[P] Life Out There
There had been a snow a couple days prior, though most of it had melted to reveal patches of brown and crunchy grass between pools of icy white. It was in the dead of winter now, and nothing grew, but now there was a fresh snow beginning to fall, and it was beautiful. Each flake of white reflected the moonlight and cast an eerie white glow across the sky, making it seem almost as though it were still daylight even though the sun had already completely set. 

The look of winter had a certain magical quality to it that the witch found alluring, and so she wandered, wrapped in long layers and flowing skirts to keep as much warmth close to her body as possible as she walked. She couldn’t see the stars, the sky looked completely white, and she hoped it was clouds and not simply her failing eyesight that made the sky appear this way.
There was a fresh layer of snow on the ground, and as the snow persisted. Staring at the once brown patchy grounds, grassy orbs watched with interest as the snow fell. I slowly, it began to chill the chocolate pelted female to the bone. Bouncy, curly hair, freshly picked, laid upon her cranium in a shiny heap, moved as she did. A half a step here, a half a step there, only slowly making her way out of the colder weather.

For once, the femme seemed to resemble herself rather than Her. Wrapped in a dark dress, layered with a skirt on top, the color of soot, her auburn cloak was the only standing out feature on her. A deer hide, dyed to look this way, the fur was light in coloration, a striking contrast to her somewhat darker body.

A simple crunch of leaves brought her attentions to another whim wandered just as she. At first, her heart lurched in her chest and the female felt like she might puke, but then the jackhammer settled in her chest, and Catalina’s burnt rust body turned so she might take in this female fully.

They were dressed similar, the other having more layers it would seem, a coloration of Peony, which drew a small smile to her lips. Her long, light hair was draped down in perfection, it would seem. The deal Bosque girl pulled the leather bad of her cloak tighter, letting it tighten against her throat, and then turned to the other. Not a girl, though, once she took a step closer, she was a woman. Just as small as she.

H-hell-hello…” Came the greeting, a brief moment she stared at the snowflakes as they fell from the skies, landed on her head, and seemingly all but disappeared.

The sound of a soft stammering voice reached the large coyote ears of the hybrid girl and she flinched for a moment before turning to look back at whoever it was that had called her attention. Through the haze of white and slowly falling flakes that filled the sky, Whisper could see a woman conned in a light colored cloak, with rich red brown fur that reminded whisper of the beautiful clay Lukos had found by the riverbeds where they now lived, and a lively nest of coiled and curled hair atop her head that reminded the pale girl of fire. 

This girl before her was young and pretty and her fur was so vibrant and full of life, inadvertently causing Whisper to worry about how pale and drab she must look in comparison. Her hair fell limp and straight and her hide was the color of wheat or of sand, there was nothing beautiful about her, she felt, so what did this girl want with someone like her? "O-oh... hello." She murmured back, not wanting to be impolite and leave the girl without a greeting in answer. She shivered a bit, cold in the snow now that she had been brought about to the present again, no longer losing herself in the sight of the fresh white powder that drifted down from the heavens. 

The girl was a bit shorter than Whisper, just by a hair, and the shy witch slouched a bit in answer to this, shrinking in on herself to try not to seem as though she were above the other person, but somehow this girl reminded her of her mother, small and quiet with a stammering voice, though Nyx's presence was much, much larger. She tumbled through things she could say in her mind, from asking who this girl was to introducing herself to simply asking if there was anything she wanted, but in the end, the coy mix settled on a quiet. "The snow... it's lovely... isn't it?"
The dame before her held a sand colored pelt with gorgeous, straight locks, long and waist length. Nothing like the boisterous curls atop her cranium, to which made her inwardly admonish herself. Catalina was scarred, imperfect, and a delicate flower who’s stems’ were wilting. Compared to the goddess before her, she was but a pilgrim.

Noticing the way she seemed to shiver Lina approached timidly, and unbuttoned her coat. “H-he-here… for-for the-th-the co-cold.” She stammered out, producing the pale cloak— which matched Whisper’s fur, and underneath was a thick wool dress dyed to make it look pale blue. It was cold, but not unbearable without her coat, and her hand hung with it limply in offering towards her. Hopefully she would accept, Catalina wasn’t against offering things to others in need. Being the adoptee of the leaders really had it’s fair share of want little, need little.

