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Brotherhood Oath for Zetsubou and Pushok
Through This Magnifying Glass - I See A Thousand Fingerprints - On The Surface Of Who I Am 

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The hearts of many within Casa had been changed by the last month. Trauma spoke to all of them, but the Cavaliers as a whole remained strong. Kindness still ran through many; wishing to return to normality and remain strong in the face of darkness. Two had come to the leaders before the tragedy with a goal, one that now felt fitting to fulfill. Despite the dire situation thrown at Casa to try and unsettle the pack's foundations, it remained strong and ever growing. Cedric reflected on those living within the packlands now with pride, glad to call them his Cavaliers. From the young who were growing strong enough to face their first challenges, to those rooted deep within the pack who were finally ready to reach greater heights. Today two such men would make that journey. 

The brotherhood beckoned two more members, the Lune and Sola deciding to carry out the ceremony as one to celebrate the equal resolves of the two. Pushok, a man wanting to prove his Hushhowl name and himself as protect of his family. Zetsubou, a man with just as much family to protect, but also one who sought a brighter future for himself and those he loved. Both of them were fine Cavaliers and easy choices for the ranks of brotherhood. Both knew the risks and the weight of responsibility, and hopefully through an evening of reflection were ready to arrive. 

Cedric, to show willingness to the procedure, woke up before the light of dawn to head to the Courthouse. For a short time whilst the air remained frozen and dark, the man shoved snow from the staircase and checked the stone steps for frost, until finally sunlight crept over the horizon and the Lune could enter the building to prepare things inside. 

It didn't take long to prepare, so without further delay Cedric lifted his head to howl, a call echoing through the building and out across Casa. Those who knew a ceremony was coming would arrive in good time, others filtering in later depending on where they were staying. Until finally the two Cavaliers arrived to accept the call to action, gaining a smile from the Lune as he waited for their approach. 

"Today shall be a special one, Cavaliers." Cedric announced. "Any who choose to take the steps into Brotherhood should be honoured, but today we will see not one but two who shall take the oath... Pushok... Zetsubou. Approach the front and recite the oath of the Brotherhood."

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[Image: Giftfrom-Shadeby-Corie.png]Pushok heard the song rise, at the short distance from Hushhowl Densite. Two-toned eyes, tired, turned toward the sky as the howl droned, a call to attend. The Hushhowl man had long since donned his best, and the black cloak of his father draped over his shoulder. He bore it with pride.

While some of his family might be ready when he was leaving, some may linger behind a bit, but Pushok was never more ready. He left the Hushhowl Densite, bidding his goodbyes to those of his family that weren't coming alongside him, and headed down the path that connected the Hushhowl Dens to the Fort.

The majestic walls of the Fort grew tall, and Pushok's sights rose to their heights, until he crossed through the front gates. There, he nodded to the guard, and continued down his path to the Courthouse. Up the steps he went, in through to the Grand Hall. Eyes alight with wonder, he made his way within. He still couldn't believe that today was his day. Today, he would take his oath, and give back to all that had helped raise him, and those that needed his protection.

Cedric's words rose up powerfully as he came to stand apart from his brothers and sisters, to face them as he made the most important choice of his life within the boundaries of his birth pack.

At the Lune's beck, Pushok took a step forward, first of the two, and his voice rose up with vigor and pride, “I, Pushok, swiear, ohn my honeur, teu my Sola ahnd Luen teu sierve dhiem vith absoluet loeyalty, teu faec dhe eviels ov dhe voerld vithouet fiear; teu be braev evien in dhe hoeuse ov my enemies; ahnd teu respiect ahnd chierish all leif. I viell be truethfeul tey my broethers ahnd seistiers, ahnd throeugh my actieons hielp guied Casa di Cavialieri teu gloery. Aboev all eilse, I viell protiect dhose who caennoet protiect dhemsielves. Dhis is my oaeth.”


