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Cerberus was being trusted with one of the most precious things in the world: a puppy. Part of him wanted to race to Cedric and Aldora tell them they’d made a grave mistake. How could he do this? He wasn’t even from here. How could he teach this youth anything about Casa values? He barely believed in the whole do good, protect the weak blah blah blah. Yet here he was caving to the decision of his leaders. This poor child he thought to himself again as he rubbed his face. Get it together he told himself as he looked down at the boy. It was hard not to tell that Cerberus was bothered as he tried hard to hide it. “Come on Veyron, let's go for a walk.” He spoke. “I need to stop in the clinic real fast and leave my clothes. I think I’d rather walk beside you more naturally.” He added.

From where the meeting was to the clinic was only really a few minutes. Shedding his clothing and putting it all away he smiled at Veyron again. A learning curve for both student and mentor Cerberus thought to himself. He’d have to ask others like Eros and Guinevere who seemed to be more seasoned with mentoring. Once shift Cerberus stretched out, “alright let’s go, we will do a loop around the outside of the fort, a nice change of scenery.” He spoke trying to figure out what he was going to say or ask. 

He was sure the other mentors had rules and requirements and Cerberus well didn’t even know where to start. Did he start by apologizing to the youth for being stuck with him? No that wasn’t a good way for a mentor to act was it. Confidence he needed to have confidence he was a member of this pack. Looking back at his new charge as they walked through the fort in silence thanks to Cerberus being in his head he would have never heard the boy even if he had spoken to him. 

“Alright Veyron, you’re my first apprentice, I don’t know exactly how I’m going to teach you but I’m going to try real hard.” He spoke giving a nod to Howland as they passed the fort walls. “Why don’t we start with getting to know each other and finding out what you want to do now. As you age that might change but with each change we can deal with it when it happens. So young prince what are you interested in?” He asked 
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Veyron was very polite and wanting to have others feel safe. Therefore, the boy made sure that despite knowing how nervous Cerberus was, Veyron was relaxed and trusting. Even as the man rubbed his face, Veyron offered a small smile and the focus of his deep blue eyes. The young Knight just wished he could tell his mentor that it was alright to feel nervous, or reassure Cerberus that Veyron trusted him to do fine, but instead the boy just acted as if everything was fine. With a nod, he followed Cerberus to the clinic to let the man drop things off so they could both be in natural forms for their walk, watching across the hall to the other children meeting with their mentors. 

The stroll was a chance for both to think, which Veyron did as he focused on where he was walking. Cerberus was probably going to ask something along the lines of what the boy wanted to do. A while ago, Veyron had dreamed incredibly high, the way only a young child could. He'd thought of running the pack just like his mother, like his ancestors too. But thinking like that now only made Veyron dizzy; he'd much rather focus on how he could help the pack rather than think of the quickest route to running it. 

"You don't need to worry you know." Veyron began, giving Cerberus a smile. "I know you'll try your hardest. I'm honoured to train under you no matter what, so please don't think you're not good enough for me or anything like that." 

That done, the boy frowned and hummed in thought, reflecting on his desires for what he'd learn. For who Veyron Knight would be to Casa in a year's time. "Well... my interests are more like goals I guess... I want to protect others, but more in the way you protect them. My family are all so well known for being fighters but I don't want to just be some strong knight. I want others to feel safe and happy, healthy and alive. My mother, Minerva, had that desire too... so I'd like to carry it on in her place." 

Cerberus hadn’t really put much thought into the energy he was putting out. The youth before him could sense his worries and it wasn’t until he spoke that Cerberus realized it. “Hey now there’s no need for you to be comforting me.” He spoke smiling. “I’ve got this, everyone's gotta start somewhere.” He chuckled as they made their way down a well worn path even in the snow.

“Goals are good to have, it must be hard to not have your mother around. She was a good woman. I enjoyed chatting with her and learning from her.” He spoke. “You know what’s funny, when I heard of this pack I thought everyone here fought and joining seemed rather daunting. Even those of us who don’t really want to fight have a place. I think you’ve got a good head on your shoulders.” He stated red eyes glancing at the boy.

