[AW+] The First Step on a New Path
mentorship ceremony for so many puppies
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It was chilly, snow flurries had come and gone throughout the day and night, leaving a fine, sparkling  carpet across the landscape. It was almost as if the world was trying to wash away, or cover up, the grime and muck that seemed to cling to every corner of this place, a filth that the Sola had become much too aware of, too focused on; the snow helped her to forget.

Aldora’s earliest memories were tinged in white, and so this time of year tended to be the most fond for her; this year the brilliant snow seemed tinged with gray, and the Sola found it difficult to revel in the same spirit of the season as she once had been able to, had once looked forward to. The emptiness that Minerva had left was still like a bright red wound across her heart, it throbbed in the dark hours of night, when the fire in her office hearth finally died and all she could hear was her own breathing.

But the Knight was now old enough, wise enough, to know that even the ache of losing her love would fade, never disappear, but become less sharp. So for that reason she did not try to fight it now, and let grief and pain envelope her in the embrace of an old friend, how well she knew it now. Only with allowing it to be her companion, rather than her enemy, was she able to face the day. Her lavender eyes blinked and turned to look brightly at those who she had gathered.

This Mentorship Ceremony was like none that she could remember; twelve puppies were ready to take their place among the adult ranks, of course only after their trial by fire, their training under mentors. This time, because there were so many, Aldora knew that just as many of the already accomplished Cavaliers stood ready to take up the responsibility of a ward; this was a chance to heal through the education of the next generation.

Once she felt everyone had gathered, and when she could spy every one of the young faces in the crowd, Aldora placed a benevolent smile on her face and opened her arms, her cloak billowing slightly in the winter breeze, "Welcome, youths of Casa di Cavalieri!" She stared, her voice booming and carried easily to all ears, "What a unprecedented and momentous occasion this is; a dozen of you will take your first step to becoming strong and valued member of this pack; I expect nothing less than your best in the time to come. But now, let’s get on with the pairing of mentor and ward."

She allowed some murmurs and excited yaps in the crowd to dissipate before she started, "First, I will call up my own children; Lyra, Zanthe, Veyron, and Ambrose; please come to stand before me."

It was with pride, but also the ever-present sadness, that she watched her puppies approach her. She had spent that morning with them, grooming them, and letting them know how much she loved them; ever since Minerva had passed, she had been distant, she had made it a point to show them that she had not forgotten them, or her role as their mother.

It was still strange seeing Lyra in her two-legged form; it had not even been a fortnight since the girl had shifted under the darkness of a new moon; Minerva surely would have seen some kind of spiritual sign in that. The boys however remained on four legs, but she knew not for long, she could already see the change in their eyes.

"Lyra, my daughter and first born; for you I have chosen Eros Damaichu. For Zanthe, you will be paired with Pushok Hushhowl. Ambrose, you will study under the Lune, Cedric. And Veyron, your mentor will be Cerberus Ganesa.”

The Sola allowed the four of them to find their mentors, before addressing the crowd again, "Next will Lunatini, Vezdatini, Electa, and Celeste come to stand before me."

She allowed the next group to come and she smiled at them, "Lunatini and Vezdatini, you two shall be wards of Viridian Soul. Electa, for you I have decided upon your mother, Armani Catori. Celeste, it will be my honor to train you myself." She smiled especially fondly at the Knight, her new cousin, and somewhere deep in her mind she wondered if this too would irk Remus, the second one of his children that would be trained by her.

After allowing the second group of youths to filter out to their mentors or parents, she spoke again, "And now the final group; Alyonna, Kazimir, Roza, and Katja." She allowed them a moment, and then, "Alyonna, you shall be paired with Jacelyn Denahlii. Kazimir, your training will be made under Guinevere Callow-Knight. Roza, your mentor will be Starlight Hushhowl. And finally, Katja, you shall be ward to Lucian Marino."

And then, addressing all of the youths who had been paired, "I expect all of you to be the best of students, listen to your mentors with respect, and follow their lessons with dedication; make us all proud, and grow into strong and capable Cavaliers!"

