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Full moon hunt!
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Wolfsbane Co-Rank Tier III: Organize a hunt during the full moon in feral form with at least 2 other characters!
we are also using the tier I prompt of Complete a thread with no dialogue, only body language and gestures in secui or lupus form, so make sure you keep spoken dialogue out of your posts! let's do thiiisss

as there are tentatively 5 participants, no posting order for this one!

Deep within the River Valley, Kule picked up the scent. The tracks smelled of iron: a wounded creature had trespassed into their lands, but it was not just any creature. It was game: ripe for the taking. Kule's wolf blood began to show itself in this pack environment. Genetically, it made up such a tiny part of them, but in their bigger Secui form they remembered it, a vision of some lost, forgotten grandparent wandering through the same snow.

Kule threw their head back and howled: a call to hunt for fellow Caledonians to answer. The feral nature of this cry could be infectious. It encouraged something primal to be let out, to throw away the more complicated socialities that burdened the two-legged form so often. They would show how dangerous they could be just with tooth and claw alone. They would show the true, bare image of themselves. Racing together as one, with one single goal. Eat, and survive.

Knowing that their prey would hear the call just as well, Kule set forward, running towards the scent. It came into view, a moose that had been trying to drink from the river, exposing himself out in the open. At first, the bull moose cast a terrifying figure, one that Kule would never dare approach alone. But then he began to flee, and Kule saw why he had done this. Kule saw his weakness as they had smelt it just moments ago. Old blood clung to his leg, causing his once graceful run to turn into something of a stumble. They could and would capitalize on this, but not alone. He could still sprint quite fast even with his injury, and Kule knew that he would turn around and fight for his life eventually. It would be dangerous, but hunting rarely wasn't.
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Liam and Kule had grown closer since they had given him the rock vole, which meant they wound up talking more about what they were doing when they were not together. Liam was extremely happy for this. When he had first met Kule, they spoke another language and not a lick of English or any language Liam knew at all. Then, when they had learned enough English to converse with him, they were still quieter. That, and the two did not actually know each other that well yet, despite being mated. Now they talked more often with him, both about important things and the mundane details of the domestic life they shared together. This was a wonderful new development that made Liam feel happier and more secure. 

This morning, Kule had talked to Liam about the hunt they were planning to go on tonight. They even mentioned he could come if he liked, though told him that he had to be quiet and come on four legs for once. Before, being in any form besides Optime would have been a problem for Liam due to his trauma. By now, however, Kule had helped him ease into at least being more comfortable in his Secui form. He had told them about how he had complicated feelings about Lupus and Secui, so they had suggested helping him grow more used to at least Secui. Kule had said that it could prove to be healing... and it was. He felt much better about it now. Additionally, the way he experienced the world in his Secui form was vastly different from his Optime one. Kule teased him for attempting to use his hands when he did not have any, but he laughed along with them. His initial clumsiness was pretty funny.

Now, however, he could move more comfortably in this form. When he heard Kule's call for the hunt to begin, Liam came to their side. He nuzzled his large head into their fur in affectionate greeting. For how much lower this form brought his body to the earth, he still had to dip his head low to complete this gesture, for Kule was still nearly a foot shorter than he was. He would have spoken in lieu of this, but they had told him: no speech. Only body language. Urgh. He had learned some lower speech from Allen and now Kule, so it was not like his ability to use body language was poor. He was simply more used to relying on his silver tongue, though this was not the time to trade.

This was the time to hunt. 

He inhaled the scent through his nostrils. Dried blood. An injured and weakened creature. Liam had some experience with tracking, as he was no stranger to hunting. He may primarily use his bow and two legs for hunting, but he also relied on his nose to discern the location of game as well. He looked at Kule now, displaying the understanding of this information by nodding his muzzle in the direction he had detected the scent from. He was sure they had picked up on it too, though he figured it important to communicate that he also knew now.

