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Luka pulled on the leather gloves that her fathers had gifted her shortly after their arrival in the pack lands. Damon and Arlen had been disappointed that their children had missed out on the mentor ceremony that the other children had gotten so they 'made it up' to Erik and Luka with gifts. Her rose colored fingers wiggled out of their holes and she smiled at the memory of it.

Starlight Hushhowl watched with an imperceptible yellow gaze. Luka had tried and failed to read this woman upon each meeting, yet still she tried. And somehow, this had landed her in a position where she'd been roped into helping the Valiant with the chore of training her apprentice.

The dark Hushhowl woman stood solidly in the training ring, arms folded across her breasts, while she waited for the arrival of her young cousin apprentice. Luka had reminded Star far too much of the dishonorable Arlen Stryder and she had made it her mission to teach the poor girl about the responsibilities of being a Cavalier that her own father had shirked so recklessly. Star trusted Damon, but with Arlen in the family there were just certain traits that were bound to appear somewhere.

When Roza finally arrived, Star's stone-like facade would finally crack. "Alright Roza, today I'm going to be teaching you some of the basics of combat. We won't be using weapons today and you will be sparring with Luka Stryder while I observe and teach. Please show me your fighting stance."
Even though it had been a few days since she finally shifted, it felt so strange to be walking around on two legs rather than the four she was used to. It didn't help that she had just as much height over her siblings in this form as she did when she was in her other one. It made her feel awkward, but it was nice to have her family around to help her with the adjustments. She'd gotten better with her balance, just needing some practice in that regard. There was one thing that came out of this, and that was the opportunity to do so much more in Casa than she had been able to before.

Today was a good example of that. Since being assigned a mentor, it was her job to make sure she was present to learn from Starlgiht. There was still plenty of time to do what was required of her to get all of her shields, but one of them would require the dark woman. She was certain once they got to that part in their training, she would be ready. She was going to get all of them by the time all those receiving mentors would be prepared to get the last one for their sashes.

Roza padded through Casa's territory, having a fair enough idea on where she needed to go to meet up with her mentor. She had done one last look around the dens before she was off, wanting to check on any siblings that were still lingering at home. Even so, last thing she wanted to do was make a bad impression of herself by turning up late to her first lesson.

When the Hushhowl girl got there, she was surprised to see someone was already there with Starlgiht. She didn't look too familiar... and she didn't seem too much older than herself. Did she have a mentor as well? Was it Starlight? As far as she knew, she was the only one assigned to her. Well, either way, if her siblings weren't around for a little competition, maybe this one would be ok with it.

Dual colored eyes moved over to her cousin when she spoke, explaining that the two of them were going to be sparring with one another to learn the basics of combat. Oh, ok. They did have to start somewhere after all. She gave a nod, but hesitated at the request to show her combative stance. Right... she could do that. Roza shifted her feet to have some distance apart from them, one in front of the other. Her arms moved up, hands turning to fists, "Is this right?"
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Roza Hushhowl

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Starlight watched her young apprentice cousin take a fighting stance. It was a young one, clearly not strong enough yet, but there was of course plenty of time to learn. That's what they were here for. To learn. Jerking her chin from Luka to Roza, Star grunted out a command. "Shove her."

Luka wasted no time at all in twisting her smile into a crooked grin like her father's before her. She widened her own legs and pushed the brown Hushhowl girl with both palms forward while taking a step for extra strength. The poor girl didn't stand a chance. Luka's giggle tittered away into silence when the harsh yellow glare of the Valiant turned in her direction. Sheepishly, she turned her own gaze to her toes.

Starlight waited until she was certain that Luka was chastised enough. The excessive use of force was not to be discouraged, but Star didn't tolerate gloating. It was unseemly and un-Cavalier.

"It seems your stance wasn't quite strong enough." She extended a hand for Roza to take so Star could pull the girl to her feet. When Roza was settled. Star took her own stance to demonstrate. "Feet apart, knees slightly bent so you don't lose your breath and fall over, lower yourself as deep as you can without losing your balance." While Roza attempted her stances again, Starlight more gently poked and prodded at the girl until she no longer wavered at Star's touch.

"Good. Luka, take your own stance across from her. You're more experienced so you're not to attack. Just defend." She ignored the redhead's rolling eyes and soured face. "Roza, watch Luka for any weaknesses and target them. Attack in any way you please." Star would consider this lesson done only when Luka's stubborn pride was sufficiently wounded.
Roza wasn't too surprised when her stance broke, causing her to fall from something as simple as a shove. Her rear planted the ground behind her, dual colored eyes focused on her opponent, ears pulling back slightly at the giggle. What was that even for? For being able to shove over someone that clearly didn't know what they were doing? She was glad to hear the giggle dying out with one look from her mentor. This was just the start of her training, so of course she wasn't going to be starting out very good. It was a matter of the darker woman to teach the younger one how to do it right.

The large girl took Starlight's hand when it was offered out to her, getting pulled up to her feet, "Yeah, you're right." Her gaze moved over her teacher, watching as she took her own stance, explaining each part of it, then breaking it so the Candid would do it herself. It didn't take her too long to get into position, but one prod to her leg made her turn to Starlight. The dark woman had done it again, at a certain point on her body.

She adjusted the limb, only for the Hushhowl to poke her somewhere else. The touches were gentle, but so many of them were getting annoying. No... She pushed that immediate thought aside. It might have been annoying, but it was necessary. How else would she get it without guidance of some kind. When the prodding stopped, she held her stance, trying to commit to memory for any point beyond this one.

A smile curled along her face, even if it was at something as simple as 'good'. It meant progress.

Roza stared at Luka, not missing the roll of her eyes. Just what was her problem? What was Starlight doing that was so wrong? It made sense to learn. She'd learn how to attack, and if the lesson went well, then she would surely move on to learn how to defend herself as well. She'd have to learn everything eventually to be ready for the First Blood, even though that was a long way to go. Still, she gave a nod, "Alright."

The brown girl took a step forward, pulling back her arm and aiming a fist for Luka. There wasn't much specific direction to her attack, just something general to get her started.
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Roza Hushhowl

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Roza was a relatively quick study, even Luka couldn't deny that for all her eye rolls and scoffing. While waiting for the girl to learn what Luka couldn't even remember learning, she picked at the dirt the had marred her clean white hands and picked it from beneath her long nails. By the time Roza was ready for the real onset of the lesson, Luka had grown bored of it.

She rolled her ice blue eyes at Star's direction which earned her another golden glare from the warrior woman. Regardless of her feelings about the whole affair, Luka took up a stance alongside the younger girl and braced herself for a weak blow. Sure enough, it came slower than that of a throw of a seasoned warrior and Luka sidestepped it with a smirk.

"Gotta be quicker than that!" She didn't look to see Starlight's reaction, but instead circled around Roza til she reached her original position. Luka bounced on her feet, light and eager for a fight. Star grimly sided with her red-headed cousin. "She is correct, Roza. Faster."

Starlight didn't care much for Luka's attitude, but the yearling already had almost half a year's study on Roza. She knew things that the younger simply couldn't at this point in life. That was why she had paired the two. Perhaps if she had known the Stryder girl better, she would have made a different choice and picked the brother instead.

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