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Lyra set a high bar for herself no one could convince the youth that she didn’t need to try as hard as she did. Perfection was nessecary no matter what she did, as the eldest she had to set an example. This only increased with each passing day and each thing she did before her brothers. The first born, the first to shift, she was sure she was the first to walk or talk though she couldn’t really remember that. Now they were getting ready to receive their mentors. She would make her mentor proud she would be the best student they ever had.

With the help of mother and grandpa Lyra and her siblings were tidy and ready. Choosing a simple outfit she wore tan colored slacks that went just above her knees with an off white shirt that had tooth or bone buttons. She liked the attire lightweight and easy to move in nothing to fancy as she also wasn’t done growing and it didn’t make sense to have something super nice. Her hair was down though troughly brushed of knots. As she stood there smiling she took in a breath. Calm, cool, collected was how she needed to be once she entered the ceremony, no smiles, no laughter, all business; this was one of the most important times of her life.

Once they departed her grandfather's home and entered the building Lyra stood tall and quiet. Awaiting the start as the room began to fill. Hands clasped lightly infront of her as she watched the front of the room. Her mothers voice rang out through the winter breeze. Those around her began to mumble and she could feel the excitement that hung in the air. And finally the first of the twelve to be called the Sola’s very own children. Lyra stepped away from her grandfather towards her mother. Pale green eyes focused on the destination rather than on what went on around her. Stopping before her mother she gave a slight bow to her before returning to her statue-like stance.

Her mother spoke and first was her. Eros, she knew of the male but didn’t really know what rank he held. She knew that his first apprentice passed her first blood and the second was Artoia and she seemed to be doing well. She was his third, she knew that he was her uncle though she didn’t know they had a deeper connection than just niece and uncle. Once her siblings mentors were announced they all departed to find their mentors. She glanced around a bit before finding her uncle far in the back making her way towards him not saying a word. She gave him a slight bow before turning her attention back to the front of the room to await the announcement of the others.

There was a tightness in his chest he couldn’t ignore. A wild mix of worry and excitement as they waited in the ever-growing crowd for the ceremony to begin. From his position, the pup could hardly see anything besides what was right in front of him. Thankfully mother had spent the morning preparing them for what would happen. It seemed strange that their mom was there all morning fawning over them, it certainly set the tone that today was a special day. Ever since…that day…mom had been so busy so grandpa had been taking care of them. It was nice to have everyone together!

Looking around he couldn’t help but feel his tail wagging behind him. His ears leaned back against his head ever so slightly as he looked with curiosity from adult to adult. Everyone seemed so big! His baby blues landed on his sister, who towered over himself and his brothers. She had shifted recently, the first of them. She stood so tall and proud, being mindful of every movement. He wondered if she felt like she stood out, being the first of the four to shift. If it was him it would make him uncomfortable.

He didn’t have too much time to dwell, as his mother’s voice calmed the gathering. Her cloak looked so pretty as it moved with her. She spoke with such strength and certainty. Again, his tail began to wag behind him. Then his name was called. His tail froze, tucking slightly under his rear as he walked with his siblings up to their mom. He kept his head high, following the lead of Lyra, but his legs wobbled at the thought of all the eyes on them. The list came fast, and as his match was made he could hardly believe it. The Lune. He was going to work with the other leader of Casa. In his chest, his heart pounded as his eyes instantly found the Lune, only a few short steps from the Sola.

As his siblings moved back into the crowd to find their mentors Ambrose struggled internally with the awkwardness of walking up to Cedric himself. He had never been great at asserting himself in new situations. Cedric was not a complete stranger, he had visited with his mom’s, but they had not really spoken in moons, not yet crossing the barrier of a puppy at play to a youth in conversation. Sitting himself down beside the Lune he looked up with big puppy dog eyes and a soft smile. "H-Hello Sir. Thankfully his mother continued the long list of names, excusing him from being in the spotlight for a while.


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Luna's temper had certainly calmed down since the awful encounter with the bear. None of them had been hurt save for bruises but it certainly could've ended a lot worse. However it did cause both Luna and Electa to shift, something the girl couldn't deny wasn't useful. Vezda hadn't yet, but honestly that felt like a good enough punishment for his dumb and reckless idea, no doubt he was feeling the shame for it all. But the siblings had made up as they always would, and instead put their energy into preparing for the ceremony. 