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[Image: Zetsunewref.png]Zetsubou filtered through the crowd that gathered at the front of the Great Hall, his sights settled on the image of Cedric and Pushok at the front of it all.

A smile grew on his silver maw the nearer he came, and sights drew over the souls he passed by, thankful for all who would attend. It was no lost on him how stark a contrast his future had become to his past. He recalled the moment, on his knees, with a protective Father ever watchful for his own kin, while the elder Wolfe-Denahlii woman spoke words that had changed his reality.

He could not be blamed for the sins of his father. He could not be blamed for what he had no control of. What he could do, however, was right the wrongs that he could and ensure that he upheld a moral value to life that his father never cared for. Mercy and compassion, but not to a fault. A delicate balance so that he might be able to protect his family, and his fellow Cavaliers, without regret.

So when he took the final step beside Cedric and Pushok, and when his eyes looked over the Cavaliers that had gathered, it was finally beginning to sink in. Who he had become was a man that Casa di Cavalieri could trust. He would not be given this opportunity were he a lesser soul.

First, Pushok gave his oath, and Zetsubou could feel his nerves piling up inside of him. A deep breath quietly filled his chest as the monochrome wolf finished, and Zetsubou took a step ahead.

"I Zetsubou, swear, on my honor, to my Sole/Sola (and/or) Lune/Luna to serve them with absolute loyalty; to face the evils of the world without fear; to be brave even in the house of my enemies; and to respect and cherish all life. I will be truthful to my brothers and sisters, and through my actions help guide Casa di Cavalieri to glory,” Another breath was taken as the next words resounded through his spirit, ”Above all else, I will protect those who cannot protect themselves. This is my oath."


Casa had picked themselves up, again. From their knees, they had arisen. Much like the two men who bowed, as Officers, before the Lune and pulled themselves up as Sworn of the Brotherhood. So long ago, she had done the same, to a different King. Before the ancestors of these wolves gathered here now.

The ancient one had elbowed her way to the front of the amassed, keen to witness this in its entirety, not forced to squint and lean to look through the legs of giants. Tiger's teeth rattled upon her staff as she tucked it to the crook of her elbow.

Her hands came together, and though perhaps she was the first to applaud for them, she would not be the one and only. An accomplishment for both men, for differing reasons.

She was proud, and this showed.

By the endless crone's side, came a second set of hands, following on. Her great-granddaughter's face, ever still and yet, eyes trained forwards, focused upon the men. In the young woman's gaze a furious desire flared to life, the icy spindle lighting up from within.

Most days you would find the young Hushhowl in either raggedy shorts and a tank top or baggy capris and a cropped hoodie, but not today.  Today was a special day, today her daddy…and uncle were joining the Brotherhood, one of the most respected ranks in all of Casa di Cavalieri and Zasha was beyond proud of them.  No today she wore a laced leather bustier with capped sleeves, long charcoal pants that set at the widest part of her hips, a short fur-lined cape with hood, colored green to match her father's outfit and leather bracers on her wrists and forearms.  The purple sash, now filled with five shields was wrapped around her waist as a sort of belt with the extra fabric to the side to display the shields with pride.  She would no longer look like a child on this important day but instead a respectable adult and one that her mother and father could be proud of now and always.

Walking stoically beside her father, the Zetsubou look-a-like glowed with joy.  As the two entered the courthouse she stopped briefly wrapping an arm around him in a half hug.  Lifting herself up on her tiptoes she leaned over and whispered to him,

"I am so proud of you, I love you daddy."

With a gentle kiss on his cheek, she gave a soft smile and nod before excusing herself to find a place among the crowd to watch her father and uncle join the esteemed Brotherhood.

