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[[After This]]

[Image: Zetsunewref.png]Zetsubou had left the care of his son in the capable hands of Cerberus, and moved toward the Courthouse doors.

He couldn't believe what he had heard. A part of him was suspect that his brother was up to something, but another part of him wanted to believe that Nazar had actually done some good. Maybe a good man could be made of him yet.

A hand opened the entry, and he stepped through, gently closing the door in his wake. Outside, Honrin had been waiting for him. Now that Kazimir was away and Nazar had gone off on his own, the two could speak more openly about all of what had happened. There wouldn't be a need to filter what could be overheard, and Zetsubou could get an honest tale out of the Labor Head, not that the man would lie, of course.

“Run it all over me one more time, please?” Zetsu's voice was calm and collected, though an air of either stress or disbelief just barely laced his words. The wrinkle of his brows pinched between his fingers and thumbs as he tried to digest that his son had nearly been killed. His heart was in his throat, but he did his best to veil this, “What do you think of it?” Odd eyes appeared from beneath his hand as it fell to his side and looked directly into Honrin's own, “What do you really think of this?”

Of all the things that Nazar had proven himself to be, from a liar to a thief, to an aggressor and an abuser, he had turned out to be a savior of all things? Honrin would have to have patience with his incredulity, as well as be able to cope with the fact that Zetsubou had once been assaulted by the very soul that rescued his son. How could he not be thankful?


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