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OOC: Luna is in Optime and Vezda is in Lupus

The day after the ceremony, Luna was up and rolling closed the piece of paper she'd listed things out on. Outside, Vezda was waiting, stretching out his large body after running all the way to the Library from the den-site. He'd spent the night there with the rest of their large family, soaking in a nicer atmosphere whilst Luna had volunteered to head home to check on their dad. She'd told him about the ceremony; who was going to mentor her and Vez along with his younger siblings... but of course she got not a lot of interest. To keep it from being a one-sided conversation, the girl had instead taken a piece of paper and written down all of her plans for training. 

Explaining that to Vezda now, the boy nodded his head. "Sounds good to me, I think Viridian has a room over in the Fort so we should probably head out there... reckon papa's gonna be alright?" He asked, glancing back to the doors. Luna frowned for a moment before nodding, smiling to Vez in a reassuring manner. 

"He'll be fine. Got him to eat a bit so he'll probably just be sat writing until we get back." Probably won't even know they're gone either. 

That decided, the pair made it back towards the heart of Casa, arriving around midday and heading straight towards the Courthouse. Meeting with their mentor had been arranged yesterday, along the lines of a simple instruction to turn up ready to go around this time. So, excitement brewing, the pair settled around the steps to the Courthouse and thought about the day ahead. 


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She wasn't sure exactly who thought it was a good idea for her to be a mentor — maybe the Lune had gotten too good of an impression of her when they took down the so-called indomitable Haddon — but by god was it going to be a weird time for all involved.

Because oh noooo, just looking after one little runt wasn't good enough. She'd done so well, in fact, she got two of the damn things.

Well, that and the fact that no one in Casa seemed to know how to keep it in their pants, since they had about a dozen kids in need of a teacher.

Viridian huffed as she paced her little room in the Courthouse, her dark cloak staving off some of the stagnant cold that lingered within the walls. They'd be along any minute now, she knew; there wasn't much avoiding them at this point, the brother and sister. Though she hadn't so much as talked to them prior to the ceremony, the Officer recognized them immediately when her name was called as their responsible and wise mentor.

They had the dead mom.

It was a tragedy that, from what little she had seen out of them, made her think that it was more of a motivator than anything. Because where they could have shied away and remained in their grief, a huge part of their childhood taken away from them — instead, the pair was blazing forward, going through with the typical Casa motions, as was expected of them.

That had to count for something, she thought.

When she could see them coming her way just outside her window, the Soul took in a deep breath and held it, thankful she'd already had the foresight of taking a swig of her ol' faithful before they got started.

"Uh, hey," Viri greeted, a little awkwardly, once clambering down the stairs. "Lunatini and... erm... Vezda...tini... right?"

Her brows furrowed a little at the boy, "Have you not shifted yet?"

Pale eyes cut back to Luna, and she gave a little grin.

"Well, doesn't matter. It's good to know how to handle yourself on four legs as well as two, y'know?"

She tried to laugh. God, I am terrible with kids.


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Meeting with Viridian was an exciting time for the pair. As children, before their mother was gone, they only really spoke with family or anyone visiting. As much as Luna was a confident girl, she hardly dealt with anyone outside of the Hushhowl family. And then when Tlama was gone, the pair spent even less time around with others, having to stick near Borya to make sure their father was alright. Although training would mean less time around their dad, it felt like a breath of fresh air for the kids, perhaps a chance to feel like their lives weren't weighed down by responsibilities of caring for their father. 

Once Viridian arrived, Vezda got up from the floor and shook himself off, whilst Luna stood up straight and offered a small smile. "Luna and Vezda are fine. The -tini part is kind of like a family name? So I wouldn't worry about it." The girl explained, before chuckling as their mentor turned her attention down to the large but not yet shifted Vezda. The boy looked sheepish for a moment before Luna nudged him. "She's right, you've always been fast on four legs, and a good hunter. Besides..." And the girl looked to Viridian for this, "Vez is still learning his lesson about rushing into things without thinking."

She wouldn't elaborate on the bear, but it got a huff from Vezda who did finally smile after rolling his eyes. "Yeah yeah, no more looking for danger just to force things, I get it. I bet I could still take you down like this." The boy challenged, Luna responding with a grin. 

"Well anyway," with blazing eyes looking back to Viridian, "I know we're your first students. And I'm sorry... because technically it's my fault that you've got us both. I asked to not be split from Vezda... easier for us to stick together due to things at home." The girl paused, and Vezda took a step forward. 

"But we're not going to let you down, me and Luna... we aim to be the best we can be."


You're ready, born ready
And all you gotta do
Is put one foot in front of you

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They were a handsome pair, when she stopped to think about it. Something about the siblings seemed to exude a confidence that far proceeded their young age; it was a similar aura she got from a lot of the Cavalier youth, little warriors in the making that knew exactly what was expected of them and must've been handling swords and shields as soon as they got their own pair of hands.

"Oh, good," she breathed a sigh of relief, just glad she hadn't gotten their names mixed up or completely wrong. "Seems like kind of a mouthful, anyway. Luna and Vezda, gotcha." She pointed at each one with their respective name to get it through her thick skull; now if she messed them up, she'd look like even more of an idiot, a threat that constantly loomed over her shoulder.

