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For Dark/Pushok. Training thread. Location: Sugarwoods. Form: Lupus.

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The marbled man wasn't much for fighting, he'd much rather ride horses and check in on the pack pups, but that didn't mean he wasn't ready to protect the pack at a moments notice and that meant training in every form against some of the most skilled luperci in the pack and that is how he found himself today.  Four paws tapped in the snow, light on his paws, ready to take on the monochrome Hushhowl, his azure and marigold hues  met the mismatched orbs of his opponent, he dipped his muzzle to the Sworn with a smile before it was quickly replaced with a crinkle on the muzzle barring his teeth, his hackles bristled and his ears pinned down to the side, he was ready to begin.

Of course, Lucian was still young, and even though he had some real life experience of being on his own and dealing with less than ideal issues, he didn't think he had a chance against Pushok who had trained with the fearsome Jacelyn and her war hammer of death.  The boy could still feel his bones rattle from the Danahlii woman strike against his shield when he was younger.  But that was not shown to the man before him, the only thing he demonstrated was confidence and the willingness to give it his all. As far as size, the two seemed pretty evenly matched and it should be a decent wrestling match.

A blanket of snow now covered the forest floor, there was be no training ring for this match, that would be too predictable and boring, no today would take place outside of the safety of the sand pit.  Here there were trees and roots to trip over, bushes to slam against and other obstacles to add to the fight, much like they would experience out in the world, defending those they cared about. He wasn't a pup anymore and he needed to train like it.

Digging his back claws into the snow and ground for traction, Lucian leapt forward, muscles rippling under his plush, downy pelt.  Deep growls screamed from within as he chomped at the air, snarling, spittle flying everywhere.  Would Pushok rise up to meet him or he would simply move out of the way?  Either way Lucian would aim for the mans scruff and neck with his ivory, sharp teeth while his front paws thrashed at the mans side.  If any of them hit it would leave a mark under the Hushhowls pelt from the force.  He was no longer a pup, and he aimed to prove that today.
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[Image: Giftfrom-Shadeby-Corie.png]Lucian, was a furious fighter.

Pushok on the other hand, was not.

In his slightest form, where four paws stood in the place of two, he lurched back through the snow with a smile on his face. The salivating growl from his opponents maw l was returned with a carefree dodge and huff of a playful laugh. He was, least to say, enjoying himself and everything that Lucian brought to the table.

Despite his rollicking approach and amused nature, Pushok wasn't simply going to give Lucian a win out of the young man's sheer fervor. The backward pull of his head on his shoulders had his forepaws braking in the snow, his weight behind him. He slid until the snow buried his forelegs, and rather than risk getting his neck too close to Lucian's jaws, he opted for another approach.

With his front paws firmly planted in the snow, his rear end hopped up and whipped to the side to, hopefully, knock Lucian from his forward motion and get him to stumble. Whether the Marino was able to dodge, or ended up a victim to Pushok's butt slam, the monochrome Hushhowl would whip around and meet the sandy-hued male once again. A misty bark crossed the distance between them, and Pushok bowed as a pup might. A taunt, to get Lucian keyed up and working with less sense than emotion.

Pushok wouldn't let his fellow combatant know that he was at a disadvantage here. Confidence here was half of the fight.

The heavy paws of the Hushhowl artisan sank deeper into the snow, and his traction due to his added weight had his traction less than in his control when he changed directions too rapidly. He'd have to really be on his a-game if he was to ensure that Lucian not only learned a thing or two from this spar, but so that Pushok could prime himself for winter combat in this lesser form.

Who knew what the future could hold.

A misty bark crossed the distance between them, and Pushok bowed as a pup might. A taunt, to get Lucian keyed up and working with less sense than emotion.



It intrigued the Marino officer how every luperci had a different fighting style, some used intimidation, while some almost seemed jovial but skilled. Pushok was the latter of the two so it seemed.  For Lucian's snarl and barred teeth, ferocious growls weren't met in kind, but rather the monochrome man simply moved out of the way and butt bumped him on his side sending the less experienced of the two stumbling and sliding in the snow.  As soon as this happened, the snarl from his muzzle faded and a soft chuckle escaped as azure and marigold hues found his opponent once again, but this time Pushok was in a puppy play like bow.  This thrilled the marbled man, he found this type of training or wrestling much more enjoyable.

Sinking his paws deep into the snow, so that he could find traction on the frozen ground, Lucian also play bowed, his marbled tail swaying over his back, he let out a playful bark in return.  He would still learn from this match, how to maneuver and not over extend in the snow and ice, how to watch where he put his paws and to move slowly if he wanted to keep his footing and not go sliding across the forest floor in the blanket of snow.

Pink lips turned up at the corners as a smirk blessed his muzzle, before letting out another playful bark and leaping forward, careful of where he landed and how he landed on his paws. Lucian's attempt would be to side swipe Pushok, followed a butt bump of his own before turning around to play bow once more letting out a playful growl and bark before jumping up and pawing at the man's shoulder.  If he made contact there would be a thump and possible bruise left from his big strong paws.  Lucian was careful not to let his claws cause any possible damage, this was for sport and training, not for injury. Any snaps at the man's scruff, would only tug at the fur if they connected, but not pierce the skin, he did not want to draw blood today, all he wanted was to learn from the Sworn, watch his movements and how he countered the snow.  This was a learning exercise after all and no matter how big Lucian was or how old he got, there would always be more to learn, this much he knew to be true.

Landing softly in the snow, he would keep his eyes on the Hushhowl man, ready to retaliation from his playful attack.  The snow flung all around and was disturbed from the two's movements so far, and whatever wildlife and birds still around during the winter scattered long ago from the two large wolves playing in the snow. 
Kindness of His Mother, Fierceness of His Father

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