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There were only so many places in the Fort that one could explore before they had seen everything. The same principle could be said for the Hushhowl densite as well. It didn't help that a fair amount of the interior, especially when it came to the empty dens, were largely the same as the one she was living in with her family. It would be nice to see something new for a change, and given that the Fort was still roughly... unexplored in terms of the gated areas, perhaps it wouldn't be such a bad place to start.

There wasn't too much special about the Fort itself, mostly just buildings for the members of Casa to live or work in. The largest one was the one that had her attention for the present time. Sure, it was another place where many of the other members of Casa lived, but there were other rooms aside the living spaces.

This would be much better if one of her siblings were here... but they weren't. There was a small part of her that wanted to turn around and go looking for them... but she was already here.

Surely they were fine without her.

She shifted her weight, doing her best to push her way through the door to the main structure, her mismatched eyes moving over the main hall. She took a few steps in before noting the door behind her. She should probably close that the best she could. She leaned her weight against the door, shutting it, though she could see it was still cracked open slightly. That should be fine enough.

Paws moved across the floor, carrying her further into the building. What may be here? She would have to just see where her feet would take her from this starting point.
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