Red Crusade: Loner Band Interest Check
hey all! so me and Viktor have put our brains together and created a world territory intended for most everyone to enjoy (very lax request requirements), Carnalis! (recommended reading to get a better idea of the LB idea as a whole) we will be picking up characters included in the history of this page at some point (when everyone else has their slots haHA). we have some interest already from players: Veldt, Juni, Jace, and Kite (with me and vik included, that's a potential of 6/10 players)! we'd like to throw this up as a proper place to discuss on the forum!

OOC Information:
  • we do have a Discord for plotting and suggestions! if you're interested in this, please feel free to join and ask questions and whatnot!
  • since this is intended to be a Loner Band, we would like involvement from everyone, especially since Viktor & I are technically 'newer' members (i'm crusty but shh) we'd appreciate any help from more experienced 'soulsters!
IC Information:
  • the general gist is that kallippos and exodus 'x' crux are going to come on board after leaving the original Carnalis area, and they can be followed by characters from other players that have decided to join the new sect that will be forming in the 'Souls area.
now for the best part, Ideas!
  • Growth & Development of the new Sect: it would be awesome to have this be a collab project between players to build a fantasy religion from some base parts. we're not too attached to the idea of it rigidly adhereing to the world area it spawned from: since the new sect has traveled so far away, and the manner of it breaking off was wrought with unspoken tension, it's pretty likely that members joining this new sect (whether they are on-board already or not) will be able to influence it one way or another, adding new rituals, new ideas about the Devilgod (the deity they worship), and so on!
  • Archetypes: Kallippos and X could be IC leaders, but its totally optional and dependent on what players prefer. IC leadership would likely not be a big deal at least during formation since they're just tryin' to get by. as for character archetypes, anyone would be welcome. the Devilgod is 100% based around the concept of duality, so Good and Evil characters are welcome and will be reflected with X and Kallippos if they are IC leaders, since kallippos is Lawful Good and X is Lawful Evil. (So there may be a slight skew towards Lawful alignment cus you know cult, but chaotic and neutral characters would still be welcome, especially during formation!)

    they value all types of scholars, soldiers, and priests - but there might also be some sort of 'omega' type archetype existing within the group if players are interested as the original Carnalis area basically owned servants without them saying they owned servants. >_>
  • Location Ideas: camp gagetown (easier to travel to), or somewhere in d'laniger peninsula (would be more mysterious ooooo)?
  • Goals/Purpose: generally speaking the purpose of this loner band is to be able to practice their religion freely, and have enough strength in numbers to protect their religion, spread it, and grow it.

'Souls resident slime creatures
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I've been working on this with Nic (as mentioned) and have a couple ideas to add that we can bring in if people like:

  • A code of secrecy to keep those who would shut their religion down out of their business, like wearing masks/cloaks/other things to hide their identities, code phrases, aliases, etc.
  • Things like body modifications (piercings, tattoos, dye, etc.) to denote status (and/or face paint for those who don't want body modification), amount of scars worn with pride to show strength

Feel free to reply with your own if you like what you see and have something to add or expand on. 

Additionally, if you have further ideas for location, that is more than welcome.
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