[m] a tender secret, the smoke's flimsy beauty
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It was a hard adjustment, for sure. The children made it almost unbearable, though she supposed they were doing a fine enough job with the move, considering the circumstances. Still, moving from a yurt all their own on beautiful rolling hills of gold, with all their belongings in order, to a room in a large building with many others. Still, now that the pups were adults, at least they could room together. Not that this was something that she wanted. If she’d had her way, she’d build them a new yurt and the three of them would have lived in peace and comfort together there.

Still. . . they weren’t far from her. Just down the hall. And they knew to check in with her regularly. And it wasn’t as if the small room she claimed could fit the three of them anyway. Which meant there was no point whining about it.

Leaving her belongings in their rightful places once more—having just checked to ensure that they were all still there—Azade swept out of the room and down the hallway. Having to be around so many canines made her irritable, a perpetual frown painting her face as she tried to navigate out of the building. When freedom came at last with the courthouse doors opening to bathe her in light for the first time that day, she sighed in relief, tension slowly leaving her body.

Catching a whiff of a familiar scent, her gaze sharpened in a sudden and inexplicable interest. Flaring her nostrils, she breathed in deeply, scenting the air, then began to track the smell. It had been a terribly long time, after all, especially coming from a woman who was used to smoking many times a week if not every day. Of course, without Fernando to smoke with, the action had lost its appeal for some time. Just catching a hint of the skunky scent made her chest clench slightly in grief. That being said, she was relieved to know that somebody in this pack had some good sense. It had been disheartening to hear all of those rules that they’d told her, and truthfully she’d stopped listening past don’t hurt anyone unless it’s in self-defense and no drinking outside of the bar.

Stopping when her gaze alighted upon a young woman smoking a rolled joint, Azade smiled and bowed her head slightly in greeting. ”Hello. Do you, um, mind if I join you?” She asked, accent thick and words halting, before producing from her waist-pouch her pipe. ”My name is Azade.”
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There were few sure things in life. Casa had seemed an impenetrable fortress up until this point; but in the wake of the feast, Viridian wasn't so certain anymore. She was blessedly ignorant of the pack's past and the nightmare they had dealt with the year prior, when she was still living it up over in the Realm — and it was something she chose to ignore, if only so they could keep moving forward.

No sense dwelling on the past. This was a mantra she told herself many times.

Still, the aura in Casa had her a little on edge, especially following her successful poisoning attempt. But hey, throwing up every five minutes was (marginally) better than being dead, she reckoned. The worst of the stomach troubles had passed her by now, but the little joint, her one and only, did help with the residual nausea.

Her other one and only seemed to just make the pains worse, to little surprise. Viridian thought it best to swap booze for smokes for a little while, just to tide her over.

She was far from the Courthouse, lest anyone thought it was a good idea to snitch on her. Perhaps not far enough, though, when another decided to approach her, and Viri raised an eyebrow when the unfamiliar woman drew close.

Tendrils of smoke curled around her muzzle as she took another hit.

"Sure," she answered, before really meaning to. Truthfully she heard the words with her own ears before she felt them come from her mouth, but the weed made her a little more sociable, a little less cautious in the midst of all the bullshit going on.

"Are you new? I've never seen you before." Viri turned her head this way and that, getting a good look at the dog, before offering a little grin.

"I'm Viridian. First Officer, if you care about ranks or whatever."

She hadn't, herself, until she wound up getting a good, respectable one.


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Azade was pulling her kit out before the stranger had even replied, but she send her a smile in thanks when she received confirmation that she was even welcome. Personally she felt the more the merrier (except for some, which could be left uninvited) so she couldn’t comprehend why anyone would rather smoke alone, but to each their own. Setting her pipe down, she began to pinch apart the bud carefully into the smallest pieces she could.

”Yes. . . yes I am new. I was at Del Cenere Gang for a long time, but. . . things happen, I come here.” Azalea shrugged at this incredibly oversimplified summary of her history, frowning slightly, and began to pack the bowl of her pipe. ”Azade Feriqi, I am Recruit.”

The truth was that she did care about ranks. Azade cared quite a lot about ranks. Though she was only a recruit now, she liked to think that she had the stature of someone who had lead in the past—both here and on the far side of the world. Perhaps it was true that she was new here, and perhaps it was true that she did not really speak their language, but she would reach old heights once more in this new pack.

She lit her pipe in the torch, breathing in steadily for her standard ten seconds before holding in the smoke for a few more, before finally letting the pale cloud billow free from her lungs. Clearing her throat as she began to feel her throat spasm, she smiled instinctively, holding in the cough. ”It is great to meet you. I have not met so many that like smoking. Where I am from, we are all smoking, all the time. My husband and I, we smoke with our meals. It is not so here.”
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She felt her eyebrows quirk.

"Del Cenere Gang? Huh," she twiddled the joint between her fingers thoughtfully. "Seemed like a pretty chill place when I visited. I was there for the Stockshow a little while back."

Still, that didn't mean they were impervious to strife. It seemed inevitable, even, given that the Gang was more lax with their borders and welcoming to outsiders; it just seemed like inviting in chaos, if left unchecked.

But what did she know?

Viridian watched, almost in a trance, as Azade took a long drag of her pipe, and she gave a little nod at the Recruit's words.

"Yeah, I kinda felt the same way coming here," she had to laugh. "They're, um — what's the word? It's a 'dry' pack, I guess, if you know what I mean, but... y'know, they're cool about it if you do your business somewhere else."

She waved a hand in the air as if to indicate this was just the sort of place.

"With your meals, though? Holy shit, I think I'd cough up a lung if I did that. Every meal?"

Azade was kind of badass, she decided immediately, though she knew precisely nothing about the doggish woman besides the fact she had a cool pipe and was definitely some sort of foreign.

"Did your husband join Casa, too?"


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