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so i've been wanting to try to play around with the possibility of ghosts in the 'soulsverse, but i've found myself primarily interested in non-canine spirits instead of canine spirits. so here's a compilation of questions that i have about that

(quick note, every time i say 'creature' i mean native-high-speech creature that is NOT a canine):
  • if a character was particularly believing in such a thing, could they notice the manifestations of these 'Minor Spirits'/prey spirits at times and feasibly connect it to being spirits of prey? how often would they notice these real manifestations if they were looking for it? rp guide says you can have a ghost horse NPC but this may be outdated because of this this recent ask
  • same thing kind of as above for all ghosts: what is the, roughly speaking, limit to how much characters can interact with ghosts before things are deemed unrealistic? back in 2016, 'SA said they didn't want ghosts to be super common: i'm guessing this would mean that there can't be any characters going around and seeing ghosts everywhere they look, no matter how much of a believer they are?
  • could a creature ghost haunt their Luperci murderer? would they be able to possess them?
  • spirit guides are defunct ( :( ), but could a creature ghost think of themselves as a type of guide anyway, albeit not with the additional benefits that came from being a spirit guide?
okay i think thats all i got- ty!

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Thanks for doing your research on ghosts! Always appreciate when players dig back through our reams of junk, haha.

1. You are correct and the RP Guide is outdated with its brief mention of a horse ghost NPC. We're sticking with our 2019 stance that only high-speech native species are able to become ghosts; all others are only capable of becoming minor spirits. We'll be updating the guide accordingly.

2. Some characters may have a natural inclination towards ghost/spirit detection. In the past, we've had characters that were especially aware of ghosts in a particular area (usually of significance to them). Minor spirits aren't necessarily uncommon, so it's likely that characters who are aware of them would tune them out/learn to not notice them much in the way that most others would ignore things like bugs. Actual ghosts should be still be relatively rare, but even if someone is "aware" of them, they may not be able to see/interact with specific ghosts depending on the nature of the ghost.

3. A creature ghost is capable of everything a Luperci ghost is capable of, so a particularly strong creature ghost could possess individuals, yes.

4. A ghost can think of themselves as a guide, sure, especially if that's the "purpose" or "unfinished business" that's tying them to the world.
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