They had high hopes, which made things a little easier, she thought. They probably could just as well teach themselves with only a few pieces of advice from Viri sprinkled in, given they were a pair. Perhaps it wasn't so bad, then, since they could just entertain themselves.

"Don't worry about it," she rolled her eyes at the apology. "I mean — you two definitely lucked out, getting the best mentor in the business and all."

It was very clearly a joke, and the self-deprecation would temper their expectations if they sought too much out of her; on the other hand, though, Viridian had no intentions of completely writing them off or leaving them in the dust. Though she hadn't a clue how to deal with kids, much less teach anyone anything, she would do her damndest to show the Lune and Sola that she wasn't completely incompetent.

C'mon," she beckoned the brother-sister duo to follow her with a wave of her hand, "gotta see what we're workin' with here before we get started."

Shoving her hands in her pockets, the mutt blew away a lock of blonde hair that fell between her eyes.

"I think, hmm.... let's see... I'll let you two square off, first," she decided with a nod, agreeing with herself. "You can shift down or stay on two legs, I don't care — whatever you wanna do. After that, I'll start giving some pointers. Sound good?"


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Viridian was an interesting woman. Admittedly, Luna knew very little about her. She was a guard for the pack which spoke a lot of her combat ability, but she was also different in terms of having no blood connection to the pack. In a place like Casa, where familes were almost ridiculously big, that made Viridian stand out even more. Yet in her difference, she also just seemed like a perfect choice for the pair. They wanted to prove themselves in a way that was different from others. Most wanted to make the pack proud, where as Luna and Vezda wanted to make themselves proud and... hopefully... their dad proud as well. This was about personal growth, maturing fast and standing on their own feet as soon as possible. 

She would be a good mentor, Luna was certain. Life had only disappointed her once, she refused to let it ruin her spirits anymore. 

They followed Viridian for the short distance she took them away, knowing their mentor was just thinking of a best place to start. Her suggestion wasn't too much of a surprise for the siblings though; they'd expected to be fighting each other a lot in training. Best way to learn the capabilities of the other after all, so that in due time they'd be able to fight together as if one single unit. For now though, a fight between siblings did sound quite fun anyway, and Luna's smile immediately grew wider. She turned to Vezda, who looked unsure only for a moment before catching onto Luna's enthusiasm and showing some himself, beginning to snarl. 

Luna was going to stick to her new form of course, desperate to punish Vez for what had happened in order for her to shift early. It made it tough however, as Vezda charged and jumped up to attempt to knock Luna down, to keep hold of her heavy brother. But with a good grip around his neck, Luna managed to bend her back just enough to grapple Vezda and hold the large wolf in a headlock, more or less riding on top of him. "So..." Luna began between struggles. "How did you join Casa?" With a grunt, Vezda managed to smack Luna in the nose with the back of his head, forcing her to let go and allow the large boy to pin her down instead. The fight was still on, but both siblings had ears turned to listen to their mentor.


You're ready, born ready
And all you gotta do
Is put one foot in front of you

the hills have eyes

Well, they definitely didn't waste any time getting down and dirty.

Of course, when Viridian really thought about it, she'd be raised with rough-and-tumble siblings, too, once upon a time. She had the added bonus of being the only girl in a litter full of shitty brothers, so learning how to stand up for herself at a young age was pivotal. The amount of times Cinder tried to sneak up on her only to get his ass kicked was too many to count on one hand.

Being born and raised in Casa, these two were no strangers to friendly spars. It was evident in the way Vezda went straight for his sister in an attempt to get her on the ground, and Viri was surprised that Luna twisted him back around in a headlock, subduing him just long enough for a question.

The Soul had to laugh, and she scratched at the back of her neck. This was gonna be interesting, for sure.

"Well, I, uh — " Cut short by another quick tousle, she waited for them to adjust to the new position where it seemed Vezda had gotten an upper hand. "I had just left my old pack; wasn't a good fit, y'know."

The truncated version of events had become her go-to when those of Cavalier blood asked how she'd ended up here. She must've seemed like some sort of alien to them, having no blood ties or huge families to coast her along.

"I met Abilene and she vouched for me when I met the Lune. Been here ever since, that was... Jesus, that was last spring already?"

Time was moving too damn quickly.

"Get back on your feet," Viri stepped a little closer, giving a sharp yap to call them to attention, for whatever good that did. She held out hands where needed if they wanted an easier time hoisting themselves up.

"Not bad, but I can tell that you guys probably do this a lot, right?"

She grinned at them.

"This time, go again, but do something that the other's not gonna expect. Put the moves on 'em. Be surprising — do something that'll catch the other off-guard. You know what I mean?

"That's one half of fighting that you gotta learn pretty quick: thinking on your feet. Having some go-to moves is great and all, but if you're predictable, you're opening yourself up to someone else taking advantage of that."

If that made sense. Did that make sense? How much had she had to drink before this?

"C'mon, chop-chop," she clapped her hands together, giving the signal.


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