Lowering the hood of her cape revealed her long wavy curls as she stood near the front of the crowd to get a good view of the ceremony. While her hair was usually in braids, today she opted to leave her hair loose and it cascaded to the middle of her back, though most of it fell to the front today. Standing straight and in silence she listened to the Lune's opening remarks before Pushok and Zetsubou each took their oath.  As her father finished, a single tear leapt from her eye, which she quickly wiped away, smiling and beaming with pride.

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She was unsure if she was permitted there, but the Feriqi daughter climbed up to the upper level all the same. Out a concealed glass-less window of the Courthouse she observed the Lune shovel the staircase, quickly ducking out of view whenever there was risk of him looking up. With first light she pulled out her raggedy-looking sketchpad and sticks of charcoal and, once the Lune left, seated herself on the window sill, tapping the blank page of parchment as she searched for inspiration.

None came to her, and as the Sun rose she thought to stop toying with her meagre Recruit privileges and go assure her brother that she hadn't run away in the night. She did leave awfully early, awoken by the sound of someone having a coughing fit in one of the nearby rooms and was incapable of falling asleep afterwards. Unbeknownst to the offspring, she had adopted her mother's unhealthy sleeping habits.

Mahigul very nearly fell out the window when a howl boomed from beneath. It was a sound she'd been hearing a lot since coming to Casa. In the Ganglands it could only be heard near the borders, songs of wolven loners carried over great distances, and it was cause for alertness and worry. Here, when made by one of the leaders, it could only mean the pack was being summoned.

Again, the girl hid below the window's edge, having to bend her back and neck in an awkward way to hide her long snout yet allow for her eyes to see over the rim. Cavaliers filled in, big and wolfish, and her golden orange gaze scanned the crowd in search of the few she knew, as well as to figure out the reason for this gathering.

It soon became evident, when one then another man - both tall, broad and wolfish - stepped out and apart from the crowd, carrying themselves in that particular manner she saw among the Cavaliers. Stoic, and at attention. Her muse sprang forth at once, and by the time the Lune made his announcement the girl-turned-woman was back on the windowsill, suddenly not caring if she was seen, legs propped up against the frame and her sketchpad against them, hand and stick of charcoal gripped firmly within it flying over parchment. The angle and distance were less-than-ideal, but she was of sighthound blood after all and even from here could discern their markings and the most obvious of their features - although she did spice them up with her own exaggerations and improvisations.

Her hand paused at the sound of a male's voice, hovering over the end of a line she just made. Dark ears perked up and listened to his strange accent and with a glance confirmed it was the white man speaking. It was only when the other one, dark and tall, spoke that she understood the contents of the oath they were both giving. Something about honour and evil and loyalty. Despite her hang-ups about her family's move and the pack they joined, Mahi had to admit - that was pretty dang cool. 

Applause rose, and as it died down she raised her work and looked it over.

[Image: zetspush-min.jpg]

Yes, she nodded. This will do.

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Ascension to Brotherhood.

It was no small feat to be considered one of the Elite, the best at their respective jobs and choices of weapon. The first to be called upon in times of strife. The most trusted individuals to teach their own skills to others, and to protect their home when threatened.

As a Sworn, Guinevere was up with the sun and already prepared, dressed in full armor and weaponry with fox furred cloak to welcome her new brethren and comrades in arms to their fold. With tri-pendant lightly swinging at her sternum, she was crossing the Square before Cedric's howl had died, one of the first to enter the Courthouse and find her place by the front.

Keen ghostly green orbs observed both Pushok and Zetsubou as they stood proudly, waiting for the pack to all come and see their rising in the ranks, the speaking of their Oath to their Lune and Sola.

Guin did not stand alone, but with her family, Honrin at her one side, his cougar's cloak spread across his broad shoulders. Hidden beneath the folds, however, was the second wrap of cloth formed into a sling, and from within it there were two small and delicate boys that not too long ago she had birthed, freshly nursed and sound asleep against their father's heartbeat.

Had it been anyone else receiving the Brotherhood's mantle, she might have stayed behind with the boys at her belly, resting. However, Zetsubou and Pushok were both practically family to the Callow-Knight, and she would not have missed this unless there was no choice.

