetsunewref.png]It seemed that his advice didn't need much persuading as Zasha tucked the item out of sight.

As she continued to dictate the venture, Zetsubou carried on after her. As his own sights filtered through the ruins, he couldn't help but pick up on how his daughter carried herself. Warily, she watched the world around them. Carefully, she stepped through his place quietly. There was a moment of pride in Zetsubou's heart, to see his daughter working through this place as if she were fully grown. If anything, he had faith in her to make the right choices with something so dangerous as scavenging.

With each dive that his daughter made into the rubble, Zetsubou's bicolored eyes reached out and away from her. It seemed the world was sleepy, today. Something that the man was grateful for, but that didn't mean that he could drop his guard.

At the sound of something odd, Zetsu's sights darted over to where his daughter had fished something new from the rubble.

Zasha offered the thing to him, to which his brows wrinkled as soon as his hand touched the thing. With his digits grabbing only one end of it, it stretched down and it's end reached the ground. It was a springy thing that wiggled with each motion. Lowering himself to kneel, he plucked the bottom of it from the earth and pressed the thing together, “I can't say I know, either,” Sights reached up to her before he rose to his feet, “But metal is metal. It's a keeper.”

With that, he gathered the strange thing up in one hand, unable to guess what it's original intention had been for. His other hand reached around his back and pulled at the duffle so that he could pack it away. Once it was out of sight, he pulled the draw and the mouth of the duffle closed tight.

Once again, her father's eyes reached above her, around her, behind her, and he turned to keep a watchful eye on his own back, “You're good luck,” He smiled and sights slipped to her for a beat, before turning back to the world around them. He'd forgotten how fun scavenging really was, and more importantly, how having good company made it all worth the work.

Inspired by all the vim of his daughter, he put a hand out and offered for her to go one ahead. Their next discovery awaited!

“The kinds of things that I usually found were metal bars that protruded from walls, old rusted railings and stuff like that,” He offered up a bit of his experience to her, while his eyes sought out both treasure in the rough and signs of life other than them, “Like this,” With a gesture of his jaw, he drew her attention to a crumbled wall. Moving nearer to it, he put his hand on the metal that jutted from the damaged building, “I found this stuff everywhere,” He huffed, amused, and wrapped his hand around it.

A couple tugs did little more than shake the dust from it, and he pulled the duffle off of his back and let it to the ground, “Help me out, will ya?” He asked, giving one last glimpse into Halifax's streets before gathering his hands on the rebar with room for Zasha to get a grip. When she was ready, they'd pull together and get it free.


Every once in a while her brilliant blue hues would catch a glimpse of her dad when he looked elsewhere, forever and always her protector, his mismatched gaze never lingering long in one place. It was a good lesson for her to learn, they were no longer in the safety of their pack borders, but out in the open and exposed to danger.  Calling her father over, she handed him the spiraled piece of metal, it made her feel better that he was also unsure of what it was, and she nodded in agreement that it was metal and a keeper, it could always be melted down and used for a more useful items. 

Moving on, she stood and watched the world around her for a moment, her large ears and nose twitched, looking for any sound or smell that didn't belong.  Content that no ill will was around her, focus floated back to her dad.  She couldn't help but smile and give a few wags of the tail,

"Well I'll always be your lucky charm, any time you want to go out and scavenge, I'd be happy to come with you. I love our daddy and daughter time together and I wouldn't change it for the world."

It was true, she loved her mom dearly, but there was something about being a daddy's girl forever and always that was truly special.

With the man's discretion they continued on exploring, chatting briefly as they went, and always keeping an eye and ear out for other luperci or dangers.  Soon though, her dad indicated at a steel bar protruding from a crumbled wall and asked for assistance,

"Sure thing dad."

She reached over and placed her delicate hands between his and steadying her stance in a way that would give her leverage to pull, she nodded that she was ready and they pulled together.  After a few strong tugs, the rebar pulled free and the cement wall crumbled around the hole to fill in the vacant space. 

"Team work is the dream work, huh dad?"

Letting go she began to laugh softly, she didn't want to be so loud to draw attention to them, safety was still key and she didn't want to risk ruining such a perfect day from one small mistake. 

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