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Salena - Roza
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[Image: Kazimirpub.png]What a day today had already been.

The purple sash that he'd been given had been balled up and tossed into his Denhouse, carelessly thrown atop the dresser so as not to lose it when he was doing far more important things. Things like finding his siblings and figuring out how the lot of them felt about their mentors. He wasn't exactly sure of his own, to be honest.

She had a fresh litter of pups tied to her chest, but also sported two different weapons at her hip as well as achieving a Brotherhood rank. She must be skilled if she were to reach that position well before his father had. He'd never seen her training, though. Now, with pups, he wondered if she would.

What did her motherhood mean in contrast to his training?

He wasn't sure, but of everything he hoped that it meant less attention. He could get along just fine on his own, or so he thought.

Making his way to the Hushhowl Densite campfire, he drug his feet until he sat to rest on one of the logs. He could feel it's warmth against the chill of the air, and he slouched to rest on one elbow, taking up as much of the log as he possibly could. On his chest he donned a scrap of a shirt and what was supposed to be a pair of pants, but were so well worn that they did little against the cold. Thankfully his adult coat had come in and did what clothing could. Father had said that he'd get him something nicer to wear, but Mother didn't seem too concerned with it.

Rather than actively go out and search for them, he was very sure that one of them would either seek him out or trip over him here at the Dens. It was a fast way to get to them. After all, they always managed to find him when he was trying to avoid them most.

A stick fit into his palm and he poked at the logs on the fire, watching the embers jump up as one of the charred logs split in half and disrupted the fire. Hopefully, his siblings mentors would be so attentive that they'd be out of his hair once training started.

Roza found herself staring at the sash longer than she cared to admit. Something so simple was going to be a big part of their lives, the first step into adulthood... for the time being anyways. She and her siblings were still young, as were the others getting their sashes and mentors. Even so, there would be so much time spent outside the densite, working and training, something so engrained in Casa's culture. She couldn't wait to get started.

But some of it would be on her mentor's time. The adults had their own lives outside of making sure the one assigned to them was ready when the time came, and granted, there was plenty of wiggle room with how much time they would have to obtain their shields.

So why not at least use that as an excuse now? Surely Starlight would not mind if she spent a short amount of time after the ceremony with her family and the other pups. It's not like she got a whole lot of time to interact with them, especially the latter of those two.

The large pup padded to the main cave of the densite, spotting her brother resting along one of the logs, his optime form spread out. She still hadn't shifted like he had, but even when all of them were in the same form, she was bigger then them. Maybe it would give him some comfort knowing he was bigger than her for the time being. Maybe Alyonna would as well.

Roza trotted over to her brother, pulling herself up onto the log with whatever space he wasn't taking up. She didn't like seeing him like this. One paw moved up, gently pushing it along his head and one ear, "Hey Kaz. You look sad. Are you ok?" It seemed to unreasonable, but she had to make sure he was alright. She was going to be there anytime her sister had a nightmare, and she was going to be there when her brother needed her. Whether or not they wanted her care, she was still going to do it. They were family, and they meant the world to her.
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Roza Hushhowl

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[Image: Kazimirpub.png]Seated upon the log with the fire at his front, Golden eyes peeked at the image of his sister, Roza, that padded near. As her paw graced his features, he pulled his head back and a wave of his hand stopped all of that compassion that his littermate had offered him. He was already quite a bit annoyed, and the pestering of his older sister wasn't tolerated for long. Still, she'd come while he was waiting for someone, so rather than go off on his own, he turned his maw to her.

“Your Mentor,” He spoke with a pause in his words, considering carefully what he might say that wouldn't get him in the hot seat, “What do you think of her teachings so far?” Roza was lucky, of course. Starlight was a part of their family and she was well known as firm and a fighter. With Kazimir being rather standoffish with company, he hadn't grown to know Guin as well as she should, or perhaps, as he might be expected to. Why couldn't he be lucky with one of his family as a Mentor? He wouldn't have to bother with the unnecessary 'getting to know' parts of this whole Mentor business.

It's a question that he desired an answer to far more than he was aware, and it was followed by another question, betraying his attempt at conversation for true intention, “What do you think of Guin? Can she even be a Mentor with pups?” It could have likely been said with more tact, but he said what he meant. With a bunch of pups tied to her chest, how could she possibly show Kazimir anything?

Maybe he was just being a bit ignorant, but that didn't bother him too much. Roza was seemingly more level-headed than he was, so asking her more outright might leave a bad taste in her mouth, but he was willing to risk that for honesty.

Roza couldn't help but pout a bit when her brother brushed her paw away. Typical Kazimir. There was an air of understanding with his attitude, being as this was just the kind of person he was... but it also made her sad. Out of anyone in Casa, she would think her brother would at least be a little more... open? Friendly? Something along those lines with his littermates. She may not be able to speak for the other two, but she loved her brother. She favored him and Alyonna considering what both of them had already been through.

So even if there was a small chance she could try and make him feel better, she was going to take it, even if that "feel better" was nothing more than him still being by himself just with a smile on his face.

