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Topic Tags

Topic tags (or "prefixes") can be defined when creating a new thread to provide some context and information about the thread to other players. In general, unmarked/untagged threads are widely assumed to be private.

[AW] - All Welcome
This indicates an "open" thread -- (almost**) any character can join. If you want a random roleplayer to reply, mark your thread "AW!"
  • Sometimes, thread starters add additional stipulations -- e.g., they're only looking for Salsola characters (but don't care which character, as long as they belong to Salsola). Please make sure to read the thread's OOC introduction, if applicable, and ask first if you're not sure your character is welcome.
  • Note: You need to use the official AW thread icon for your thread to show up in our Open Threads list. This list is automatically generated from topics using the AW icon.

[AW+] - All Welcome (Multiple)
This indicates an "open" thread for multiple characters. These threads remain on the automatic open threads list until they've received five replies, and indicate to other roleplayers their character is still welcome even if others have already joined the thread.

[DND] - Do Not Delete
This tag prevents threads from being automatically archived after 4 weeks of no replies. The term is somewhat of a misnomer as we never actually <i>delete</i> In Character threads, we always archive them. After 120 days of inactivity, even threads marked DND will be archived.

[P] - Private
Private threads are planned* threads intended for specific character(s).
  • It is inconsiderate to create private threads without discussing the thread with the other player first!

[RO] - Read Only
These threads are not intended to receive a reply. See RP Guide > Read Only.

[J] - Joining
This is used to mark IC joining threads, primarily to call the pack leader's attention.

Title Icons

Title icons are attached individual accounts and show up on their profile page as well as when they post in topics, beneath their avatar and OOC name. Some title icons indicate IC characteristics, such as whether the character is a Luperic, or if they have a co-rank in their pack. Others are largely decorative.

In Character Title Icons

[Image: wolf.gif]
The wearer of this icon is a non-Luperci.

[Image: werewolf.gif]
The wearer of this icon is a Luperci.

[Image: creatures.gif]
The wearer of this icon is a Creature.

[Image: corank.gif]
The wearer of this icon has a co-rank. Hover over for the specific co-rank.

[Image: heart.gif]
The wearer of this icon has a mate. Hover over for the name of the mate.
  1. Mates must be in the same pack (or are two loners).

  2. Only canines at least one year of age may have mates.

  3. Mates may be of the same or different genders; polyamorous mateships are acceptable.

Out of Character Title Icons

[Image: spotlight.gif]
Spotlight Soul
The wearer of this icon was chosen as Spotlight Soul for the month of use.

[Image: communityspotlight.gif]
Community Soul
The wearer of this icon was chosen as Community Soul for the month of use.

[Image: maintenance-aide.png]
Maintenance Aide
The wearer of this icon is a Maintenance Aide.

[Image: gold_mod.gif]
The wearer of this icon is a Moderator.

[Image: admin.gif]
'Souls Assemblage
The wearer of this icon is an Administrator.

[Image: kirigetsicon.png] [Image: myri-skull.png] [Image: chaos_star.gif]
Other icons (and titles!) may have been purchased through the 'Souls Store, or obtained from pack games, Word of the Day, or other contests!

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