So many children were going into training that Luna didn't feel all that different, especially since her and Vez also weren't the only kids who recently lost a parent either. The girl's burning eyes were focused on the Sola's children as they all came to the Courthouse, wondering to herself how they were getting on now that things were different. Their mother seemed to have recovered, at least enough to stand now and present the ceremony. Meanwhile Luna and Vezda's father wasn't even there to see it, still stuck in his own nightmare and almost blind to his children. It had taken him two days to actually realise Luna had shifted... that was what hit the girl the hardest. She tried not to blame him, Borya was beyond hurt right now, but it still stung. Still, Luna planned on using the pain to motivate herself even more. 

When it came to their turn to be called up, both siblings approached together, Luna taller only by the benefit of her new form whilst the large Vezda sat next to her looking apprehensive. When their mentor was announced and to be shared by the siblings, Vezda's expression turned into surprise whilst Luna's grew into a small smile. She'd asked for this after all... speaking to the Lune and Sola herself prior to the ceremony to request a pairing with her brother. The need to stick by Vezda's side would keep Luna going through training, and it seemed the leaders could appreciate that. Their chosen mentor wasn't someone the girl knew well however, but she still watched Viridian approach with excitement to her sun-touched eyes.


You're ready, born ready
And all you gotta do
Is put one foot in front of you

A little broken, a little new - We are the impact and the glue - Capable more than we know - To call this fixer upper home
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Veyron had probably sighed twenty times before heading to the Courthouse. Today would be a good day, but it came after so many weeks of quietness and sadness that the boy almost felt like dreaming. He wanted this to be perfect, for his siblings, give them something to smile about. Given he wasn't shifted Veyron got ready very quickly, spending the rest of the time prior to their mother's call just watching his siblings. As they approached, the largest child approached each of the others, quietly asking them if they were alright. With Lyra it was a bit tricky given her shifted form towered over them, but he still managed to nudge her a little for attention.

Once within the building and surrounded by the pack, Veyron took another deep breath and watched his mother with a soft smile. She looked better, brighter than he'd seen in a while, so perhaps on this cold day there might be some warmth to share by the Cavaliers. By his side, Veyron could feel his soft-toned brother's nerves, and shuffled closer to lean into him slightly in support. The wait and anticipation didn't last, for Aldora summoned her children to be the first to make their new steps. The four approached, Veyron just slightly behind to ensure he could see all his siblings, and then looked to his mother to wait for her decision.

Lyra got Eros, their uncle, Zanthe got Pushok from the Hushhowl family, Ambrose got the Lune himself, and then Veyron. Cerberus Ganesa, one of the pack's healers. He was part of no large Cavalier family, but to Veyron the thought of the man who'd help keep so many alive during the awful event a month ago brought him some pride. He'd be honoured to be taught by Cerberus, and hoped that showed in the bright smile and expression the boy showed.

The once loner was finding his stride. These days were less confined to the clinic and more going out and about. His training with Eros had proved good for both his physical and emotional well being. His once broken leg seemed to have healed fully though it had left a small hitch in his gait. However he didn’t let it bother him, muscles he’d never really used before were toning out, and he looked the healthiest he had. Recently his hair had grown out and with that he decided it was time to ditch all he had come here with. Dark locks fell nearly to his shoulder, new clothing was made a purple tone to nearly all he wore. For the first time he wore his rank cloak the weight of it was nothing compared to the strange superficial pressure it brought.

Making his way to the gathering Aldora had called he found himself closer to the back of the crowd. He’d seen two mentor ceremonies since joining. Luckily for him he kept himself out of the spotlight. There was no way Cedric and Aldora would find him worthy of teaching any of their youth. Unlike those who had been in the pack a long time Cerberus held no strong family ties and had only recently risen in the ranks.