At the mention of her mentor, her dual colored eyes moved up in thought, settling down on her rear, "I haven't had that much time with Starlight, but she's good from what little we have done. Very serious person. I make sure to stay focused when learning from her." That's not to say she wouldn't if it had come to another member of Casa having been her mentor, but with the type of no-nonsense attitude her mentor had, that just made it even more so.

The conversation shifted to his own mentor. She had moved a paw up to speak, but a worry of his own must have creeped into his question. It was a fair one to be worried about. Once she settled on an answer in her head, she wasted no time in sharing it with her brother, "I am sure she could. She's smart. Even if she has pups, couldn't she get someone to watch them for a little bit while she's training with you? It might be a bit harder for both of you, but I don't have any doubts. You shouldn't either Kaz."

She tried to raise a paw back up at him again, "Does that make you feel a little better?"
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Roza Hushhowl

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[Image: Kazimirpub.png]Her sights, a mirror image of their father's, turned up in consideration to what he'd asked. It didn't take her long to supply an answer to him, and it wasn't one he was excited to hear. Starlight was strict, from how he understood what Roza said, and that suited his sister so well. A perfect match.

Then why did Guin seem such an ill-fit for him?

Roza seemed as if she was about to speak, but Kazi had unveiled his worries to her, if even in a underhanded manner. That didn't stop his sister from finding something to say that started to set Kazimir's mind in motion in a different direction. Even if Guin was capable, would she have the time? What if no one was around to watch her pups?

When she spoke of doubts, he tensed his lips in a crooked, half-hearted, lackluster smile. It didn't exactly qualm his worries, but rather had him considering more, “I don't know,” He said, unable to divulge how he really felt about the whole situation.

He was the son of Zetsubou and Dusk. A Hushhowl. That seemed to mean so much to those of the clan, but to him, it didn't ring any bell of great importance. Even if Guin could teach him well, the question lay there within, would she teach him?

“This whole mentoring thing... it's weird,” He concluded. He could just as easily go after another Cavalier to teach him, so what was the importance of having one that was in charge of him, “What do you think about it? Mentoring. Does it make sense to you?”

There were faint traces of a pout moving across her face when she heard her brother's answer. It wasn't what she was hoping for. Even a 'no' would have been better than 'I don't know'. What was she supposed to do now with that? He didn't seem to have an ounce of vim to him, so she wasn't sure how to give some of her own. She tried, but it didn't seem to work... well, except for one small thing. The paw she raised pressed gently against his face, "Made you smile at least."

Small victories.

Roza tilted her head to the side a bit. Weird was certainly not the word she would use to describe their mentoring process. He even questioned what she thought of the whole thing, cause her eyes to move up again while she gave it some thought. She wondered what it was that was making her brother think so much about this. It couldn't have had anything to do with what happened to him before right? So what then...?

Her tail wagged slightly behind her when she finally came up with her answer, "I think it makes sense to me. I mean, I suppose Mama and Papa could always be the ones to teach us, but having just one person to focus on your training gives them more time for you where as our parents would have to juggle their time. I suppose when it comes to picking our mentors, I assume the leaders try to pair us up with who they think would best be suited to teach up, since not everyone learns the same. I don't really see anything wrong with it."

Now it was her turn to ask the questions. She got back up on her feet, pushing the upper half of her body onto the log so she was more eye level with Kazimir. Her head tilted a bit again, "Why are you asking about all this all of a sudden? Do you not like Guin? If that's the problem, can't you ask the leadership to see if maybe they would be ok with you learning from someone else? Maybe you just haven't given her enough of a chance yet."
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Roza Hushhowl

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[Image: Kazimirpub.png]Roza's words were found with a sharper eye than he'd given her before, especially at the expense of his go-to stoicism. Golden hues found her for a moment before eyes slipped to the fire, and the expression drained from his face. He'd been caught red-handed, and she aimed to make it known.

After all, a smile out of Kazimir was an achievement, be it ever so half-hearted.

When the moment came that he explained himself more, he watched as as Roza's head tilted, the maroon of her features seeming to say more than her silence did. Perplexed, maybe? It was clear that they were not of the same understanding. That much was soon made clear as his sister explained herself.

What she said did make some sense, not that it was anything Kazimir really wanted to deal with. Mother was often busy and Father had too many rules, was too worried about stuff that wasn't going to happen. Not only this but Kazimir still felt the shame of the fall he'd had on the ravine. It worked to Nazar's benefit, but to his own? It seemed like he'd never live it down.

“I guess,” He spoke emptily. She was probably right. Roza always had more wit about her than he seemed to.

The reddish girl then took a turn at probing, to figure out why it was that Kazimir was so concerned with the mentoring, and with Guinn in general. He had a quick answer, “I don't know,” He supplied, which surely didn't do Roza much good, “She's got pups. She's probably too busy to deal with me, but... That's probably a good thing,” Words started trailing off, wondering if his next statement was truly plausible, or if he'd really have to lean on Guin and their parents for lessons, “Maybe I can do it myself.”

A shake of his head came, the pale locks slipping from his shoulder and hanging to frame his face, “Maybe I haven't given her a chance...” He muttered, Roza's words sinking in through the cracks in the wall he'd raised around himself. Trying wouldn't hurt, right?


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