He wondered if others from their pack would turn up, and if so, the number. Kule had previously told him of their endeavors in pursuing more skills as a wolfsbane, with Bellad Songthorn coming up in conversation as another wolfsbane. He had felt a little jealous, though he knew this was something he often felt when he saw Kule with others. It was not that he thought they would be unfaithful to him at all. He trusted Kule. If they genuinely preferred the company of another, they would not keep it a secret. He knew enough to be certain of that. The issue for him was moreso wanting more alone time with his mate, especially now that they had much to tell each other. He focused now on the opportunity at present to spend time with them. 

Liam followed the scent with Kule. He had hunted moose before, though that was when he was in Optime. Now the moose was much taller than he was. He allowed Kule to take the lead now. He recognized when he was less knowledgeable in an area, for his years taught him that acting like you knew what you did not know as a novice could make you look stupid at best and cause disaster at worst. He also wanted Kule to know he respected them and their knowledge, always had. He had seen them as intelligent from the beginning, before he even knew their name. 

OOC: Liam is not in Optime as he normally is (as stated in the signature); he is in Secui for once. 
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Quote:Wolfsbane III: Organize a hunt during the full moon in feral form with at least 2 other characters!

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All three forms had their place. This was an idea largely reflected throughout the culture of the Songthorns’ tribe and their faith. Even as the remaining adherents made for a miniscule and dwindling number of carriers for said culture, both were loyal adherents to it. Whether the Myriad, as prone to shifting as their shape-changing species, was part of the picture, was irrelevant. After all, the principle’s manifestation lay, to a far greater extent, in action than in preaching and proselyting, however earnest.

It was through frequent use, through the dedication of time and appropriate task to each of the form that they were properly honored, one’s multi-form nature sated in full.

It was, in a way, appropriate that it was the recent stranger, and a recent Luperci for that matter, Kule Pana, who called on Bellad for a hunt. Matters that he was handling in Optime had been increasingly more complex. His Deft Hands had been full. This opportunity felt to him like liberation of a sort. No banners, no mantles, no titles. No clash of minds and wills in court, no intrigue to decipher. Instead a task for muscle, blood, flesh, breath, fang. It hadn’t taken him long to agree, and he’d suspended his authority to a point where he did not insist on a high standing in the hunt – only on proper application of his capabilities.

Of course, seeing as he’d learned Iomair himself would be taking part in the hunt, it stood to reason that he would not have been at the top in terms of authority in any regard. It made him curious. A hunt was the circumstance during which the King and the Healer first met. A boar hurt Iomair’s leg then, even though the Caledonian monarch’s arrow ended the boar while Bellad held the struggling beast down. That Iomair would hunt in a quadruped form as well? Bellad couldn’t even recalled seeing him out of Optime. Was this really the method of hunting that the King was going to use?

It mattered little – he would see for himself. After spending the precious morning hours with his family, and much of the day in ever-diligent labor interspersed with anticipation of the upcoming hunt, Bellad left behind the trappings of civilizations, nobles and councils much as he did the walls and streets of manmade dwellings. He was on all fours, his body restructured to the form of distant precursors. A form he knew from childhood that his original pack called Roaming Paw. It was not until he was well on his way towards the River Valley that Bellad let loose the first howl. A message carried by the wind, and answered, hunters speaking to one another across the vastness of their hunting ground to be.

When he came into sight, those already gathered would find him a large black wolf, though not as abnormally large in stature as Ierian, scarred, with the medicine bags around his neck serving as the visual reminder of the wolf’s identity. His bright eyes stood out all the more in the dark, like a shadow with a fiery gaze. Where the eyes, the pelt, the scarring and the scent would not serve, which was, to be fair, an unlikely prospect among those of their kind.

Almost half of their present hunting party were not known to him, which was all the more reason to be by the King’s side during the hunt. For now he let his scent be taken in, one of a pure wolf frequently immersed in nature and flora, the more deliberate blends of medicinal herbs and soil giving away his lifelong calling. There’ll come a time to take in the scents of the new ones. They served to him as signatures of a sort. His mind would unravel their complexity into clues as to the unique identity of the ones before him, ones to read into like an intricate code. He would know much from it even prior to knowing what these Commoners called themselves. And he would come to learn if this was truly to be a scent associated with friends or else more strangers deserving scrutiny and suspicion.

The latter had been attempting to invade his senses and alter perception far more often as of late. It would not serve in a hunt, and he displayed no preemptive apprehension.

