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[Image: Zetsunewref.png]The ruined buildings of the barren Halifax loomed as the jingle of Zetsubou's tekko rattled at his side. With him was a companion that he was both delighted and wary to have accompany him, his daughter, Zasha. While he worried about what might happen, he was also thrilled that she was so hungry to get out and willing to learn, and he wouldn't let his concerns dampen their adventure today, "Well, there she is," He spoke as his eyes trailed up the buildings, only to fall back down to the shadows that cast from the afternoon sun, "Halifax, in all her glory."

Paws continued in his gait, but his hand came to his side and dampened the sound ringing from the iron tekko, "It's best to be quiet while scavenging," He offered her some tips that had done him a great deal of good, as well as some things after that were for safety, "We should never leave each other's sight, so that if something happens, we're together. And never carry so much as to over encumber you on the journey back," With that, he patted the duffle that he always carried with him on his journeys out of the packlands, "There is much more to learn, but that comes with time. With that... I think I'll let you lead us, today."

A smile colored his silvery maw with pride, knowing full well that she was more than capable of finding something with use and purpose, and unable to wait to see what it was she could get her hands on, "What do you think? Where should we go first?" The question came to her in a hush as they neared one of the many streets that crawled into the center of the ruined town "Deep into the ruins, or should we remain on the outskirts?"

It was when a breeze billowed through Zetsubou's cloak that he adjusted the pack on his shoulder, hiking it up further for comfort and so it wouldn't slip, "I'll follow wherever you go, but don't stray too far ahead," Between giving her wings to fly and wanting to ground her, he stood in a special place, where he'd get to see her in action despite his worries. The neutral zones were fierce, and with her eyes searching, he could better protect her out here.

The morning passed by fairly quickly on the way to Halifax for some scavenging, and Zasha's brain was on overdrive taking in all the sights and smells on the way, almost vibrating with excitement.  Dead leaves covered the sides of the trail leading to the destination and most of the tree branches were bare from the blustery winds of autumn.  Before long the grounds would be covered with ice and snow which would make the trip to the ruins more challenging. She was glad that she was making the trip with her dad now so she could take it all in without a thick blanket covering important landmarks and pathways.

Zasha stopped in her tracks and her eyes grew wide, she had never seen such a grand place and she could only imagine what it might have looked like before the crumble of humankind. The young Hushhowl was about to be a chatterbox, vomiting words in rapid succession to her father until he reminded her it was best to be quiet.  Simply she nodded as he gave instructions, putting her serious face on so Zetsubou knew she was focused and listening.  Letting out a small squeal of excitement when he told her to lead the way, two hands flew up to cover her mouth thinking she was too loud.

"Sorry, I got excited. But we are so diving into the belly of the beast first, there has to be all kinds of amazing things down there."

Silently she clapped enthusiastically before she turned and headed for the ruins, keeping her eyes peeled for any item that might hold value to them, but also any sign of trouble that way await them.  Making sure her daddy was still with her, she carefully slipped inside watching her step and ducking at certain places so she wouldn't hit her head.  Suddenly she was jealous of Alyonna's small size and the crevices that she would be able to fit in down below the ruins.

After getting a ways in, where the light was dim, something in glimmered in a small crack, Zasha just happened to notice it at the right time.  Looking over her shoulders, her blue hues met mismatched orbs and she smiled pointing to the treasure, whatever it may be. Squatting down, she carefully brushed away the dirt revealing something metal and round attached to a chain, picking it up and swung back a forth, twirling in the little light that there was.  Standing up, the young dark furred wolf hybrid handed over the item to her daddy,

"What is it?"

She asked, her eyes full of curiosity.

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