Verdant orbs turned upwards, watching the fluffy snow fall down. Eyes trained in and observed with an interest at the ground that collected it. “Yes…” Hands went to her elbows as she tried to make herself appear as impassive as possible.

I-I’m Cat—” her voice wobbled and she cleared her throat. “Cat-cat-catalina…

It was something in the way she held herself, something in the way she spoke, with such a soft, timid countenance. It reminded the frail coyote hybrid of the friend that she left back at the home of her parents. It reminded her of herself, a bit, and that made it hard to swallow. As Whisper watched Catalina remove her own cloak in an effort to offer Whisper some further protection against the cold, and thus, leaving herself more exposed to it than she had been before, the pale eyed girl's heart broke for the other just a bit, and Whisper gazed at the fiery girl for a moment before reaching out quietly for the offered cloak and murmuring, "Thank you..."

As she held the light dyed fur skin cloak between her fingers now, glancing down at it hanging in her own hands. She didn't feel that she deserved this gesture of kindness, and apart from that, she worried that the other girl might become chilled without her cloak, and Whisper glanced between the fabric and the one who'd offered it to her for a moment longer. Catalina made herself known then, introducing herself by name, though she struggled to get the words out as Whisper sometimes did, and the shy medic smiled softly and sighed, her tail barely swaying behind her after the moment she decided she liked this girl, truly, and she wanted to do what she could to help her, or protect her, or even just be her friend, if that was something she could do.

"I'm..." She began, holding the cloak up to herself and letting it shield her from the wind and cold at her front as she mustered up the will to introduce herself, and perhaps to try what it was that she had in mind to suggest, hoping that Catalina wouldn't think she was too weird for suggesting it. "Whisper." She finished in saying her own name. They took a moment to gaze at the snow as it came down and piled around them in a shroud of glittering white. "I-if you're going to be... o-out here for a while..." She started again, mustering up her courage to suggest something that perhaps only friends were allowed to suggest, hoping she wasn't doing any damage by asking, or that she wouldn't make a fool of herself. "We could... share this?" She asked, holding up the cloak she still held slightly and even thinking of her own shawl. 

If they were to both sit outside and watch the snow, maybe talk as they did so, they might as well both be warm while they did it. "I-I don't want you to.. be.. cold either..." She mumbled now, glancing down and letting her gaze settle low along with her confidence levels. "I don't know a-all that many people here yet..." She added, almost sure already that she had overstepped some hidden line and made herself look crazy in doing so, ready to drop the cloak and flee should it come down to it.
Somehow their combined timid appearances seemed to calm Catalina. It wasn’t like there was a barrier halting them from experiencing an enjoyable moment together, but the opposite, Catalina thought anyways. Her hands stilled by her side instead of twitching with nervous habits like the usually did, and when the femme uttered her thanks, it drew a small grin onto her delicate features.

But instead of putting it on like Catalina would have expected, there was a pregnant pause, halting as she suspended it in the air, really looking at it. But the closeness in which she held it and the way she squinted— or was she just making that up?— made Cat assume that her eyes were having troubles seeing things properly. Taking a tentative step forwards, the Coyote hybrid halted just short of a foot away. It wouldn’t be accustomed…or was it normal? Did wolves and coyotes and all these hybrid’s typically greet one another with closeness at their first encounters? The realistic knowledge of usual interactions were lost in her childish mind.

Whisper… somehow the cliche of her name and the way she spoke, drew a small smile to her lips. Whisper was a pretty name, if not fitting for the bashful femme. What secrets did she hold that Catalina may have been relatable to? Something wanted to ask, but her own insecurity wouldn’t allow it. Instead she only cantered her head at Whisper’s next revelation and surprise etched itself all over her features.