He was a seasoned hunter. He needed no explanation, no words spoken in any language. All that they needed to know was carried through howls, through scents and gestures. Following the vocal indications of his hunting mates and what he picked up from his sense of smell, he surveyed the tracks of their supposed prey. Large, wounded, there was a unique flavor to these traces of blood. Bellad knew the animal, and knew also that they had so large a hunting group for a reason. They could even, perhaps, require more. The hunt would show if they had been cautious enough. A trial to test them. But a welcome bounty for the pack to make use of in the coming Winter.

Bellad was going to pull his own weight. They had dispersed somewhat throughout the hunting ground. Chasing the animal alone would have been foolhardy, and the healer stalled, quite deliberately, so that he could pick up the position of the other hunters and be picked up in turn. This was a coordinated effort – not a contest between several foolhardy performers. There, in the distance, not even trying to hide, a massive figure loomed, with horns so large it seemed most Luperci in whatever form could be broken upon them in half.

Patient, careful, a minute sign was given to his fellow hunters as he positioned himself. With luck, but more so with deliberation, the moose would not immediately be able to assess their numbers, let them cut off paths of escape, let them be the ones choosing where it would attempt to seek safety. He could see its ears twitch, and saw it lift its muzzle from the water. It had to have known that it was being watched. Hopefully not by how many eyes.

Maintaining awareness of both predator and prey, Bellad Songthorn stalked across snow and shadow in anticipation of the chase and the battle to come.
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literally none of this post matters feel free to skip im sorry i just needed to get that co-rank my dudes

They continued on, slowly tracking the giant prey with their eyes. Bellad and Liam had joined them, and soon others would, too. The signs of affection they got from Liam stirred their heart into a pleasant thrumming in their ears.

They had to be careful not to tire themself out. Being in Secui form came with its drawbacks. If they chased the moose too far off, their endurance would run out. They had to rely on their fellow hunters to corral the prey, bring it onto their jaws.

Noticing Bellad's scent nearby, Kule crouched low and continued on slowly with their ears pinned as they waited for others to arrive, stopping shortly after. They would not risk getting too close and sounding the alarm. The Caledonians would work as one. The group would benefit from being fluid, switching roles on a dime if necessary. Kule guessed that their King would take the role of alpha in this hunt, but if it fell to anyone else, they had no doubt they would do well. In the silence, they could trust the most. In this way, they felt they could sense a canine's true nature. They could look in their eyes when they dealt the wounds to an animal, whether they had a respect or malice in their heart when dealing a killing blow.

The wind rustled the large trees, shaking off snow to sprinkle from the sky. Somewhere behind them Kule still heard the river running. The mountains loomed overhead, silently watching everything. Kule felt their strength, and tried to channel it. They took a deep, quiet breath. They finally felt calmed enough to take their purple eyes off their prey and looked at Liam first. He looked awkward, like a lanky teen, trying to get used to his four legged form again. Though Kule only felt proud that he had given it a try, that he would heal from the pain inflicted on his mind Kule had no doubt of. Liam was strong, and the hunt hopefully would give him a chance to play a part in a greater thing: the pack joined together by a single purpose. New Caledonia might benefit from more hunts like this. The emotions it stirred in Kule were entirely separate from chasing a hare through the snow alone.

Then they turned their attention to Bellad. Kule was struck with gladness that they were a friend, and not his enemy, for he honestly looked intimidating like this, full blooded wolf like Liam but darker, harder to see in the night for some. They could noted briefly that the healer had come to them in Lupus form, though this was not a surprise to Kule who had heard from the wolf himself that he preferred only to use the original form exclusively when hunting. Good, they thought: the group would need a combination of both speed and power. Diversity of tactics, culture, and backstories meant they could be better prepared. They all had their place: they all had their strengths and weaknesses.

As the coywolf waited, they thought of their own past. They recalled their parents and siblings. Nothing had been odd about their unit, though being a family they did not hunt big game like this unless luck happened to be on their side and they came across an easy kill. Being a group made up of coyotes meant you didn't pick battles that you weren't sure you could win. Their smaller size compared to their wolf cousins didn't necessarily make their life harder, but it did mean they had to go about it in a different way. Kule remembered being the only one to accept this fact. Maybe, until now, their wolf blood hadn't caught up with them in the way it had with their siblings. They could remember being the calmest of the group, the least reckless.

