What's your SSWM strategy?
All of the thread prompts!
All of the drama plots!
Having 3278327832 characters
ROs and self-threading :x
Strict daily word goals
Spreeing and binge-writing
idk wing it!!!
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What's your SoSuWriMo strategy?
I'm curious. :P

I've never done SSWM, but I've done NaNoWriMo for 18 years, where my strategy is usually word sprints, which is basically the solo version of spreeding, I guess? Set a timer, write for the duration, etc. Solo writing is always gonna be way easier than collaborative writing though, especially on a deadline.

So yeah, how do yall strategise?

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I've got 2 modes for SoSu.

1. Slow and steady wins the race, aka POST DAILY even if it doesn't meet the count I need to be at that day. This is particularly helpful on days I'm so damn exhausted from work and life that I just want to lay down under a stairwell and screech nonstop.
2. Dramatic plots that are just juicy and awesome and then also SELF-INDULGENT RO that covers something a nonplayed character is dealing with (and it's somehow nearly always .. dirty as hell). It's nice to make sure you do something stupid fun for yourself to remember why you write in the first place when the rest of the month starts to slowly kill you.
never done SoSu so i'm just trying to wing it!
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For me, I average how much I should post per day, and then figure out what I should be at for that day if I were to post every day for the month.

I have measurements in my Sheet to help me gauge if I'm ahead or behind. My goal is simply to be ahead of that day's word count requirement. It's a fun game for me, and super rewarding for little "wins" when I'm able to get ahead of the word count "goal" for that day. The more days I'm "ahead," the bigger boost I get of accomplishment! I also have sections that change on my Sheet based on things like percentage completed, how many words I have left, how much I've done that week, etc. because I like to feel like I'm progressing xD

As far as content though, I try to be involved in pack things (since a few take advantage of this busy time of year xD), have co-ranks or other rank-promotion things I can focus on, and personal plots to iron out. This time of year is when I indulge more in LASKY threads since there's a "reward" if I actually write that LASKY scene that I've been meaning to do but just...haven't because I've been busy or lazy xD

Otherwise though, I just try to have "fun" threads for me to do. Be it canon LASKY, AU stuff, or otherwise. I try to go in order of posts I'm due to make sure I don't forget threads, but, will skip around if I'm feeling stuck, or have a huge muse boost for a particular character that day.

Since I've downloaded the Google Docs app, I've also written out partial portions of posts (starters, normally, since I don't have to really reference what was said before) while I'm out and about, am sitting on the couch, at work, etc. as the muse hits me for writing. This, I've found, helps minimize how long I'm stuck peck-typing these keys ;O;

In the end though, I mostly just wing it and see where I go xD If I don't make it that year, no biggie! I got a lot of stuff written and done!
As someone who started on the 13th of January one year and managed to get 50k my strategy is mostly just wing it.

This year though, lots of fun thread prompts relating to all the drama! This will be fun to explore different sides of my girl.

Seeing as I only have one character this year, I will be focusing a lot on spreeing and plots. Also, I have so many other character that I am sure I will do some LASKY/RO's perhaps if it comes down to it. It is fun to explore characters (not a lot of RO's of course) just a little chunk of writing to explore them or a part of their past has been fun for me before!

Eeee, so excited for this year! Good luck everyone!
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I’m winging in, I’ve never done one before but I’m going to try to post once/daily per character. So that’ll help I think XD
Since i can only pick three of these options, I wanted to just say that I do about 6/8 of these. I don't usually wing it(I like ooc planning and knowing what I'm working towards), and I don't do all the thread prompts, mainly because not all thread prompts fit my character's personality, or I simply don't vibe with it *shrug*. 

Typically my first week is the most important, it sets me up for the middle of the month, where I might feel like I cannot post, where my partners might be drowning and feeling the lag, it makes it to where I don't have to stress the daily WC, and it also helps me avoid burning out, and having two jobs makes it to where I have to use my time wisely.

I'm writing this instead of posting atm so maybe I will come back and edit, but here's my small notes on my other strategies:

