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The good thing about the mentor ceremony being complete and that winter had arrived was that everyone was busy and left ample time for Alyonna to do as she pleased.  And unlike most in the pack, the tiny Hushhowl loved her uncle, at least at times she could find him and today she was on a mission to do just that. But first she had to find a way to get his present, which was stored out of the way of puppy paws and mouths. 

So there the dark furred pup sat, tilting her head back and forth looking for a way to grab the prize. That's when her tail began to way and a smirk turned up in the corners on one side of her muzzle.  A plan had formed, and she was on a mission. Walking to the opposite side of the room, she turned and faced the tall dresser that the tekko was on and let out a small growl.  Then she ran with all her might, like a bat out of hell, she charged forward throwing all her weight against the piece of furniture causing it to rock back and forth and sending the bladed weapon tumbling to the ground, sticking straight up as the tip lodged into the den's flooring. Being so young, Alyonna was oblivious to the dangers of what just happened.

With a smile and wag, she tugged the weapon out of the ground, her teeth making marks in the handle as she trotted out of the den.  The pup thought her dad was being greedy by not sharing with his brother, if she had to share, he did too. Lifting her small muzzle to the air her dark nares flared, she looked for Nazar's scent, grinning as well as she could with the tekko in her mouth she followed the trail leading away from the den site into the shadows.

Bounding up behind the her uncle she called out,

"Unful Na'ar, I b'ought somefin for you."

Her words mumbled with the weapon still in her jaw, eventually dropping it in the snow with a little saliva and a few more teeth marks and a giant smile on her face from ear to ear.

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[Image: Nazman.png]Arms folded as he rested his head back on one of the trees that grew away from the beaten path near the Hushhowl Densite. He'd finished up his chores and he was nearly certain that the last place anyone would look for him was some place so close to the Densite. Or so he thought.

He heard his name spat out of a puppy's maw, seemingly filled with something. Blue eyes reached to the canopy before rolling to the side, his head and his shoulders following as he found one of Zetsubou's spawn seeking him out. Initially, his expression was aloof and unimpressed, but as a beautiful sight entered his eye, he found himself far more enthused by her presence.

The glisten of the Tekko shone in her maw, and he nearly stumbled to get to his feet fast enough to greet her.

“Alyonna, is it?” He spoke as he looked her slight frame up and down, sizing her up despite her age, “For me, you say?”

With a gentle sound and a quiet ring, the metal met the frozen snow and he came to a knee before her, his hand reaching for the weapon as if it were a snake that could bit him if he wasn't wary enough, “Where did you manage to find this?” Another inquiry slipped from his maw curiously as the leather touched his fingertips.

As if his hand was hungry for it, he picked up the weapon from the snow and set it into the proper place on his palm. The flex of his fingers within the weapon's embrace seated it. The feeling of an old friend in his hand, “And who allowed this?”

He wasn't so much a fool as to believe her completely, with whatever excuse she might give him. Nazar knew full well that she shouldn't have it, as well as the concept that it shouldn't even be near him, much less in his hand. Yet, that didn't stop him from turning the blade in his eye and feeling it's weight, a satisfied look in that pale blue that could only mean one thing, "I think it's time for training, don't you?"


The pup stood there with pride at the fact that she had brought a gift that her uncle seemed thrilled with and he actually knew her name, her guess was he didn't bother to remember the names of her siblings, at least not many of them. Nodding enthusiastically she indicated that the gift was most definitely for him,

"Well, my dad had two of these and you didn't have any so I figured he's always saying that we should share, and if we have to share than he has to share too!  So I knocked them off his dresser and came to find you!"

She tilted her head in confusion, allowed her?

"Uhhhh I was supposed to ask someone?  I thought giving gifts was something good?"

Alyonna wagged sheepishly with an unsure smile. This part of growing up was confusing, she was supposed to share, but not share everything?  Give gifts but have to ask to give gifts?  The dark furred pup shook her head trying to straighten out her thoughts.

Soon enough though her eyes lit up at the mention of training she dreamed of the day she would have hands and be able to train with different weapons.  With hyper nods she agreed,

"Can I watch? Please!?!

The Hushhowl gave her uncle the biggest puppy dog, pleading eyes she could muster.

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