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Following Ezra's request, Alaric found himself wincing at the light. His late night was not treating him fondly the next morning, but he was finding this to be his new normal. There was a little voice in the back of his head warning him that this was not the greatest trajectory, but for now, Alaric buried it as deep as he could.

He ran his fingers through his blonde curls and looked down at the unassuming ground before him. There was going to be a building here. He knew that Ezra had planned it all out, but for now it was just bare ground. It was amazing the vision that some people were just capable of. Alaric was an artist, but he lacked that creativity to see something where there was nothing.

He leaned against his shovel, the other one on the ground. He wasn't certain whether his companion would choose to dig with a tool or with feet. He wasn't certain what he would prefer either, but for now he chose to be prepared either way. Digging on four legs was easier for just dirt, however, if they ran into a large rock or root, someone would need to be capable of moving it.

When was she going to get here anyway?
She couldn't help herself in a manner of speaking... there were rituals that needed to be conducted, a certain order of actions to prepare herself for the day; if only to get away from the HushHowl's den site early to pray and enact penance upon herself once more, to do light workouts with rocks tied to her aching legs, and then to see to personal needs.

But since the poisoning happened, she could not help but return to the den and visit the benefactors whom she was most grateful to, to fuss over the young ones, specifically to check in on little Kazimir, the poor thing. Wily, intelligent Kaz, even though he was recovering, the Penitent found herself a little protective over him in particular - not to say she was not already well aware of the presence of the Father and Mother whom she owed what shred of worth to.

She could not tarry for long as she had a particular task to do beyond chores, training and gathering the woodland's precious materials; there was hard labour to be conducted for a project, headed by a man called Ezra, whom she had seen from a distance as he worked. The girlish young woman had found herself useful on behalf of Casa for once, good. Packing her burden basket with little essentials, the tall female took off with urgency. Service could not wait too long, nor perhaps the one to supervise in the cool day.

Growing limbs took her swiftly from familiar and quiet to public space, tools were to be provided she knew, and when she arrived there was a tang of shame in knowing she could already be late. Regardless she witnessed the man, Alaric so she had been told, prepared and waiting, bearing little but a necklace and a bleary demeanor upon the bare land. "Ser." The clothed female hummed, dipping her head in greetings under the worn hood. "Forgev me if Ei have taiken long," She had wriggled her long fingers in uncertainty, not wishing to be too eager with the tools already here without knowing exactly where to dig, nor too reticent, but already her throat felt as though it wanted to tighten up.

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