O-oh… okay-yes-, t-than-thank you.” Shuffling closer, the female placed herself shoulder to shoulder next to Whisper and gently heaved the cloak up around one of her shoulders. It was somewhat delicate, if not uncanny. They did not know one another, and yet, as their bodies began to warm one another up, the pseudo-del Bosque, had started to relax now. It wasn’t weird, just two females sharing a cloak, was all, not like their was any requirement for ulterior motives.

I-I… do-don’t kn-know really… anyone-e e-either.” She said after many minutes of silence. Those aquamarine eyes shifted upwards watching the snow begin to fall. A singular flake flickered and fell onto her snout, to which she closed her eyes and smiled.
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Whisper wasn't entirely sure what she had been expecting when she had dared to make the proposal that the two females could share the cloak in order for both of them to benefit from it's warmth while the two of them watched the snow fall together, but she had anticipated any reaction over the one she was met with. She wasn't faced with any laughter, there was no mocking in Catalina's tones, and the other female didn't scorn her, as Whisper's anxieties had told her they would a thousand times over in the span of a single moment. Instead, Catalina seemed surprised by the offer but the fiery haired girl didn't shy away, she agreed and even went so far as to thank Whisper. 

The waif of a woman couldn't even comprehend what was happening, was Catalina thanking Whisper for letting her use her own cloak? She didn't even have to lend the cloak to her in the first place, Catalina was the one who deserved to be thanked, but in that moment, words failed the willowy girl, and she could do little else but nod and make a small sound of affirmation as the beautiful girl moved in beside whisper and pulled the cloak over her far shoulder, and Whisper took this as her signal to do the same with the other side of the dyed deer hide cloak. Almost immediately, the worst of the wind's chill touch was gone from her frail physique, and it was only a matter of time before she started to warm up. Where at first she'd been rather nervous, now, she was feeling at ease and peaceful in a way that Whisper hadn't felt in the presence of another Luperci in a long while.

Her face felt warm beneath her fur, even though that was the part of her most exposed to the elements as hazy eyes watched little flakes of white come into view from somewhere up above. When Catalina began to speak again, Whisper turned her head slightly to look at her, considering for a moment. The pair of them were already here, sharing this moment, so why not bridge the gap the rest of the way? Thinking for a moment, about how both females seemed not to have many connections within the pack so far, the witch nodded slightly and returned her gaze to the flurrying sky above. 

"W-we could... come... to know each other..." She mumbled, pausing only long enough to draw in a deep breath before continuing. "I-I am a healer, a-and herbalist... I-I was born in a pack... East of here... but that place... doesn't... it no longer exists..." She murmured, glancing over at Catalina for some sort of sign or hope that she was doing the right thing. "I-I had a bird once... n-now I have a... fox..." She added, before trailing off, hoping that the other female might take up the lead and begin to introduce herself as well. That way, neither of them would be able to say they didn't know anyone here anymore.
It hadn’t occurred to Catalina that her own selfless desires weren’t natural to others’. In fact, the flame pelted woman thought otherwise, everyone should treat others how they wished to be treated. Many a lesson learning about God from Peony taught her this, and if anything else she simply smiled at the silence. It wasn’t loud, it wasn’t awkward, and for what felt like her entire forever of life— Catalina didn’t feel alone.

Whisper turned to look at her, Catalina could feel her eyes upon her skull, and when she tilted her head to one side and looked back, she felt her flesh grow heated. No one ever looked at her with such understanding and simplicity. Especially not someone as pretty as Whisper. And the way she held herself, made Catalina snuggle in a hair closer. Perhaps, it could be taken inappropriate; yet, she didn’t care. It was warm, and Whsiper was like her. They could become friends maybe.

When those hushed tones trickled into her ears the curly haired woman tilted her head to one side, and found those eyes drifting onto the ground. Lithe woman opened up, timid woman closed down, such was life sometimes. Lina couldn’t lie, couldn’t fake a response to her, it wasn’t just or proper, so instead she made a sound in her throat that was somewhere between a grunt and a whine. Noisy, and somewhat nasally that she— too— startled herself then laughed at herself, all in the same time frame.

