[DND] One Step Leads to the Other, and This One, The First.
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[Image: Giftfrom-Shadeby-Corie.png]Today was the day! The first official day of training was to begin as soon as Zanthe arrived, and Pushok did not skip on anything at all.

The Hushhowl man wore his fetching blue tunic, and upon his shoulders, the black mantle now crested with the fur of a marbled fox. A quiet notation of how far he had come, and a symbol of how far he had yet to go to rest in the embrace of the Lionheart.

Earthen pants covered his legs as he made his way from the storage, arms filled with an assortment of weaponry. He recalled his first moments picking a weapon that spoke to him, and he wanted that very same moment for Zanthe. So, encumbered by the weapon storage's finest blades and taut bows, Pushok made his way down the steps of the Courthouse and to the wall that faced the fountain. There, he propped each weapon up against the wall with care.

He recalled the days long ago when he'd attempted to help train his brother with a weapon that didn't feel right, much to his chagrin. Temnota had failed because of his foolish actions as a boy, but an important lesson was learned that day. As Temnota now wielded a spear with confidence, Pushok had learned that not every weapon worked as his had.

More importantly, a weapon was only half of the work. If disarmed, then there was no saving grace if one didn't learn how to protect themselves. Pushok had been lucky to have a family that was physically strong as well as skilled in their preferred tools. He wanted Zanthe to have that same experience, so that if his weapon was felled from his hand, that he would still have what it took to protect himself.

With the tools propped up neatly, and safely, Pushok stood back to take a gander at his work. Everything seemed well set, and he crossed his arms over his chest approvingly. Turning from the span of metal and wood, he met the fountain with two-toned eyes. It wouldn't be long now until the boy was here, and then, the foundation work could begin.


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"Mother, STOOOOPPPP!" Zanthe bade his towering giant of a woman life giver, "For the love of Fenris and the Goddess I am clean!"

Of course he wasn’t clean, Zanthe had earlier enjoyed a roll in some horse manure, but exasperated Aldora finally relented her primping and preening, "You may go."


With the speed of a spring hare the Damaichu prince burst through the open door of his grandpapa’s home and into the snowy outside world, though he landed with a somewhat unceremoniously slip. Damn these four legs, why couldn’t he just finally shift and be like a normal Luperci?

Clothes, weapons, dancing, running; it all sounded amazing and Zanthe was bereft that it had not happened yet. ‘In due time’ his mother had said, while Lyra stood in the corner with that smug look on her face; he’d show her, he’d show them all! When he shifted, he would be giant, eight feet tall at least! He would have to duck down to enter the Courthouse, everyone would have to look up to him, including his mother! It would glorious.

His head was filled with this amazing nonsense when he found the smattering of blue against the brick of the Courthouse wall, "Master Pushok!" He exclaimed as he bounded over, tail wagging and tongue flopping out, "I am here!"

Quickly though his excitement turned to dismay as he saw the plethora of weapons leaned up against the wall before him, "What’s all this? What’s all this?" He asked, confused eyes looking up at the imposing Hushhowl man, "You know I can’t shift yet right? Why are these here?" His voice was now tinged with what sounded like sadness, and perhaps, anger.

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[Image: Giftfrom-Shadeby-Corie.png]There came a call at his back and Pushok rose to it, his name with the grand title of 'Master' before it. It was quite a new feeling indeed, intimidating, if not welcomed with full embrace. Silver ears shivered as the pale Hushhowl stood to full height and found the young Zanthe full of enthusiasm. Or so he had been. In the instant he was within reach of Pushok's grin, the boy's eyes dropped to the weapons, and returned to his Mentor.

Instantly, Pushok's grin was whisked away and with a cant of his head, he listened to the sound of confusion. It was followed shortly after by a reveal that the Damaichu son had not yet taken the form that was necessary to wield these weapons.

In true Pushok fashion, the man found himself a little dull on the get-up, but that did not mean that today was a lost cause. So far, his mentor skills were not shining very bright. He'd not done his homework and it created quite the hiccup. Hopefully, Zanthe wouldn't hold this against him for long.

“Wiell, neu,” The pale man divulged. There had been so many pups, it was hard to keep heads or tails of them while his duties were still needing doing. The Hushhowl sort had been difficult enough to keep tabs on, and in honesty, Pushok couldn't say for sure which of them had shifted either. A mistake on his own front, that he'd take responsibility for. An apologetic smile painted Pushok's features as he started working his hands through his gauntlets.

“I ahm soerry feur noet knoewing,” Words were genuine, and he hoped that the boy would take them for what they were, “But teuday is feur me teu get to knoew yeu. Neow dhat I knoew, I caen meet yeu at yeur lievel,” He spoke. In no time at all, he was tugging the tunic over his head.

His clothes dropped to the ground and in no time he was shaking his coat out with four paws upon the earth. While his mistake had already been made, he could still attempt to right it, “We caen taelk aboeut dhe weapons laeter. Tiell me now, whaet moer is dhere teu kneow aboeut Zaenthe.”



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