[P]Whittle It, Just a lil bit
For Dark/Ezra. Zasha enjoys time with an elder of the pack. <3
Dark grey clouds filled the afternoon sky, a fresh blanket of snow had fallen over night and it was still snowing now and didn't show signs of stopping.  It was cold, but the young mahogany Hushhowl had the hood of her long sleeved garment pulled up and her arms wrapped around her middle as she walked the path from the den site to the Fort.  Zasha had no particular destination in mind, she was just walking to walk and do a little thinking.  A lot had changed recently and even though the tragedy hurt her soul, she was feeling better, the pack as a whole seemed to be on the mend.

Footsteps made pawprints in the snow, and even though her dad and sister had recently cleared the path it appeared it would be a non-ending battle during the winter.  Silently she wondered if there was something they could put down to keep the snow from sticking to the paths? Maybe she would ask her father later or maybe the Labor Head would know.

Soon her thoughts turned to the upcoming First Blood ceremony where she would have to prove her worth to the pack and step into adulthood. The girl was nervous, and felt a great deal of pressure was once again placed on her shoulders, what if she didn't pass, what if she was just a giant failure like she felt before.  Would her family still love her?  Would her daddy still want to go and scavenge abandoned places with her? 

Zasha let out a sigh as she entered the Fort giving a nonchalant wave to the guard on duty. 

"Maybe Cas will be home and we can cuddle, maybe that would make me feel better…." she whispered to herself at a volume that no one else would be able to hear.

As she walked across the bridge to the gardens and the Wolfe-Denahlii camp the river that had once roared and bubble underneath had grown silent and frozen.  Winter had it's deathly grasp of Casa di Cavalieri and she was forever grateful for the safety within her pack. Putting a smile on her muzzle to had the turmoil she was feeling inside for the world, she was about the call out for Caspian when she noticed the Borzoi hybrid elder sitting at the fire.  Tilting her head in curiosity as to what the gentleman was doing, she approach slowly and quietly, moving around to where the man could see her before saying anything,

"Good afternoon Mr. Vahn.  I hope today finds you well.  I was looking for Caspian, have you seen him today?"

Brilliant blue hues fell to the wood and knife in his hands, totally distracted from the reason she was there,

"Excuse me sir, but what are you working on? Do you mind if I sit with you for a moment?"

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