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”He’s a nice boy. I don’t know why you’re being so –“

”I didn’t ask for a this – I’m perfectly fine on my own.”

”Tch. Your Father is so focused on work, and I on my studies… I just want you to be happy.” Vodeva would smile in that stiff way of hers while Indis died inside, ”You never go out with your friends.”

She hadn’t bothered to explain that she had left them all behind. In the wake of the accident there had been too many lingering glances, the sort of weighty looks that puddled pitifully against every surface.

Somehow she had allowed herself to be convinced, even after all that. This was a new town: a new start as Vodeva so aptly reminded her. Daily. It was as if her Mother was forcing her own ideals upon her; wishes that had never been quite conquered in a marriage that was built on duty.

Father had been at work when she’d left. She had seen Vodeva peering hawkishly from an upper window before disappearing behind a trembling curtain.

Indis sat on a bench across from the café, her knee bouncing nervously as she waited.

She checked her phone again. For the fifteenth time. The screen flashed white, igniting the messy coil of her braid in harsh lines before she flicked it off.

Bounce. Bounce. Bounce.

She had dressed simply despite Vodevas admonishments. Jeans and a t-shirt, a cropped jacket with glints of silver around the collar. Her chunky combat boots felt heavy; anchors to keep her grounded despite wanting nothing else but to float away.

Indis toyed with an earring, sighing as she forced her knee to settle.

She checked a sixteenth time.

It was 5PM. Fuck.

Why had she agreed to this?

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"You'd better hurry," she said, shuffling papers from her desk as she packed her things, "or else you'll be late."

Fennore really had no need for a bodyguard nowadays. The new office was in a good part of town, nice and secure; making Amon all but obsolete, he thought. Still, she insisted that he was necessary for her success, and so they kept him on the payroll. She assured him many times over that it wasn't just a personal favor, that it wasn't just because they'd been through thick and thin as it was.

He didn't complain, much. Aside from being bored most of the day and accompanying her on drab business trips, it wasn't half bad. And the pay was good, so he really didn't complain then.

Still, this was a bit more than he had bargained for. Amon had never once in his natural life asked his boss to set up blind dates for him. That was entirely on Fennore, for reasons he entirely did not understand.

The red-haired woman glanced over her shoulder as she shouldered her bag, and she gave a little scoff.

"Amon," she called his name, and he blinked at her soundlessly. Fennore pursed her lips, arms firmly crossing over her chest.

"Oh, don't look at me like that. And don't keep her waiting."

"This is stupid and you know it."

She rolled her eyes, hard.

"I know that you need to market yourself a little better," she remarked. "Your social life is drier than the Sahara. I'm helping you, you just can't see it yet."

She'd say anything to justify herself.


After escorting her from the office, Amon supposed he had no choice but to head to the café, lest he wanted to risk never hearing the end of it from Fennore. Besides, even if he hadn't wanted to go in the first place — Amon felt almost compelled to, against his will, now that he knew that someone was waiting on him.

Someone he didn't even know, nor was he sure he wanted to know them. Where had Fen even found this girl, anyways?

He arrived just a little after 5, shedding his coat and tucking it under his shoulder as he stood beneath the awning. He had rolled up the sleeves of his button-up and ran a hand haphazardly through his dark bangs, the rest of his hair pulled back into a low bun.

Passersby gave him odd looks as they navigated around him, raising their eyebrows and gaping as if they'd never seen a tall person in their life — and Amon remembered precisely the reason he didn't go out much anymore.

Why had he agreed to this?

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The waiting was horrible. Indis struggled to sit still, clicking the button on her phone.

Off. On. Off. On.

The swirled background was a blanket of stars, the screen cracked from where she had dropped it once. Her nail clicked across the crack, a nervous motion that forced a sound out into the open that mimicked the ticking of a clock.

She hadn’t made a plan if he didn’t show.

She stood and shouldered her purse, the leather bag bouncing against her hip as she cautiously made her way towards the door. From the outside the café looked warm and inviting, the golden light spilling out the windows to pool on the concrete sidewalk. Lamp posts had been decorated for the season – was it Christmas already?

Indis couldn’t help the subtle scowl that leapt to her features as she waited for a car to pass and then jogged across the street.

Couples passed, the occasional too-focused student. Indis rocked on her heels, her hands stuffed into her pockets as she watched them all go.

Oh god look at this guy-

A smarmy looking man slid by, his expression lit up by a smile meant to attract attention.

Hard pass.

Indis turned as he walked by, gazing through the open window to see if she could spot her date. The inside of the café was mostly empty, the occasional table covered with the remnants of a previous diner. There were lipstick stained mugs and crumpled napkins, a hint of silverware that told the story of a cosy meal.

She sighed, rubbing her hands together to stave off the cold.

That’s when she saw him. It was a reflection at first, the sort of half-shadow that gathered against the glass as the evening crept along. She could see the glint of glasses and the outline of a man-bun. She took a deep breath and turned, awkwardly checking her phone before taking a deep breath and stepping towards him.

She tugged the end of her braid, her other hand going to the strap of her bag.

"Uh. Hi.'" She tried to smile, oh god this was the worst.

"Are you-" She pointed, then remembered pointing was rude. She gestured at herself.


She blanked. What the fuck was her name?

"I'm nervous."

Oh god, was that... was that the sound of her laughing? Pull it together. Take a deep breath.

"Oh, I mean, that's... not.... I mean, nervous isn't my name."

.... duh.

Blindly she held out her hand for him to shake, "Indis. I'm Indis. I think you're my date?"

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Amon was hardly the sort to obsessively check his phone, not like Fennore, but he did find himself idly glancing down for the time as the minutes ticked by. He had absolutely no idea what she was supposed to look like — that was the "thrill" and "fun" of a blind date, she'd said — but he couldn't help to think that this was all a colossal waste of time.

... Then again, when he considered what else he would've done with his afternoon, the alternatives weren't much better. He was impressively boring aside from a so-called high-risk job; it was kind of hard to believe, really.

A small voice called out to him, pulled him from his thoughts, and his eyebrows were still cinched together in a bit of frustration when he turned to face her.

Her braid caught his attention first, the plaits so plain and humble compared to the elaborate up-dos Fennore insisted to wear day in and day out.

He rather... liked it, the simplicity. It suited her.

Wait, what?

He blinked once, realizing she was still talking.

"I — "

"I'm nervous."

Amon stared. She laughed and held out her hand.

This was so, so far from the straight-laced confidence he was used to, dealing with his boss. It was refreshing, in a way.

His large hand no doubt dwarfed hers in size, and he refrained from giving a shake that would rip her arm off.

Her hand was soft.


Be nice, he could hear her voice in his head, harping at him as usual. Be a gentleman.

"I think so."

He glanced over at a table, then to her again.

"We could sit."

Indis was so nervous that it almost made him feel a little bad. The hardness of his face loosened.

"So how'd you get roped into this?"

It wasn't said with malice, but genuine curiosity. He waited for her to sit before sliding into the booth across the table, ignoring the way his knees bumped against the leg grounding it into place. Why tables had to be melded into the ground was beyond him; he looked laughably too small for the booth.

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