The man who once considered himself the village idiot was slowly forgetting to pretend to be stupid. Eros’s constant reminders of healers weren’t stupid always wrecked the mood when he tried to act stupid. It also didn’t help that during the packs crisis he helped to organize and treat the members. As he stood there he listened to Aldora, the woman calling her own children up first. As she began to speak, pairing each child with a well known and trusted member until Veyron. Cerberus looked up through the crowd as red eyes widened. Like a doe caught by a hunter, him? Wait, Aldora was pairing her son with him? He was a nobody didn’t the Sola’s son deserve someone like well anyone but him? How was he supposed to train him? He’d finally really just learned to really fight, what would he teach him? How would he teach him? This poor child, Cerberus found himself thinking. If this youth failed his first blood all would look at Cerberus as a failure, he shouldn’t have stayed here this long. He’d gotten too comfortable and it had proved to be not a good thing because now he had to teach a young mind and he wasn’t even sure he could do it. Swallowing the lump in his throat as the boy joined him he looked at him and gave him a smile.

Only less than a handful of weeks had passed the phoenix mother by already, going as a blur all the while she tended to her youngest son's. Artoia, too, had shown great interest in her younger brothers, letting them snuggle into her side whenever she was home, and Guin had to step away a moment.

She'd been bolder this time around as well, willing to leave the sanctuary of either the carpentry shop or the Wolfe-Denahlii Camp to continue doing her errands, either leaving the twins with a member of her family or taking them with her inside of the sling her mate had been so fond of for Artoia's early days.

For today, she took them with her, tied close to her breasts so they could nurse without fuss, hidden beneath the folds of her cloak and high enough on her torso that she could still belt her weapons across each hip. The only armor she wore were the laced bracers on each forearm, though with one hand gripping the pommel of her shortsword and the other rested on the butt of her axe, she still struck an imposing figure.

Striding into the mentorship ceremony, she stood off with the rest of her family to observe the pairing off of the twelve apprentices they had this time.

First came the Sola's own children, four strong pups that had seen such loss and tragedy already in their short lives. Again, she noted, that Eros had been hoisted with another 'sprog', as he liked to call them. Internally she wished to laugh; the more he complained and tried to fight it, the more he seemed to impress the leadership with the students he'd churned out.

Cedric, Pushok, and Cerberus had also been named as mentors for the following four pups, for which she clapped for them appropriately. Next were the twins Lunatini and Vezdatini, as well as Electa and Celeste Hushhowl. Viridian, Armani, and the Sola herself would claim these pups. More youngs eyes than had seen too much, too quickly.

Only four more to go, and here is where things changed for the phoenix woman. Her own name was called.

Alongside Jacelyn with Alyonna, Starlight with Roza, and Lucian with Katja, Guinevere would be personally training Kazimir Hushhowl. Tainted innocence, all of them, thanks to the horror of the Feast. Her new charge had been sickened himself.

The fox fur cloaked Sworn straightened up and adjusted her shortsword, teeth gritted as more eyes turned to find her amongst the crowd. She hadn't intended on being the center of attention today, but alas, such was her luck.

Confidently she stepped forth from the crowd to make it easier for Kazimir to find and join at her side, she also got the opportunity to snag one of the sashes she would be giving to her new apprentice as his mark of rankship in the pack. Thankfully, few would know the significance of the cloth wrapped around her torso revealed as she moved, possibly even thinking it was just a simple tube top she'd chosen to wear that day.

When they met for the first time she gave him a smile and held the sash out for him to take and adjust as he'd prefer. "Hello Kazimir, it's good to meet you. No expectations for today, but be ready for me to pick you up tomorrow at noon," she murmured to the boy briefly, before refocusing on Aldora for wrapping up the ceremony.


The Marino man wasn't sure where the time had gone, how were the pups of the pack already old enough for their mentor ceremony? Not only that, a few of them had shifted already, and to him it was like time was flying by.  Maybe it was because of the tragedy that had struck their home not long ago or the time they had spent away from their homeland, but Lucian felt like he blinked and missed six months of his life. The conditions he had left in were less than savory, but since he had returned he had tried his hardest to make it up to those that he had hurt and worked hard to rise through the ranks.  He had his own mentor to thank for shaping him into the man he had become, hopefully today the pups of the pack would be as lucky as him.