I-I… do-don’t know-know wh-what th-that… wa-was…” The fear of being annoying and bothersome made her shift a bit but she then spoke without thinking. “I…Nazar-Nazario… fou-found me-e… I… do-do-don’t know-know where I ca-came… fr-from…” It was true, but she knew her mother, and she was a vile creature. Touching her scars absently on her face she smiled, albeit briefly. “I-I… li-like herbs…” It came easier now, the words that was. Her voice hardly trembled with fear around the similar woman.

A… fox-x?” Eyes lit up and her voice even went up an octave, interested in the beast she spoke about. Catalina didn’t own anything, except for her pretty dresses Mama Peony brought to her… or perhaps, that was only wishful thinking. Everything she owned was given to her because they pitied her. A clouding thought that suddenly made her brow furrow in an odd way.
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Whisper felt a bit awkward talking about herself like that. It wasn't Catalina that made her feel such a way, it was her own attempt at being outspoken that made her want to curl up and be silent for the rest of her life, yet, the lithe woman didn't have long to consider her embarrassment before a strange noise emanated from the other woman, one that the witch couldn't rightfully interpret,  and her large eyes turned towards the other in a moment of surprise. It wasn't until Catalina herself acknowledged the noise with a laugh that Whisper herself relaxed and allowed herself a quiet laugh as well. She didn't laugh at Catalina, there was nothing mean spirited behind her joy, instead, it was as though she was laughing over the absurdity of the moment, of how both of them seemed to be far too inside their own heads, and how that strange moment seemed to have brought the both of them back out into the present as well.

The fact that Catalina seemed to be so much younger than Whisper also leant itself towards why the frail woman felt more comfortable around her. She felt bad for the girl, she felt like she wanted to make things easier for her, since now that she was up close, she could see very well that life had been too hard on the fiery haired girl. It wasn't quite a motherly instinct that Whisper was feeling, seeing as how Whisper had never been a mother, but perhaps it wasn't too far off. She wanted to befriend Catalina, at the very least, and share in all the things that interested her from time to time so that the girl wouldn't have to be so alone. 

Whisper listened intently to everything the other had to say, her face angled towards the other female but her eyes looking away so as not to add any pressure on her as she spoke, and she smiled delicately as Catalina began to open up more and express which interests they had in common. At the question of the fox, Whisper nodded and she let out a giggle that was barely anything more than a breath through her nose. "W..would you like to meet her some time?" She offered, moony lavender eyes glancing up towards the girl to catch her reaction before darting away again. She was warm and happy here, it was odd, to feel so content around someone she'd only just met. "When s..spring comes... We can... Go look for more h-herbs to put in the garden too." She suggested, the brush of her tail behind her startling even her as it began to wag slowly, before it stopped and the waif glanced self consciously before adding, "Th-that is... if... you want..."
It felt like their bond together was already so close, too close, or perhaps, that was simply the mind she’d been thrust into with too many moons of mistrust in others’. Whisper was just as innocent and nervous as she, and Catalina couldn’t help but wonder why, what had happened to her. Did she— much like herself— get attacked by someone close to her?

The other’s breath through her nose made Catalina smile, it felt like Whisper were also giggling, but likely she was wrong. The aura around them was happier than she could have imagined though, and Catalina slightly leaned towards Whsiper’s shoulder. A grin upon her muzzle, the smaller female looked upwards to meet Whisper’s eyes. “O-oh yes-s, I-I would lo-love that-t.” Announced the younger woman with glee in her voice, taking a moment to ponder what a fox would even look like.

Spring? Catalina hadn’t even thought about spring, in fact, she wasn’t even sure she would make it through winter— what with her mother lingering in her brain— and the deal Bosque cantered her head, if she wanted to? But of course she did!

Lina’s ears twitched on her skull, and that bouncy, curly hair tilted with her head. “O-of course-se… Th-that wou-would be lovely-ly…” Cat felt like she may have been reaching now, but hopefully it wouldn’t be too noticeable for the crave of womanly attentions. Not like Momma Nazario and Momma Peony weren’t enough, but they were both hard working leaders, and her presence often felt like a burden.
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