[DND] Beginning Wild
Jace - Caspian/JD

[Image: Zetsunewref.png]“Try again, Kazimir,” Zetsubou chuckled fondly.

The mahogany Sworn was in his slightest form, standing in opposition to the lanky limbs of his son. They stood within the training ring to the west of the courthouse in the Fort. Zetsubou had found it uninhabited, and with Kazi not far behind him, had decided to take a detour into making sure the boy had a strong foundation when it came to training with his Mentor.

While it did sadden Zetsubou that he hadn't been chosen, he knew within his heart that he didn't need the title in order to provide for the young Cavaliers and their future. He could do just fine without.

This was what encouraged him further to have a little training session with his young, unshifted son. Not only would Kazi benefit from it, but he needed to ensure that the boy was in the proper mindset, obedient, and listen to Guinn when she instructed him. So far, Kazi seemed to be receptive, if a little resistant.

Kazi, however, wasn't the little boy he used to be. He was near up to the age where his first shift should be happening, so it was the perfect opportunity to get him used to properly training his quadruped form. Try as he might, however, with each little lunge, his teeth couldn't find purchase on Zetsubou's seemingly more agile body.

“Follow through, Kaz,” He persuaded, and his pale son did just that.

Full force, Kazi jumped at his father, frustration on his features when all the sudden, Zetsubou stopped retreating.

Bihued eyes reached over Kazimir's head as the boy tumbled into his father.

“Jacelyn. Caspian. Good to see you,” Putting a paw to Kazimir's head, he bid him stay while the adults exchanged some words.

Kazimir, of course, had different ideas and properly followed through on a bit given right to the soft of Zetsu's leg.

His father winced for a moment and then grinned apologetically to his new company, “What brings you here?”


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