The pack was quieted once all had come, and their Oath's were spoken, one after the other. Guin heard them proudly, a slight smile at her muzzle. Upon conclusion of the ceremony, Guinevere raised her hands to welcome them with her applause. Alongside her, Jace and Jacelyn were also among the first to sound their pride, and glancing in their direction, the phoenix warrior could see a light sparking to life in the younger woman's gaze, and she withheld a knowing smile.

Somehow, Guin thought she might be expecting to see Jacelyn standing up there some time soon, speaking her own Oath as well.


There was honor in ceremony; tradition in it's purest form. This, for both Zetsubo and Pushok, was no mere accomplishment. It was service transcendent, beyond the usual call.

Risa watched on, braving the bitter cold and standing proud in his finest garb to this remarkable occasion. He was both proud to attend and proud to share his home with upstanding men like these. It hadn't been so long ago that Pushok had been no more than a young boy. He'd grown so much sense then. His family would have been proud.

There was an inherent respect in Risa for this -- for those who could answer the call of responsibility in spite of themselves. It was something to aspire to. Though, it was was an honor that felt so out of reach for many. He thought of his own place within the Cavalieri pack often. Wondering if he too would one day rise to such great heights.

An ugly doubt lingered underneath the skin.

Yet, he smiled and joined the thunderous applause of the gathered crowd.

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Joining the Brotherhood, was an honor, one strived to be a Cavalier's Cavalier, to be a Knight that wished to serve and protect other members of the pack. It was not everyone's calling, but for Pushok and Zetsubou, it was who they were.  Should the time come that Casa di Cavalieri came under attack, they would put their lives on the line so that others would be safe. Kai was lucky enough to spend some time with each other them and she was confident in their ability and she was proud of them for making the commitment.

The sable woman was already almost at the courthouse when the howl echoed through the lands, so it only took moments for her to arrive and find her place near the front so she could see.  She cursed her short stature sometimes, but there wasn't much she could do about it now. Mismatched orbs looked to the Lune briefly and smiled before turning her attention to the two gentleman as each too their oath, and each time it gave the sable woman chills.  What an honor to take the oath and join the elite.

It's something that one day the Wolfe-Denahlii woman wanted to do herself, though it would take time to figure out, but time she had or at lest she hoped. But for now, she would celebrate her friends who took the next step towards their futures.

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Petrichor was sitting in the room he and Battle shared when the call went up to gather. He stood and picked up his cloak. It was strange wearing something made by someone else, but the quality was good, so he did not mind that much. He felt weird wearing it, like he was a bit of an imposter, but they were supposed to be worn to ceremonies, so he did so. It did make him feel a little more sheltered and he pulled it around himself as he left the room even as anxiety formed a knot in his chest. What if he was the only one wearing their cloak? What if he had misunderstood when they were actually supposed to be worn? Doubt rose up, but he pushed through as he made his way to the great hall, where he immediately looked around, hoping to find others who were wearing their cloaks, too. He stood at the back of the group that had already begun to gather, and Battle was soon at his side, letting him relax a little more. It was easier to be near a crowd with her larger form next to him. It helped that she stood close, too. He may not want to stand close to less familiar wolves, but he had gotten to the point of being comfortable with her, though it had taken a while. 

His porcupine, Spike, had opted not to go, which was for the best. Petrichor did not want to have to apologize to everyone who accidentally got stuck with one (or more) of his quills, and he was glad to not have to go through a one-sided argument with the overgrown rodent who did whatever he wanted no matter what Petrichor told him to do. It did not help that Spike did not actually understand high speech, although that did not stop Petrichor from talking at him.

