2021 Superlative Suggestions

Yearbook Superlative Suggestions!

What crowns shall we use to crown winners?

Got an idea for a Superlative? Post away! Examples of superlatives include: "most likely to succeed" or "worst shoulder to cry on." In the past, we've had such gems as "most likely to be reincarnated as a cat" and "most likely to get beaten up," so go wild! Superlatives are not restricted to just one character; couples or pairs are great, too! "Best friends for life" or "unhealthiest couple" are such examples.

We generally aim for 20ish superlatives annually, so we'd love to hear all of your ideas! You can view all of our past yearbooks here.

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  • December 1: Superlative suggestions begin
  • December 14: Superlative suggestions close
  • December 16: Superlative nominations begin
  • December 25: Superlative nominations end; voting for superlatives commences
  • January 1: Yearbook posted! Go crazy!

taking some influence from past YBs Regviking

  • Most yearning couple
  • Most likely to interrupt a tense moment
  • Sassiest character
  • Least dependable friend
  • Top anime betrayal (couple or thread)
  • Most likely to run at the first sign of danger
  • This one is not like the others
  • Most likely to march through the misty moors to their one true love
  • Most "Oh honey no" moments (Thread)
  • Most likely to ruin their parents' credit
  • Funniest thread
  • Most likely to bring a gun to a knife fight
  • Most unique-looking character
  • Most unique backstory
  • Most unique name
  • Character most likely to make you addicted to reading their threads
  • Most likely to lead a pack someday
  • Most painful thread to read
  • Most exciting thread to read
  • Favorite pack-wide plot
  • Favorite non-pack-wide plot
  • Silliest character
  • Saddest character
  • Most frightening character
  • Thread of the year
  • Character of the year
  • Best mom/dad of the year
  • Favorite single post from a thread
  • - Most likely to host a daytime tv show
    - Most likely to save a tree
    - Best to take home to your parents
    - ... Worst to take home to your parents
    - Most likely to get a tramp stamp
    - Best romantic thread
    - Best slice of life thread
    - Thread that gave you a heart attack
    - Thread with an unexpected twist
    - Partners in Crime
    - Beauty and Brains
    - Most likely to quietly take over the world
    - Most likely to win the lottery and lose the ticket
    - Best Bromance
    - Cutest Couple
    - Cutest Couple that Never Was
    - Most likely to hit on your sister
    - Unexpected hero
    - Most mutually destructive
    - Most likely to stand you up at the altar
    - Most irresistibly gloomy
- Most likely to pull into a McDonald's Drive Through and order a Single Black Coffee
- World's Worst Zealot
- Biggest Ego
- #1 Goon
- Okayest Parent Award
- Most likely to be a Cult Leader
- Mentally held together with rubberbands and bubblegum

I'll add more as I think of them :V
Will add more as I think of them.

Single Character:
  • Biggest trouper (trouper as in: a person who deals with and persists through difficulty or hardship without complaint)
  • Saddest Soul
  • Epitome of the "This is Fine" meme
  • Most likely to be your #1 speed dial
  • Best Wingman
  • Most in need of a hug
  • Best Villain
  • Biggest "Nope" if you saw them in a dark alleyway
  • Bravest Soul
  • Best Role Model
  • Worst Role Model
  • Forever in the Friendzone

  • Team Badass
  • 2021 OTP
  • Most dramatic couple
  • Happiest couple
  • Saddest couple
  • Best rivals/enemies
  • Best family dynamic
  • Best / Most interesting relationship dynamic (note: not necessarily a romantic relationship)

Plots / Threads:
  • Plot/Thread that made us ugly-cry
  • Plot/Thread that had us on the edge of our seats
  • Board/Pack Plot that we loved the most
  • Thread that gave us the best butterflies and good feelings
  • Thread that had the most memorable moment or dialogue line
Single Character
- Most Accomplished at Gaslighting
- Most Likely Not to Survive Another Year
- Probably Gonna Get Shanked
- Most Character Growth
- Probably Will Never Change
- Most Beloved
- Has an Interesting Approach to Solving Problems
- Will Just Keep On Keeping On Probably Forever
- Most Accident-Prone
- Bad Bad Not Good
- Most Perfectest Bean
- Balls of Steel

- The Gay Group Speed Walk (characters need not necessarily all be gay, but they must walk quickly and in tandem with one another)
- Drama Drama Drama Abound (two or more)
- Catfight! Catfight! Catfight! (two; non-gendered)
- The Family We All Wish We Had (found-family accepted as well!)
- Vitriolic Best Buds (two)

- Prepare Your Eyeballs for the Waterworks to Flow Free
- All the Anxiety Will Grip You While You Read This
- If Your Heart Doesn't Feel Warm While Reading This Then You're The Grinch

I'll add more as I think of them!

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