Dressed in his deer trimmed charcoal rank cloak, Lucian had just finished visiting a few of the horses in the stable when the Sola's howl rang out over the pack lands calling order to the mentor ceremony.  A jovial smile graced his muzzle as he made his way towards the courthouse.  Arriving at the doors, he held it open for other pack mates to make their way through saying hello as they passed by before entering himself and taking his place against a wall in the back as his azure and marigold hues looked around the room taking in the twelve pups, what an exciting day for them.

Soon the Sola's voice rang out over the crowd, welcoming them to mentor ceremony where each of the young Cavaliers would be placed with their own mentor.  The second officer relaxed, he assumed with his recent abandonment of the pack that leadership would not assign him a ward as much as he would enjoy it, but he was still interested to see who would be assigned to who. As Aldora called her own children to the front, he thought of how hard this must be without Minerva and made a mental note to check on them later, he was one of the pup-sitters after all.  One by one the four of them were assigned to their mentors, as always he was amazed and how well leadership did with assigning mentors with the right children and clapped softly as the teachers gave their students their purple sash to fill with shields, much like he and his brother had done.  The next group, Luna, Vezda Electa and Celeste, went off without a hitch, each getting an excellent mentor suited to each students personality and drive, the perfect pairings. Finally the Hushhowl siblings were called, a little of pups by Zetsubou and Dusk, who was like another mother to him, their pups like brother and sisters.  Lucian had spent many days with them, almost everyday when they were born come to think of it, even before their eyes were open.  Each one had something special about them and he was excited to see who each would be paired with, no doubt a perfect match again by leadership.

It was then, the last pairing with Katja that Lucian heard his name, his eyes grew large for just a moment as he stood up straight.  It was the last thing that he had expected after deserting the pack.  It was a honor bestowed upon him and he hoped he could live up to half the mentor that Honrin was to him.  Gliding across the floor, his cloak trailing behind him, he took his place beside the snowy pup with piercing green eyes, looking down at her he smiled.  Quietly he dipped his muzzle to leadership to thank them for this honor before grabbing the purple sash and kneeling beside the pup, tying it around Katja's neck so it draped across her back.

"I promise to teach you all that I know and more." he whispered to her with a smile. 

Lucian stood up then, and walked away with Katja at his side and ready to start a stronger bond, a different bond, with the girl, his sister, this time as teacher and student.
Kindness of His Mother, Fierceness of His Father
Eros was late again.  In all honesty he’d not intended to turn up, and his presence there was a complete accident.  The fiery pelted Damaichu had spent most of his time figuratively banging trees and seeing what fell out.  He was so recently back from his work, that he was pretty sure there were drying patches of someone else’s blood on his pelt.  Still, he needed to speak to his sister, and since he was there, it’d be interesting to see what sap got stuck babysitting the pups of the pack.  Of course, so many of the cavaliers were living the ideals, and to them all it was an honour, a joyous occasion that made everyone want to fart rainbows and burst with pride.

In hindsight, he should have known it was going to happen.  First the poisoning of the pack, and now this, it seemed that someone enjoyed dumping on him from a great height.  Unlike previous ceremonies though, Eros remained silent, working his jaw in irritation.  He could use the new sprog to continue expanding the network, but if she was a good Cavalier it wasn’t likely she’d fit what Eros needed. 

Eros’s eyes sought out Aldora’s, his expression inscrutable, but knowing she’d foisted a rejected daughter on him, despite his agreement with Minnie that he’d not need to have anything to do with them.  There wasn’t much point railing against the decision though, it’d been made.  As Lyra walked towards him, Eros’s golden eyes followed her, watching the respectful bow and nodding an acknowledgement, but saying nothing.

For a moment, Eros was reminded of Sian and the ultimatum Eros had given to Callum, letting him know he was more than happy to dump the pup into a river and let her drown, or Cal could take care of her, but Eros wasn’t willing.  How Ironic it was that once more Cal was saddled with his child’s pup, except this time, it wasn’t Eros who was failing his parental duties.
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[Image: Kazimirpub.png]Kazimir's wounds were now nothing more than some spots of shortened hair that were growing back in. It seemed like none of the scars he'd earned would be something he sported for long. The one thing that he did have, however, was two legs, and two hands with two thumbs that he could wield over Alyonna's pride. She'd always been the go-getter of the two of them, him often in her shadow, but this he could lord over her head any time she wanted to challenge him.