Petrichor was not entirely sure what to make of all these different ceremonies. They were, understandably, not explained in depth at each one. He was sure that most of the residents had been to numerous ceremonies and it would be annoying to have to listen to what they were about over and over every time. It also was not as though Petrichor had gone around asking about what was going on with them and how many there were and all of that. The first mentorship ceremony that he had attended quickly made sense.

He knew that the Brotherhood were high ranks, so they must make a bigger deal out of the promotion than for the other ranks. Maybe someday it would be him. Then again, that would mean that someday he would have to stand in front of the whole pack. His eyes tracked each of the pack members who were being promoted as they made their way to the front of the room. His height meant that he lost sight of them in the crowd before they were up on the steps with Cedric.

Then the first, Pushok he guessed since Cedric said that name first, began to recite the oath as directed and although Petrichor could not understand his words well, his eyes widened. He had thought the oath meant one sentence promising their loyalty or something. Instead they had to stand in front of essentially the whole pack and recite that whole thing from memory? Nope, there was no way he would ever be able to do that. He should just give up on that ambition while he was... well, not ahead. But not completely filled with anxiety. Right now he was only partly filled with anxiety, so he was going to just stop thinking about it.

Battle seemed to sense his sudden spike of unease and she bumped gently against his side and then kept the contact while her eyes remained on the front of the room. He was grateful for her comfort without making a big deal out of it. The warmth and texture of her fur against his side gave him something else to concentrate on, and before he knew it, Zetsubou finished his oath as well. How they had ever managed to memorize and then recite that whole thing was beyond him. It was equally terrifying and impressive.
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Hesitantly he fit himself into the black and white tunic that Dawn had made for him oh so very long ago it felt like. For a ceremony, one of many, he had wanted to look good too, and Temnota kept his only celebratory clothing in very good condition. Anxiously, hands fiddled with the collar at his throat, shifting the aged leather until the tree sat in line.

The two canine teeth he pulled gently upon their little scrap of leather. He didn't wear it upon his body as a decoration, Temnota would never be able to live with himself if he lost these pieces of them. His to have and hold; But he kept them upon him for important events that came by.

"Мать. Отец." Temnota mumbled to the teeth, rubbing his cheek fondly against their familiar dry weight, "Вы увидите его. Я обещаю."

Taking a last steadying breath, Tem came out into the outside world, ready to be witnessed and judged, and finding himself fine with that. This was an occasion of great solemnity, but also of commemoration. He just... wouldn't ruminate on what had happened, it was too much to think on today. Today he wanted to be happy and smile genuinely for his brother. Pushok deserved it.

Casa was wrapped in its splendor, he was pleased to see. Names and faces that were loved, adored, exalted, they were here and he was with them.

To the Old Woman, Temnota took her gizzled, gnarled hands within his own and bent his forehead to them, intoning reverently, "Бабушка, я люблю тебя."  But this day was not about her, though she knew the depths of his love for her.

Then, oh then, it was time, and Temnota was filled with the twisting of his guts, and the anxiety and stress and above it all there came the pride, so forceful that he struggled to contain it. They had talked about this moment, that the two of them would do it together, maybe, but that had been long ago puppy dreams, but still, still, they had giggled in the middle of the night about how happily their father would smile and how even the ribbing of their older sisters would be contained.

Temnota did not feel poorly that Pushok made the leap without him. No, no, not at all, not ever again would he feel such a thing.

This was his brother.

This was his brother.

All his life Casa had been his family, his dream and his dedication, but Pushok... Pushok was his home, the light to his darkness. A song in the night. Dancing and dreaming and holding onto the things that were important even when the outside world sought to tear them away.

Those two teeth, clenched so tightly within Temnota's fist, were witness to this moment, were brought only in their dark son's grasp rather than attending in flesh and skin, only in their bones were they here.

"Он так ярко сияет." Tem whispered to them, lost below the strength of Pushok's words as he recited the Oath.

It was pride in truth that filled his eyes, and set flowing the tears down his cheeks; Crying silently to his brother's triumph.

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