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[Image: image1.png]When the snow came, it came in droves, blanketing the Fort in white and transforming it to a wonderland. And though it certainly looked pretty an inspired all those feelings of child-like joy, for Honrin, it also meant endless shoveling and moving of the great drifts that liked to move in the winds overnight.

"Want to come with daddy?" He muttered to the still-tiny boy, who yapped, and cast his head about, not quite blindly anymore but still fuzzily.

Artoia's wrap had never been designed to hold two, and it had been plenty enough room to tote about his daughter but could not hold both of his brand-new sons. Especially not with them being not quite a moon yet. They were chunky little blighters.

"C'mon then, Nan." Picking up the awake son, Tristan slept quietly, contently, with his little paws twitching.

Tying the wrap to him in what could be considered a mastery of skill, little Nanouk's head peeked out, his blunt head pressing back and forth. Eventually, the repetitive motions of the shovel, the warmth of his father, and the soft humming and thumping heartbeat helped lull Nanouk back to sleep.

Honrin, though, could make no such claims of triedness to get himself out of work, and carried on picked and throwing the snow with the shovel's blunted end.


There was much on Risa's mind, perhaps now more than ever as winter laid its icy grip upon the land. There was much of his life yet to build. Though now, Risa could no longer hide behind the curtain of youth. He was a man now -- a gradual change, made day by day, that went nearly unnoticed. Yet, upon looking at his reflection in the ice, it was a fact he could no longer deny.

He wanted to do right. By himself. By his family. Yet, even after years among the Cavaliers, he felt ill-equipped to handle himself beyond the direction of his father. It was a feeling that persisted; a doubt that followed him despite every measure. Risa felt miles away from fatherhood himself, and even though he hoped to rear a proper family with the women he loved, the thought filled him with an anxiety, both new and old.

Before the day's work began, he sought Honrin and his advice once again.

"My God, he's gotten so big!" Risa exclaimed, a smile burning bright against his features despite the anxieties he hid underneath. The little pup swaddled tightly against his father's chest was a joy to see. He slipped beside Honrin and placed a hand firmly on his father's shoulder. "What are you feeding these little gobilns? Come on, you gotta tell me."

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[Image: image1.png]The tune he hummed was an old one. One he could remember from his earliest memories, that played in his mind sometimes when he was sleeping. It was an heirloom as much as his mother's bow had been, or the cloak she wrapped herself in. Cloaking herself in their history.

"Risa." He smiled as he said his elder son's name. Pausing in the shoveling, and gaining himself a much needed break. There was much that he regretted but yet, bringing his son home on the Avalon had never been one of them. What he regretted most of all was never having seen the small moment's of his son's young life, like he was getting to experience now with Tristan and Nanouk.

"He has! You know, I'm convinced Guin is feeding them extra when I'm not looking." Laughing heartily, he untucked the little boy from his wrap. Nanouk yawned widely, the flat, pink tongue wiggling about in his mouth. Baby blue eyes opened and followed the action of motions before him. He couldn't follow what he could see.

Without any great ceremony, Honrin handed Nanouk over to his big brother. Showing the young man how to hold the child securely,

"Here, jsut like this, support his head, and hold him close. Then you don't have to worry about dropping him."

Risa had a predisposition to overly worry about things, although dropping a puppy was a valid concern, Honrin knew of how his son's mind worked. Nanouk immediately went to work in sucking at Risa's fingers,

<"Abadad. Ssssaahh."> Nanouk babbled, his mouth full of the hand he chewed on.


Risa made a mirthful sound and nodded.

How strange it was to be responsible for something so small — so fragile. Risa had often wondered how his own mother had been able to handle it all on her own. It spoke to her strength, he supposed; though now, he hardly knew her, having been so long since their split years ago.

Already, Honrin was reaching for the child, and Risa’s eyes widened with apprehension. “I dunno Dad, I—” he started, but he found himself interrupted by the young pup being placed in Risa’s arms.

Oh Fenris,” he muttered to himself in incredulity.

He did just as Honrin instructed, holding the fragile little thing with all the care in the world. He was soft — much softer than he had expected. His interest in his fingers was curious and it filled Risa with a paternal warmth.

I’m doing it right… right?” he asked, shifting a nervous glance his father’s way.

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