What he didn't realize was the amount of weight he'd lost. All that round puppy fat shriveled up slowly after the night of the Feast, and it left the boy looking lean.

He stood with his peers, each of them waiting for their mentors, as did he. He was eager, that was for sure, but his hipshot posture and deadpan expression made it seem like he was more eager to get out of this mess than he was to attain a mentor. There were entirely too many souls his age around him, and far too many adults watching him, for him to be comfortable. He'd still not gotten used to his new skin.

Of course, in a deep buried part of himself, he was absolutely thrilled. Not only was he shifted and could start training immediately, but he could pick a weapon, and start working through his skillset. He was vying for something like what his father had, though he really hadn't gotten a god look at the Tekko. They'd been out of sight as soon as it was realized that he could get a hold of them.

One by one Aldora called the children's names, her own first, and followed by Borya's. Finally, Kazi's litter came to rise and his feigned desire to abscond on his own was all but gone from his eyes. It was replaced with expectation. As soon as Guinevere's name had been uttered, his eyes fell to her.

Carefuly the boy wormed his way through the gathering mentors and their students, until he met with Guinn in the middle.

She'd handed him his sash, which he looked at in the palm of his hand for a moment, before turning  tuscan yellow eyes up to her. Already, she was making plans with him. He nodded quietly as she promised his noon tomorrow would be busy, and sights turned around to look at the rest of the mentors and students, “Okay,” Was the only word that left his maw as he draped the sash over his neck like a scarf. He was unsure, but he was ready. Hopefully, she didn't have anything silly planned for him. He was a grown man now, sporting his Optime form, and expected to be treated as such.

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[Image: Giftfrom-Shadeby-Corie.png]What a crowd of young souls there was. Pups that spanned in a group aside Aldora filled out in different forms, different mindsets, but all cut from the cloth of Casa di Cavalieri. To see the young ones, that had been through all manner of tribulation, standing despite the hardship that they endured already, it swelled in his chest. It was a bittersweet moment, where Mentors would gather with their students to help them on their journey to the future.

Little did he know, but it was his name that had been called with the very first group of pupils. Aldora's own young, dark son with a two-toned gaze would be his to instruct. A smile found Pushok's pale maw as he gathered up the sash on the walk to where they'd meet.

Finally, they stood before one another and Pushok quietly offered the boy his sash, the very same that would mark Zanthe's achievements come his First Blood. A moment that he hoped that the coal furred boy could look forward to, despite everything that had happened. Quietly, the Hushhowl man waited until the last of the pupils were called as respect for those that were still yet to be assigned.

When they all finally met their mentors and situated themselves, Pushok turned to Zanthe with a small grin. The black of his cloak trailed down his shoulders as he leaned forward, “We wiell staert traening sooen,” The Russian twist to his words carried over to the young man, “Untiel dhien, thienk abouet vhaet viepons yeu woeuld like teu try,“ He mused, thinking about their first official lesson and what the boy might have in mind for his future. Between blades and bows, to axes and knives, surely there was something that Zanthe would desire training for, as well as curiosities for what other skills he might choose to expand on. The world was his oyster and Pushok wasn't the sort to confine him. Under Pushok's tutelage, it would be Zanthe's time to shine.

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Today was the day, and the excitement and anticipation was palpable. Zanthe fed off it like a tick on a deer’s backend; he, surely, was the most excited of all.

This day marked his first step into adulthood, which was his path to greatness, the ultimate goal and the one he had set for himself since he could remember. Even when he had passed that immeasurable line between the fog of infancy and the clarity of sentience, Zanthe knew beyond a doubt that he was destined for greatness.

And so when his mother had set upon the task of choosing a mentor for him and his siblings, he had been adamant about someone strong, and someone who could teach him how to use a sword. The bladed weapon caused his mismatched eyes to sparkle with delight every time he saw one, or every time one was mentioned; his mouth salivated at the thought of getting his hands around a hilt.

That was, if only he had hands!