Strange, then, that they had been the first to leave, Kule thought. That the other two wished to stay with their parents just a little longer, Kule had not expected.

Their father had been the half wolf, and he had been strong. But he never much used the strength, preferring his coyote roots, which made it so the pups had this scavenger-centric upbringing. Kule hadn't quite understood him, until one day, sitting in the heat of summer, their father told him how much he had disliked his own father. The wolf, the wolf that had come to Kule not moments ago in the vision.

Until coming to 'Souls, Kule hadn't had a thought about how species, the way you were born, shifted things. Now they were beginning to understand, with consideration to how they had learnt from Liam how the Ashen had treated him: with watchful eyes and sly remarks. Some days it still made little sense, but then other times, they looked up to their packmates, packmates like Liam and Bellad, and understood how different it felt. How tiny they felt in comparison, on their worst days, the days where they picked apart what their destiny might be.

Kule hoped to make them proud. They hadn't ever learned why their father hated his own. But they could understand why he might fear him: why he might fear the own way the wolf coursed through all of them except Kule's mother. Maybe that had been part of the reason why their father had chosen her as a mate. Maybe, in the opposite direction, Kule had subconsciously chosen Liam for his stronger form, his thicker fur and tall shape, his willingness to socialize with them in a way Kule now felt only a true wolf could experience, for they themself hadn't felt it nor had they see it in their own family.

Although never coming to a understanding of it until now, Kule realized they might have their own biases: in favor of wolves rather than against them, perhaps. It might be a nonsensical conclusion to the Gang if they ever told them. Bordering on traitorous.

They would never fit among the Ashen, then. Although all of them had been kind to Kule, and Kule could have went to them, it never would've panned out. That didn't mean they had to abandon the 'yote in their blood... they couldn't run from that, either. Their thoughts turned then to how they had told Baelfire that coming to New Caledonia might've been a mistake. Now, they knew it couldn't be. They knew that no matter what, it had to work. Bellad had told them they would unlive a great many lives. Kule had seen many paths in their dreams, but now they knew they had chosen one. They had chosen a life to lead. They did not know where it would head, or where it would end. But no one could truly know the future, they had told Liam that themself a few times.

They could no longer see themself going anywhere else. It had to be here, with Liam, with Concepta and maybe a litter of their own someday. The first signs of homesickness they had ever felt twisted in their gut. But it came with a love of their new home. Both the expanding wilderness that sat before them now, and the City Square. The storage where they had found their first knife. The Rhovanion and the Apple Orchard. All of it, in the span of a few weeks, had become a fresh etching on their memory. They did not need to turn around, come what may. Come the strange tears, the disappearings that Kule had heard of. Come danger, come adventure. They were determined not to throw these chances away.
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The difference between existing in Optime and being among others in the same form was quite stark against this experience. He had only vague memories before his turning and first shift. He mostly only knew being in Secui with Kule. They had eased him into this experience in the safe confines of their cottage and sometimes the area around it. Concepta, the girl they had been sheltering and caring for, reacted with wide eyes and confusion. She barely recognized him at first, which caused a bark of laughter among them all. Memories like this with his family and friends were more valuable than the fine goods he bartered with. This was what life was for. Love and connection.

He watched Bellad. A wolf just like him, he was only a few inches shorter than him in Secui. Things felt strange, but in a new way that was positive. It was just something he was trying to grow at least tolerant of.

Liam turned his nose to the air to scent it. He could sense the moose's new and current position now. He turned his earthy gaze to the other two to communicate that they should do the same and flicked his ears and tail to indicate directions they could flank the moose on. He inclined his head to the side in thought. He wondered who would take the chase and who would flank. He knew that Kule would likely flank, but it was undecided if Bellad or Liam himself would take the primary point of chase and draw. He took a step towards the moose's direction tentatively, showing that he was willing to do it yet also fine with allowing Bellad to.
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