[DND] A Little Work Goes a Long Way
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[Image: Arrowportraitbg.png]“Dhat's alrigh', girl,” Arrow cooed at the end of his sloped snout, a grin on his complacent face as he drew the brush across the mare's pale coat. The long hair of winter had her sporting quite the coat, and not much if it was shedding away at this time of year, but that didn't mean Alanna didn't need care. All the communal horses did, of course, and Arrow had a little extra time on his hands today. What better to do than enjoy some equine down-time?

After he was done combing through her coat, he put the brush down and went to work at combing through the tangles in her mane. There weren't too many tangles, and it wasn't any great length of time that he took in  making her look like the well-cared for mare that she was.

As his pallid fingers reached up to the crest of her mane, he got to work with braiding the hair. Each braid gathered up a little bit more of the hair until, eventually, he reached her shoulders and drew the pleats down the last free length of her white mane. Next, was her tail. He worked a different sort of braid into the long hair. Down and down his fingers worked, until the tail was done. The only thing left to do was roll up the braid and tie it into place with a cord.

A step back was taken by the Colliedog as he assessed his work. Alanna looked mighty fine, if he did say so himself. All those lessons on braiding had done him some good.

What was left to do for the day but slap a saddle on the mare and give her a good ride about, plus one last grooming session to rid her of the snow that might stick to her. Alanna seemed to have a different notion for how the day would go, and a loud whinny was produced from her deep chest, pushing the boundaries of what Arrow might allow her to get away with.


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