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Luna often found herself stumped on what to do with her time off. Her and Vezda had arranged a system where the two both got chances to be on their own and explore or meet with others, but to be honest Luna hadn't really had much interest in leaving the library. It had mostly been for Vezda so the boy didn't go crazy; giving him chances to go off and hunt or search around, things he used to do before the tragedy. But Vez had insisted Luna go off and enjoy herself, breathe some air that didn't stink of dust and books... so the girl was going to go visit somewhere that didn't stink of dust and books. But still had at least something to do with them, if not yet. 

The site of the paper mill was not much more than just a site that was being dug up along with some small set up camps around it, but Luna hadn't actually had a chance to see it at all since hearing that they were going to be getting a source of paper production within the pack. Created by Mr Ezra too, someone the girl really wanted to see again and therefore the reason for her journey out to the construction site. 

Given not too much was going on yet with the mill construction, finding the older man was easy enough, so Luna picked up speed to bound over. "Mr. Ezra!" She called out, tail moving excitedly albeit without as much gusto as the girl might've once had. "I just wanted to see how things were going." Luna explained before glancing around. 

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[Image: Ezsm.png]A slender white hand rested on the draft mare's features, stilling her wandering eyes and dancing hooves. Basilie had been hard at work transporting earth from one place to another by Arrow's hand, but the younger man and the mare both had been due for a break. Where Ezra could not mind the horses while they worked, he was well enough able to love on them while they rested. He even humored the idea of giving her a ride before a familiar voice came at his back.

Ezra turned to face her, the notion of a ride cast off on the breeze, “The young Lady Lunatini,” An arm raised up to greet her, while his other hand braced against his cane. He was more than delighted to see her on the project grounds, “The build is just barely starting,” He informed her, that same arm gesturing over the grounds. Dowels were put to the earth and tied off with cord to rope off the earth that was staged for the next step.

“There is a long road ahead, but I can assure you, it will be well worth it,” Both hands laced over his cane as his sights turned above to the boughs of pines that reached, sprawling into the arms of the sky, “I won't be able to do as much as I'd like, but ensuring everything goes smoothly is certainly something I can do,” He chuckled, but his tones turned dreamy, “I cannot wait to see her eaves,” Sights closed and he smiled, enjoying the chill of the air, before marbled eyes opened and found her.

“Once the Mill is complete, know that you and your Father's orders will be my first to fill. We must help him achieve his dream,” A softer smile found his narrow maw, knowing the tragedy that befell their family, and what it must mean to keep hope between them, despite their loss.

You lift your chin a little higher - Open your eyes a little wider - Speak your mind a little louder

OOC: Dated late November

Luna's fascination with the world really stemmed from an appreciation for all the things people could do. How smart someone could be in order to make a book, draw a piece of art or plan a build that would remain there for generations. It was all incredible to the girl, signs of a society, a social group, things she enjoyed a lot. She was alive now to witness something be built, even if the girl was too young to help she at least wanted to see it all happen, commit it to memory to perhaps write about herself one day. 

"Oh I'm sure. If me and Vez were shifted we'd help I promise... would be more help if we had the time but I'll come by when I can." Luna explained, hoping she didn't need to elaborate on how restricted the two children were when it came to leaving the Library and therefore their father. Tlama would've been involved as well no doubt, using her strength to pull a horse's share of the work. Luna smiled at the thought before it could make her sad, and looked to Ezra with a gleam in her eyes when the man reminded her of Borya's dream and how this mill would help. The girl was smart enough to see a connection between the two, but to hear Ezra say it made her heart all the warmer. 

"Thank you... Papa isn't doing well." Luna explained. "He still writes... but that's all he does. I've seen bits of what he's doing and a lot of it is about our Mama. Which is fine but... I'd love for him to write not just memories but stories again." After all, Tlama seemed to love the stories Borya made more than any of his other works. "He doesn't listen well right now but... I was wondering if I could ask you to visit him a couple of times... maybe give him some more ideas to write from? Distractions would... help I think."


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[Image: Ezsm.png]Luna compassionately offered what little time she and her brother might have to share. Ezra couldn't possibly know what the pair busied themselves with all the day long, but that wasn't his to know. Certainly, there were complicated factors in every life that pulled souls away from what they would like to do. Ezra knew them all too well.

Her smile bloomed when the poet had spoken Borya's dream on his lips, and that delighted the Elder man. Even as his body was no longer able to do many thing, what he could do was help his fellow Cavaliers in gaining wealth and growing their knowledge, their arts, and their cartography.

What Luna said next, however, did pull down the smile from Ezra's maw. He listened intently to the concerns that the pale bodied girl expressed. To Ezra, he could definitely imagine what it was like to lose a loved one. The only difference between his tale and Borya's, is that Fiora had returned to him. It was a somber thought, but Luna had the right idea as she requested Ezra visit Borya.

“I would be honored to visit him,” He began, “My young Lady Lunatini, you have my word,” A small bow came, and as he dipped his shoulders he looked to her, “I have some stock of pages that I've made at home. That should be a good reason to head over, and just maybe, inspire him. I will do my best to honor your request.”

The thing his mind moved to next is how exactly how he'd approach the man if it wasn't too keen on listening. Surely, he needed his time to grieve, but it seemed as if he was a bit stuck on it, “If you will, do let your father know that I will be coming by soon, so that he might expect me,” He asked of the young girl, not wanting to surprise Borya completely. If he was adjusting to many things, it wouldn't be fair to overwhelm him with the suddenness of Ezra's presence.


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