He was still bitter over the fact that Lyra had already shifted, that bird-brain overachiever; he could not make sense of it. He was stronger, faster, and in many ways smarter than she was; it wasn’t fair! But there she was, sauntering in front of him as they made their way to the Courthouse for their mentor ceremony, her backside swaying and clad in leather; he made a face behind her.

Veyron seemed to sense his disgust, and most likely mistook it for trepidation, bumping against his side in comfort. Zanthe shrugged him off; it wasn’t that he appreciated his brother’s care, it was that right now, all he wanted to know who he would be paired up with, there would be no consoling him until that was done.

Thankfully, his mother made quick work of assigning each of them their master, and Zanthe was ecstatic to hear his would be Pushok. The Hushhowl male was strong, handsome, and best of all knew how to use a sword! As soon as he was able, Zanthe bounded up to him.

The man’s words were somewhat difficult to understand, but Zanthe knew the gist of what he was on about. Eagerly he nodded, and accepted the offered sash in between white puppy teeth.
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Roza made sure to keep close to the rest of her siblings as they gathered for the ceremony. How could she not after what happened to them? She was the biggest one... at least for now, so she should be the one to protect them. Never again would one of her siblings have to be put in a situation of being taken advantage of... not that such a thing would be needed at a time like this. This was a time for the whole pack together, and they were going to given their mentors. If anything, this was a time in their lives when they would be passed on to another, and get the training they would need to start their adult lives.

Even so, that protective nature was hard to let go of.

The large child sat along with her siblings, her eyes moving down the line of other pups sitting in wait. Wow, there were so many. It was so wild to see so many getting their mentors at the same time. Were all of them going to get different ones? Who was going to get paired up with who? Who were her littermates going to get? Who was she going to get. She couldn't help but give a brief glance to the gathered adults, trying to see if maybe she could see who she may be paired up with based on her own biases.

Her head turned back to attention when Aldora began to speak. Each set was going up according to their families. That made sense. Her heterochromatic gaze followed each up that went ahead of the Hushhowl gang, each one with an adult being called out for each one. There were only so many choices remaining when it was time for all of them to step forward.

She moved along with her siblings, casting them a glance before they returned to their Sola. She was the third of her siblings to be called upon, but she found her tail wagging in anticipation.

Starlight Hushhowl.

Her mentor was to be her own cousin? How unexpected.

When her sash was given to her, Roza's eyes scanned the gathered crowd for her mentor, the dark, speckled fur standing out among the others. She padded over to the stoic woman, finally parting from her siblings for the first time since they arrived. She stood in front of her mentor, a smile moving across her face. She was eager to learn from another member of her family, and couldn't wait to get started with working on her badges.
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Roza Hushhowl

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꧁We lose our minds in a city of roses꧂

The Line Matriarch was glad of the snows that ushered down upon them all; her aged head raising to the softly fluttering flakes. Jacelyn could not describe what life filled her ancestor with the coming of winter, and yet, it suffused into even her own self, a knowledge that the time was not yet upon them.

She was not untouched, however.

Cavaliers mingled, their chattering voices raising upwards in a swell through which only snippets could be discerned. Jacelyn was silent amidst it all. This event followed on the heels of an occasion wrought with death and agony. Casa had chosen to reserve judgement on the basis of more evidence required, but her ice-held eyes often found those taken into custody with a murderous intent.

Pushok's name called in the Sola's voice snatched her attention back and presently she watched him step to take in his newly assigned ward.

It was unexpected that her own name should come forth too, and she blinked at the unforeseen turn of events. Quickly were any uncertainties drowned and her own feet took her forwards to apprehend the sash, turning to her mentee with a harsh, severe expression upon her face that was her norm.

Reaching down for the young, still four-legged, girl to take the sash between her teeth as the others had done, Jacelyn's dark lips split to hiss,

"Do not embarrass yourself, Alyonna." A warning that Alyonna should not display the flagrant childishness of her age. Despite herself, she was pleased by the appointment, knowing that Alyonna would receive whatever training and wisdom she saw fit to lavish upon her with a fiery hunger.

"Stand tall now." She commanded her student, a composed and stationary island in the wistfully bending willows of this Cavalier ceremony, her taut calf making a bare contact at the young girl's flank with a silent support.


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