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Lucian had been spending more and more time in the training ring, but this was different.  Before his life came crumbling down around him it was all about preparing for his First Blood, but now it was almost therapeutic for the second officer. He enjoyed archery and the sounds the arrow made whistling through the air, the bend in the wood and the satisfying sound of the arrow penetrating the target, was relaxing.  But it was also a lot of fun throwing his axes at the target, relaxation and fun, what more could the man ask for?

Today was no different, he had his morning run, did his chores and was now relaxing at the training ring, practicing his aim and technique repeatedly. Lucian's plan was to follow in his Gramma Jace's footsteps and join the Brotherhood as a Master of Ranged Weapons, and he hoped that it would make her proud, but also his parents proud as they danced amung the stars.

Whistle. Thunk. Whistle. Thunk. Whistle. Thunk. Music to his ears.

The marbled wolf hybrid had gone through the arrows in his quiver at his hip, so next were the axes.  Carefully he took them from their sheaths hanging at his hips, a grin on his face as he looked at them.  They were his father's passed down to him, and a cherished family heirloom. Quickly he flung one ax in quick succession of the other at the target, one stuck, one hit with a thump and fell to the ground.  Placing his hands on his hips he shook his head and chuckled, maybe he needed to focus less on the archery and more on the throwing of axes. 

With a jovial laugh occasionally, Lucian jogged up  to the targets to collect the arrows and axes, definitely needed today and more practice.   
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Alaric was very different from his half brother who so clearly enjoyed the combat-centered pack activities. Lucian already found himself mastering two different kinds of weaponry - archery and axe throwing. Perhaps he got it from the father's side that they didn't share. Luca Knight had been a true knight. He was active and a sturdy figure for most of Alaric's life. It wasn't til the end that he had faded. Alaric couldn't remember much of his own father and only had stories to go off of. That was one of the rare things that they shared.

Pushing past his own introspection, Alaric leaned into the training ring and called out to his younger brother when he jogged back up to the target to retrieve his projectiles. "Hey, little brother!"

When Lucian turned, Alaric tried to not look so sad at his brother's eyes. They were the color of Veri's, aside from the one with yellow. Alaric himself had an eye for Veri, but it was hard to see one's own eye. He couldn't help but wonder if Lucian felt the same way.

"I just wanted to stop by and check in on you today since we haven't touched base in a little while." It was a shame they had been born so far apart. Alaric had longed for siblings his own age and the Nightshade siblings had been to absorbed in their own troubles to be that for him. Instead, he had been pulled into friendship with the last Stryder-Knight siblings and Nayavota, but as the trio had been milk siblings, Alaric had always felt like the odd man out. It was no different with his youngest brothers.
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Kneeling down, ivory hands reached out to collect the axes first placing them in the holster around his hips. Next he collected the arrows from the targets, not all of them great shots, but at least they all hit the target, it was what he tried for each time, and each time he got a little better.  But as he was collecting them, a familiar voice from behind echoed in his ears and he pivoted around to catch glimpse of one of his older brothers.  A happy smile came across his muzzle as he gave a wave to Alaric, grabbed the last few arrows and jogged back over to where the Ivanov man leaned on the fence.

"Good to see you Alaric."

Placing his hands on his hips he gave his brother a smile and nodded.

"It's been too long brother.  But I am good, everyday is a little better, that's all I can ask really.  How about you, are you hanging in there?"

This year the brothers had been through a lot, life changing events, events that would change who a luperci was, Alaric had been through more than Lucian with the loss of the man's daughter.  Heartbreaking for anyone, but especially so closely after losing their mother, a man could only handle but so much pain and suffering. His brother, however, seemed to be surviving and for that he was thankful. As a young pup and growing up he felt much closer to him than now, so much had happened and instead of facing it like a man, Lucian had run and not stayed to support his remaining family. Maybe that had caused a rift between the two of them?

"I don't think I ever apologized to you for leaving after mother died….I should have stayed and been here for the family I still had…I'm sorry Alaric. But I'm here now, if you need anything."

Lucian gave his brother a smile, he was always the protector, the "big brother" even though in this case he was really the little brother.  Clearing his throat, the Marino man motioned towards the target,

"Care to do a little shooting, it always helps me relax."
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