“Have you learned to read yet? Working with herbs you really should know how to read so you can see what the other healers and herbalists have learned. I can teach you if need be. And once you shift I can teach you to write.” He spoke. “For learning to fight I will seek guidance from others like Guin, Pushok, Nilda, and those who really enjoy it. I’ve only recently found an ability to fight so I’m still learning there.” He spoke. “What other things do you want to learn or what other goals do you have set so far?” He asked.
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Veyron was one to easily pick up on things. Blame his mother, if she wasn't dead, but he'd learnt from her that not all emotions were shown so easily. Some came from the eyes or voice, some were even more hidden away then that. Veyron wanted to be someone to helped others, be that in healing literal wounds or repairing feelings that were broken. Cerberus wasn't so troubled to need the support of a child, but Veyron smiled nonetheless when his mentor replied with a bit more confidence to him. Veyron spoke the truth after all; he wasn't demanding anything from Cerberus, only the chance to learn and become a bit more like him as a result. 

"She was, taught me a lot about being helpful and kind, I know she did a lot for Casa so I want to keep that going." Veyron responded, then chuckled. "Ask my brother Zanthe what all us kids should be learning and he'll say we should all run around with swords shouting about fights. But it's sort of because of him that I want to do this, I want to keep him safe, Ambrose and Lyra too." In a passing thought, Veyron wondered how his siblings were getting on so far, even if it was only a few minutes since the ceremony had ended. Were they all happy with their mentors, like Vey? 

"I know a bit of reading but need to learn more so please show me what you know. As for training to fight, Zanthe would kill me if I didn't pick up a weapon so I'll seek out someone to help with that... probably a sword. As much as I dream of being a healer, I can't completely ignore my family name and what it means." For other things that Veyron wanted to learn, the boy frowned for a moment... wondering if he had any solid ideas or just whispering thoughts. 

"I think... I also want to learn about the other world. The spiritual one. Something again from my mother, she had a strong connection to the spirits around us and... I would also like to learn about it. Though I know it isn't common practice here in Casa."

Veyron was a good child and as they walked along the path Cerberus could feel himself breathing easier. The pair would find their rhythm he was sure of it. He enjoyed listening to what Veyron thought hearing him talk about his siblings gave him a sense of who he was.

“I’m not too sure you’ll be needing to look after Lyra.” He chuckled. The thought of the dark chocolate girl just made him laugh. “Come to think of it, I hope she will be ok with Eros as her mentor. He can be rather rough.” He spoke. Before he looked back at the Veyron. The boy was smart though what did he expect his mother was Aldora after all and the Sola was not one to be trifled with.

As Veyron continued Cerberus just nodded listening before stopping dead. Red eyes looked at the earth tinted boy. He could have laughed and should have laughed. Was this really how his life was unfolding, a mother who he’d only assumed to be insane, going out on his own and having visions of a curse, finding his strongest connections to those who believed in the spirits. Fenris, all mother, Gaia, Iah, or whoever must be playing some sick cruel joke on the man who didn’t know what he believed.

“Well I suppose you are lucky my young prince. For some reason the gods really played a hand in this.” He spoke. “I can teach you what I know and we can talk with Kai. My mother taught me much about the world beyond ours.” By teaching Cerberus meant that he watched and listened, but Veyron didn’t need to know about his childhood.

“Alright so we need to get you reading and as soon as you shift writing as well. I want to be sure we dedicate two days to these skills, I will get another adult to work with you on swordsmanship. Perhaps Armani since she’s training her daughter Electa. We will also need to dedicate one day a week to herbs and other medical aspects. And a few days out of the moon cycle to the spiritual stuff because I’m sure it will happen at random.” Cerberus stated. “That should give you some free time and I welcome you to help with anything in the clinic anytime something happens.”

Cerberus glanced at Veyron “any questions?” He asked. “Or anything you want to talk about? We don’t have to do anything today. Getting to know each other is always nice.” He spoke.
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Veyron nodded at the mention of his sister. Lyra was tough, perhaps the most fierce out of all of them. Zanthe had the enthusiasm for life but Lyra seemed to have the focus and willpower. They all fitted different roles, the four children, Veyron hoped however that they all remained very close as life moved on. Their family dynamic had already been shifted enough times that Veyron didn't want anymore of it changing. "Yeah, I don't know uncle Eros well but... I feel like he's strict yet kind. A bit like my mother. Then Ambrose has the Lune, so I'm sure he'll be okay. Zanthe has Pushok who I only hope can handle my brother's... energy." And then for Veyron, he felt like he'd gotten the perfect mentor, just as Cerberus then explained himself. 

