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South of Freetown

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”Do you know what this is?”

The bone dice rattled in his hands. Two small hand-carved bone dice, dwarfed by the hands of the large wolf. The dog that he spoke to shook his head, his expression a mixture of confusion and lingering fear. Lyn didn’t smile. Lyn never smiled.

”They’re my father’s dice. I inherited them once he died. I love these dice, Ed.” The dog nodded, still unsure of what was happening. Llewelyn stepped closer, barely a half a step but so intimidating was he that the dog scrambled back. Something about this made pleasure tickle in Lyn's belly, like it always did. Thumbing at one of the die, his eyes never leaving Ed's, he continued. ”You ever played a game of dice, Ed?”

The dog nodded slowly, ”Once or twice.”

”How ‘bout a round, then?” Suggested Lyn, offering the dice to Ed, his hand pressing up against his chest, pushing him slightly. Ed took another half a step back and took the proffered dice hesitantly. ”What are the stakes?”

”All or nothin’.” Lyn spoke bluntly and did not elaborate. The expression on his face suggested that further questions were not welcome. The dog shifted on his feet, uncomfortable. Lyn wondered whether he was regretting ever interacting with him. Probably. Most folks did, unfortunately. ”Now, look here, I don’t really—”

”Roll the dice.” If there was one thing that Lyn hated, it was bullshit. He couldn't deal with anybody's bullshit. The better Ed listened to Lyn, the faster and cleaner he'd be killed once Lyn got the information he needed. If Ed got him mad, though. . . all bets were off if Lyn got angry.

Ed bit his lip and, ever so slowly, began to rattle the pair of die in his palms. They bounced about, and perhaps roundabout now would be the time when anyone normal would get nervous. After a couple seconds he dropped them onto the dirt and they rolled about. Lyn held his breath as they stopped, eyes turning sharp as he focused his attention on them. ”A one and a four. Biggest number you can make with that is forty-one. My turn now.”

Ed’s expression twisted into fearful anticipation as Lyn let the dice fly, his heart thumping hard as they fell. Truthfully, Lyn would win whether his roll was high or low. Ed would die that day, whether he won or lost. The die scattered across the dirt with tiny bounces that made tiny thumps. ”Double sixes. Sixty-six. Looks like Lady Luck is on my side today, kid.”

What a lucky roll. Perhaps his search would soon come to an end.

Jumping up, Lyn pocketed the die and closed the distance between the two of them. His hand flew to Ed’s throat and squeezed desperately, the veins in the back of his hand protruding grossly as Ed gasped for air and clawed at Lyn’s arms. ”YOU EVER HEARD THE NAME CADEN?!” The bellow would be heard by anyone in the valley. Ed’s eyes were wide and Lyn could see the whites, as if he were a spooked horse and not a man. Even through the pain he must have been feeling, Ed shook his head wildly.

”YOU LYIN’ TO ME, BOY?!” His spittle flew through the air, spraying across Ed's face.

Again Ed shook his head desperately, and Lyn released him, breathing heavily. Immediately, the dog rolled over and started wheezing and coughing. He puked, and Lyn stood up and walked to his horse, removing from her tack his best weapon. Lifting the metal pipe up to eye level, Lyn examined it for a moment before turning back on the young man trying to recover on the ground beneath him. His arms were in his own puke, not that he seemed to care in the moment. Lyn could understand that.

”You ever seen a wolf roundabouts my height and my color, with green eyes? He’s a gambler and a fucking drunk. And a cheat. He don’t always go by Caden. Sometimes he says his name is Alan. You ever heard of anybody like that?” Lyn spun the pipe in circles at his side, an unspoken threat. ”And you best not lie to me, boy.”

Letting the dog come back to his senses before trying to force any more answers, Lyn watched as he blinked himself back into alertness, his puke-splattered hands rubbing at his throat. He cleared his throat, wincing in pain, and tried to speak before failing. Gesturing to his throat, Ed winced.

”Yeah, it hurts.” Llewelyn spoke brusquely, staring down at the man with a mask that was unchanged. No part of him cared for Ed's pain or fear. It was why he could do what he did right now. ”Speak now.”

Where before Ed had been afraid, now terror gripped him, and when he spoke in a hoarse and breathy voice, some manic energy seemed to grip him in an attempt to stay alive. When he spoke, he stumbled over his words and spoke far faster than normal. ”I have! Alan is someone I know. He passed through that Roja bar while I was there!”

He coughed and wheezed and Lyn swung the pipe into the dirt beside his leg. ”What was he doin’? Speak quick.”

Jumping and trembling, Ed’s voice might have jumped an octave had Lyn not just wrecked his throat. Rather, his voice became breathier and he wrapped his arms around himself as he breathed heavily in an attempt to get the air he needed into his lungs. ”Gambling and smoking! I remember him because he got into a fight! He got thrown out and then some nasty looking wolves followed him out and they beat the tar out of him!”

”Hmph.” That sure did sound like Caden. Lifting up the pipe, Lyn bashed it into Ed’s skull. It caved beneath the metal and made a sickening crunch. The man slumped to the dirt and Lyn kept on swinging.
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