1. Its no secret that i have 9,000 characters, let's be real. I don't use all of them, but if I use one of them, I will likely only use that one for the month. I don't like to bombard myself with too many "voices". However, if I know that I haven't checked in with a character in some time, I do like to revisit them and think about what they are doing and maybe will do lasky with them, etc. 
2. Drama plots any time of the year is great, but now is also an amazing time. It's definitely the time to think about any old plots that you mentioned but haven't done yet to happen. Short-term is preferable, so that you don't have to work around a long timeline that will exist outside of the month but having a good solid long term plot that wont fizzle out after the month works as well.
3. Read onlies: I only try to do one or two of these a year. I typically don't self thread because that's a lot of work and it can burn me out pretty fast, as I've experimented in the past.
4. This also ties to my character count. As mentioned before, I don't want too many "voices" crowding the brain (this is metaphorically speaking btw, I don't hear voices yo) so I typically only pick one or two Lasky characters that I'm trying to use.
5. I'm going to lump Strict Daily WC, and spreeing/binging altogether. So while yes, I do have a Strict daily WC, I also will binge to where I'm ahead of the game for most of the time, I do my best work at night, and I also will do all nighters to get to my goal, or if I'm on a roll, I'll keep it up. Additionally, this is not a technique to finish early, the goal is to give myself days off in between to avoid burnout, and binging helps with that. Spreeing and binging are strong components to winning the game, for me.
6. Something that isn't mentioned that I would like to add is that I try to keep my average post count to be above 500 words. I try not to bore any readers or RP partners, but also hit my goals! I also I do like a sense of quality to my posts, and I try not to ramble too much (some characters are worse than others, I'm sorry if I annoy ya'll)

7. This is very important. Pace yourself, and find what works for you. Remember to keep hydrated, be fed regularly, and potty breaks! We all have different circumstances at home that influences our writing speeds, so what might work for me might not work for you, so keep that in mind! Put on some good writing music, get your thinking caps on, and have fun! :D 

Love ya'll, Happy SSWM, and 

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I chose thread prompts, drama plots and strict daily word goals. 

Thread prompts and drama plots are going to be something that comes easily I hope, thanks to Amanda and Veldt's hard work on Tear in the Tapestry in New Caledonia (and Salsola to an extent). I only have Liam and Egregore currently, but it'll be important that I don't try to tire myself out too much and reach burn-out. I'm going to be starting a new semester of college, go back to work and get a second job soon, so hopefully I can keep up posting every day. I won't be too strict about keeping myself to word counts, but a pace of at least one post a day is going to be something I hope I remember to keep up with. 

I'm going to try to use LASKY too, likely to establish some basis for the Red Crusade, a loner band I and Nic hope to bring to the playable territory in the future. I've also used Sprinto for word sprints (a bot on Discord made for NaNo I think) like you mentioned, Kiri. 

Songbird mentioned measurements built into a spreadsheet for keeping count, which I've been doing too. Someone here had made a good template that I copied, maybe it was Song who made it. It auto-populates data pretty well!
Winging it mostly - I’ve never done SoSu before - but I’m trying to be strict with daily word counts. On days I know I can post lots I’m aiming for around 25% more than the daily required WC to make up for inevitable lag days to come. I’ve only got 1 character and I’ve got a loose idea of what I’d like to do this month, but mostly I just want to thread with all my friends, so that’s my first priority! I’ve also set a cap of 5 threads for myself (at the moment) so that I’m more inspired to reply than to start something new - that way I’m not chasing too many timelines or loose ends. I’m hoping I can keep that going, though that number may change if I need to do more daily posts.
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I'm kinda winging it but hoping I can get by with some Lasky with old characters and spreeing~ I have a sorta late start but I'm hoping I can get something together. Right now I'm aiming for 500 words per post (let's see how I feel about it in 20 posts) and aiming for a few 1k - 2k Lasky ROs, possibly catching up with some of my old characters or characters I made but never wrote with (as soon as I play the game of find the accounts)

I've also set up some rules for myself that unless I'm like really hecked, I won't allow my "Lasky" chars' posts to exceed Anactoria's posts (counted per character).

I also have a goal of roughly +4% per day (2000 words) if I want to finish by the 25th. But in generally, I'm aiming for 12,500 words (25%) per week to give myself leeway.
this is the first year that I'm actually keeping pace (more or less) and turns out, the only strategy I needed was a roster of male characters LOL and a fun gigantic inter-pack plot helps too!!

In seriousness, tracking these other stats for SoSu has been so enlightening! Like I was surprised to find that I've only written 11/20 days, which to me revealed a pattern in my habits (I binge-write better than keeping up every day). To put that new info to use, having a weekly word count or post goal might help me be more consistent in general (in the non-SoSu season).

I know it isn't over yet, but I'm curious about what's been revealed to other people about their writing habits throughout the course of SoSu! Did you write every day? Did you finish most of your threads? What got you going the most? I would love some kind of post-SoSu wrap!!
I finished yesterday and I realized a few things;

- I post fast and under 400 words
- occupation/rank threads get around less than 600
- plot-heavy replies get around 500 and less

Did you write every day? yes, i did
Did you finish most of your threads? mostly plot threads yes!
What got you going the most? threads in NC for the plot, my personal plots with Gen and Adel, etc
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