Confused only for a moment, Veyron's deep blue eyes widened and the boy chuckled at the realisation that Cerberus had links to more than just the medical side of helping others. It was something the man's mother taught him, which sounded similar to how Veyron wished things had gone with his mother before she'd died. Nodding throughout the list of instructions, Veyron found them all to be easy enough to follow; giving the boy free time as well meant that he could check in with his siblings often or just continue his study on his own. With that all cleared up, Veyron sat down in some of the dried grass and thought for a moment. 

"Could I ask a bit about you? So many of us here in Casa share a name, Knight, Damaichu or Hushhowl, but you're a Ganesa. I don't think that's a bad thing actually, I think it is amazing that you've found a place here, but I also... wanted to know a bit about that? How did you come to Casa?" Veyron asked, hoping he wasn't prying too deep into anything in his desire to get closer to his mentor. 

Cerberus had to admit he quite enjoyed the child and as they walked along the forest it seemed as though maybe casa was where he belonged. Veyron was smart; he was able to deduce a lot from very little information. “I’m sure there is nothing to worry about. After all Pushok raised Nilda and from what I know she herself was quite the handful as a pup.” He laughed a bit thinking of the woman he was enamored with. The green eyed woman was a beast and one he knew better than to mess with.

Veyron didn’t seem to argue with his training strategy and seemed to take it all in. Though no awkward air seemed to loom as the boy voiced up. The red eyed man looked over at the boy again. “Every pack needs fresh blood or else you’d all probably end up…” he paused for a moment. It wasn’t like he was a child, child but the birds and the bees so to speak was a bit to go they still had about a year or so before they could even make pups.

“Well me I come from a pack south of here. My mother was born and raised here not in Casa but another pack. I’m actually pretty sure I’ve read about it in Casa archives. Anathema, though I don’t know much about them, my mother never really wanted to talk much about her life here. She gave me my great grandmother's name Ganesa because her name and my grandfather's name held too many bad memories. I don’t think she uses that name at all, just her first.” He spoke. “But umm mom sent me on a mission to find someone and send them home. I never really fit in there so I stayed here. Before you were born some traders captured me and Nilda and I kind of bonded with her. Your pack saved us and I came here. I guess I felt like I owed them something. Now I feel like I really do owe them something. Day by day I feel more like this is where I was meant to be.” He spoke as he stopped walking, eyes fixed on the youth before him. “They are trusting me to teach you it’s kind of weird to feel like you belong.” He spoke.
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Zanthe was a handful, but Veyron knew his brother more than most would take training seriously. He wanted to be the 'knight' after all, the stereotypical hero who was strong and capable, whilst being smart enough to know that such a thing didn't happen without a bit of hard work. Veyron would work hard too, perhaps not with the same dream of being a warrior, but still wishing to prove himself a Cavalier. Veyron was the one with the Knight in his name and, wanting to believe in fate, assumed it meant that was the part of the family he was supposed to honour. 

But he wasn't the only pup training, spending moments like this thinking of their future and what they wanted to be. In fact, according to mother, Veyron and his siblings were part of a rather impressive boom of puppies in Casa. In a way, it did make them all feel a bit less special, with so many peers all aiming for the same goal, but Veyron could also imagine it would make them all very close in the future, when they stood in the same position as their mentors did now. 

Veyron listened patiently to Cerberus explaining his past, noting the name of the pack 'Anathema' in his head to perhaps research a bit later on. Veyron could only comprehend the idea of places beyond Casa thanks to visiting Del Cenere during the autumn. It had been a great experience for the boy to see somewhere that wasn't Cavalier land, to realise that others existed in a different lifestyle and culture but still remained somewhat familiar. Not fitting in wasn't something Veyron understood yet, but he was glad that his mentor felt better placed here in Casa. "You must deserve that trust." Veyron claimed with a smile, "I trust you, and I aim to work hard so you don't feel... too much pressure."

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