[P] Living Towards the Target
For Juni/Azade - Crafting some arrows <3

With as much practice as he had been doing, his arrows had seen better days, he really needed to get use to using training or practice arrows more often. So today he would dedicate to making more arrows.  Gramma Jace had taught him the skill when he was young and he had helped her a few times in his youth, but today he would be riding solo without her instruction.  Hopefully he would get it right enough.  The second officer knew that that task had needed to be done for some time now, so he had hunted to secure a turkey for the feathers and a deer to use the bone to make arrowheads.  There was also a plethora of sinew, and  pine pitch to use for assembly of the arrow, he just needed the wood for the shaft and to form the bone arrowheads.

While he missed the colors of spring, summer and fall, winter and the lack of leaves made it easy to spot the straightest and even branches to use for the shaft of the arrow.  With a satchel across his body and axes on his hips he was ready to venture out from the Fort in search of the remaining items needed to construct the arrows. A blanket of snow covered the ground, but the All Mother and Artoi had graced them with a sunny day, one of the few they would see this time of year.  It made the man smile as he looked around the bustling town, so fresh and clean with fresh snow.  A cold breeze blew ruffling his downy pelt, it was a beautiful winter day.

As he walked azure and marigold hues caught glimpse of some of the pups playing in the snow and brought a smile to his face, distracting him, he almost ran in to the borzoi woman who had recently joined the Cavaliers.

"Hello Miss Azade, how are you today?"

Lucian gave her a kind smile and dip of his muzzle, even if his rank was higher, he would always respect those older than him and be polite.  If not Gramma Jace or his mother's ghost might come back and smack him upside the back of his head. Thinking that doing some gathering and making arrows might go better with company,

"Are you busy today?  I was going out to collect some branches, then was going to sit down by the fire and make some arrows, would you care to join me?"

Again he gave her a dashing smile, who could say no to that?
Kindness of His Mother, Fierceness of His Father

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