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For Pushok
You lift your chin a little higher - Open your eyes a little wider - Speak your mind a little louder

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The only reason Luna wished she could shift was just so she could slam the door in Vezda's face, stop the pig-headed idiot from rushing out after her whilst she went out into Wolfville to calm down. She growled as she picked up speed, hoping to outrun him despite knowing full well Vezda was the fastest out of the two of them. Eventually she stopped, somewhere just beyond the town square, near the docks and in one of the quiet streets. As predicted, Vez was right behind her, catching his breath as he moved a little in front so that Luna was forced to look at him. She tried not to though, those sad blue eyes usually always worked on her. 

"Luna... Luna look I said I was sorry." Vezda began, flinching as his sister growled. 

"Sure, to me! But I wasn't the one you upset Vez!" Luna barked back, her eyes blazing like the small splotches of sun shown in their colour. "You think just because papa doesn't react it means he doesn't feel things?! You're such a pig-head!" She needed to move again, so pushed forwards to shove her brother aside and keep walking. Not much changed though, since Vezda still followed. 

"I know that! I know! I just... Luna you know how much I care about you and it just... I got mad when he didn't say anything about your gift." He responded. That got Luna a bit, because of course she knew in the end Vez was only trying to help and support her, but he'd lashed out at the worst time. Luna had gone to the trouble of getting papa some supplies herself; rationed her own food so that she might be able to offer some out as trade in Wolfville. It had worked for a small bundle of parchment, which she'd offered Borya so his supply didn't run out. Papa hadn't said anything when she handed him the gift, but in his eyes Luna saw some warmth. 

Up until Vezda snapped at him for not being grateful, causing their dad to go completely cold again. 

Thinking about that sad look on Borya's face made Luna's anger rise once more. "He didn't need to!" Luna replied, snarling to the boy as she stopped again. "Unlike someone who doesn't look AT ALL before he opens his dumb mouth, I actually take in what I can see. Papa's eyes were happy... happy Vez! And you completely ruined it!" Her voice echoed since the streets were quiet in the night, but Luna right now couldn't care less if anyone heard.

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[Image: Giftfrom-Shadeby-Corie.png]A broad hand placed on Pushok's stomach as he made his way out of the Five Shields, a belch slipping out of his maw and a chuckle came to follow it after. There was nothing better than some good. hot food on a chilly day before the long work of late night scouting was to begin. Turning to Podarok, who was hitched in front of the pub, the Hushhowl began busying his hands to made the stallion ready for the ride, but something had caught his ear instead.

In the quite of the night, Silver tips twitched with familiar voices in a very unfamiliar tone, just over the noise of the Five Shields. With a pat of his hand on the horse's flank, he decided that scouting could wait just a while longer.

It was Lunatini's voice that rose up, in what sounded like anger. Pushok put his feet beneath him a little faster, jogging through the square and finding himself looking at the pair of children who seemed at odds with one another. Brows lifted apologetically as his gate slowed, and he made his presence known, “Viesda. Leuna. Vhaet is geuing on hiere?” He questioned with a tilt of his head.

There was nothing accusatory in his tone, but rather, curiosity rose up in his notes as he approached them both. His attention moved from Luna's gold in the pale of her features, then to Vezda's dark countenance and the light of his blue gaze. Pushok was unsure as to what happened, or how it had started, but he did not underestimate what it was the children of the late Tlama might be going through.

“Why is it yeu ahre shoeuting at yeur broether?” A second question roused in his tones when finally his sights ended up on the young girl, his voice pained that there might be more fissures in the already wounded family.


You lift your chin a little higher - Open your eyes a little wider - Speak your mind a little louder

OOC: Dated late November

Despite her anger, Luna knew it wasn't Vezda's fault. He was hurting a lot more than he let show and that meant that sometimes things bubbled up that the boy didn't intend to let out. Snapping at their fragile father had been Vezda's call for help, expressing his own heartache by defending his sister, only to make things worse in the end. Luna couldn't be mad at him... not for long. But right now she was dealing with her own emotions and they really wanted to catch fire and burn.  Her mind couldn't stop focusing on just how sad and disheartened Borya looked when Vez called him out on his behaviour, wondering if their father would even try to show any joy ever again. 

Vez looked hurt, just as hurt as Luna felt, soaking in his sister's words and feeling trapped within his own feelings as well. Unable to let them out without doing harm it seemed. It was all awful, and the two kids weren't doing as well as they led others to believe. 

But hope did come arrive to at least control this current situation, with their uncle Pushok arriving to the quiet street to witness the two children staring each other down. Still simmering, Luna's ears turned down as she realised the volume she'd been shouting at, practically begging others to come notice the two kids in crisis. Given that fact, she was glad it was Pushok of all people to turn up. When he addressed her, the girl took in a long breath and let it out, desperate to calm her emotions down. Her breath hitched as she exhaled, but clearing her throat Luna tried not to show signs of sadness. 

"Sorry for shouting." Luna began. "I'm just... we were really close to getting papa to smile. But then Vez got mad at him... so now I'm mad at Vez." The girl explained, moltern eyes looking to Vezda ready to glare at him. But the boy looked more defeated then before, shamefully staring at the ground. 

"She's right. I was being dumb, as usual, and said the wrong thing. Guess I shouldn't bother to open my mouth at all, huh?" Vezda mumbled before turning to walk away. 

"Vez... Vez wait!" The girl called after him, though it seemed Vez didn't intend to run off so much as sit a short distance away, facing away from them to hide his expression.


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[Image: Giftfrom-Shadeby-Corie.png]It was in Luna's broken sigh that a softer expression built on Pushok's features. The girl then explained herself, but it wasn't simply a quarrel between siblings. The serious nature of it came out in simple words, but it explained so much of what was going on. Borya was still hurt by Tlama's passing, and that much was easy to grasp by his daughter's words. Pushok would expect nothing less, of course.

Yet, it was in some unknown action that Vez had done that soured the situation between them. The Hushhowl's eyes slipped to her brother, watching as he cast his sights to the ground. Shame riddled his posture, and the Officer couldn't help the frown that had formed on his lips. What a difficult situation, indeed.

When Vezda turned to leave, or at least make himself distant, Luna called out to him. When he'd sat, his back was turned to them, likely having a hard time accepting the black and white view that he had in his upset state. For a quiet moment, the chill of winter passed through them all. Now was the time for spending the short days with family. How best could Pushok help them patch up this bridge so that they could cross it together?

“Neu one iz pierfect,” Words came softly to Luna, carrying with them an air of compassion, “Yeu ahnd yeur broether ahre yoeung. Yeu boeth ahre liearning how teu coep vith dhis situation,” Sights of emerald and ocean turned to the boy that sat afar, “Viezda. Coem hiere, please?” A gesture of his hand beckoning him over came over to the two of them, “A mistaek vas maed, but Viezda is stiell adjuesting. Yeu boeth nieed tiem.”

He couldn't help but recall the day that Temnota had failed his First Blood, thanks to him. They had their spat, and the uncomfortable nature turned into chaos at the selfishness that Pushok had as a boy, and with the death of their father, that he'd been absent for. Both of the brother's had needed one another, but a fissure was made. They had resolved it with time, but it wasn't ideal. That bond was risked, “He is yeur broether. Yeu ahre his siester. Yeu haev each othier ahnd yeu ahlways viell, buet only if yeu caen laern teu forgieve.”

Forgiveness had been a massive turning point in his life. Hopefully, the children in front of him could learn not to let mistakes cause a rift between them.


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